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Last updated: March 22, 2010

Bodmin Moor

The parish is probably named after the Old Cornish for 'Dwelling near the Church'. It is mentioned in the Domesday Book as Bodmine. The town of Bodmin is the County Town of Cornwall, although the City of Truro is now the administrative Capital and thus the de facto County Town. The town formerly housed a Jail and the County Assizes were held here. Bodmin was formerly the registry for wills and index to these registers are held in the various libraries and record offices across the Duchy. It is a market town. The town is situated in a small valley in roughly the centre of Cornwall. Its earliest Charter was confirmed in 1285 by Edward I. A number of insurrections have taken place in the town and in 1497, Thomas Flamanck and Michael An Gof led a rebellion against the taxes imposed by Parliament to fund the war with Scotland. They marched with their followers to London and after a battle were taken prisoner and executed for their 'crimes'. In the same year a pretender to the Throne of England, Perkin Warbeck, had himself proclaimed Richard IV at Bodmin. During the Civil War the town was held by both sides at various times. The town is basically one main street with others leading off. there is a large obelisk on Beacon hill called the Gilbert Monument. The town has a small railway which is now privately run, the Bodmin and Wenford Railway. The area  is hilly with wooded valleys around the town and a number of small villages and hamlets. Farming and tourism are the main industries.

There were Uglow families in the town for about 150 years - from the end of the 16th cntury until the middle of the 18th century. We can track theBMD but it's proved a lot more difficult to put any flesh on these bare bones - eg what trades they were involved in.


1841 4643
1931 5843
1991 12547

There are 3395 acres of land and 22 acres of water


1. The whole of Cornwall

2. Here is a map to get you to Bodmin

Family 1a: Thomas and Lowdie Couch

Thomas 1560 was born in Marhamchurch, the son of Thomas 1537 and Joan in Marhamchurch. He marries Lowdie Couch in 1592 in Bodmin. Lowdie is perhaps a corruption of Loveday? There is a record of a Lowdie Couch being born in Bodmin in September 1568. Her father was  William Couch and her mother was Elizabeth Veale. However IGI has a record which gives her date of birth as 'about 1571'.

Thomas arrives in Bodmin at a peaceful time - the Cornish rebellions of the previous century had subsided with the last in 1549 when the Cornish rebelled once again against the loss of their Latin Mass and an army set off from Bodmin for London. In Elizabethan times, it was a busy market town, with the basic strength of the economy derived from trade in such as wool and leather Bodmin survived and in 1563 received a Royal Charter from Elizabeth I establishing it as a self governing town.

There are burial records for Thomas Ugler on 14th May 1615 and for Lowdie on 1st June 1623.

  • daughter Jone 1592 born in Bodmin but died 3rd November 1606
  • daughter Elizabeth 1595 born in Bodmin
  • daughter Ede 1597 born in Bodmin
  • son Thomas 1599 born in Bodmin. He marries Athalia Bond in 1632 in Bodmin and moves back to Marhamchurch -Family 1cii  
  • daughter Barbara 1603 born in Bodmin - marries Edward Engelly in Bodmin in 1634. This was possibly his second marriage as an Edward Engelly had already been married in 1625 to Elizabeth Menheneck in Bodmin
  • son Nicholas 1607 born in Bodmin. There is a burial record for a Nicholas in November 1624 - it seems probable that Nicholas dies young.
Family 2a: John and Alice Dyere

John 1563, the son of John and Elizabeth, was born in Marhamchurch. He married Alice Dyere in 1596 in Bodmin. [Alice might be Alice Lord, born in Bodmin about 1569 who married to Bennet Dyere in Bodmin in 1590. Bennet Dyere dies in 1594 in Bodmin]

John is described as John Uglow of Bodmin in the will of his brother, William, in 1621. Alice is buried in June 1625 and John in January 1644, both in Bodmin.

  • son John 1597 born in Bodmin. He marries Elizabeth Stapp in Bodmin in 1624 and later Rebecka Mundye - Family 2b
  • daughter Mary 1599 born in Bodmin but died 2nd October1605
  • daughter Joan ?1601? (fits in with a birth every other year!) born in Bodmin but died 7th April 1601
  • son Robert 1603 born in Bodmin. He marries Gartered Werringe - Family 3a
  • son Richard 1607 born in Bodmin

Family 2b: John and Elizabeth Stapp and Rebecka Mundye

John 1597 is the son of John and Alice Dyere and the grandson of John and Elizabeth. He probably marries Elizabeth Stapp in Bodmin in 1623 and later marries Rebecka Mundye in St Columb Minor (near Newquay) in 1627:

  • daughter Emlen 1631 born in Bodmin
  • son William 1634 born in Bodmin
  • son John 1637 born in Bodmin 
  • daughter Temperance 1644 born in October in Bodmin - father is given as John so she may be the daughter of John and Maud - Family 6. She dies within weeks

Family 3a: Robert and Gartered

Robert 1603 was born in Bodmin, the son of John and Alice Dyere. He marries Gartered Werringe (in some places Porringe) in Bodmin in 1626. This is probably the Robert identified in the protestation return in 1641. There are burial records for Robeert in March 1674 and for Gartered in April 1675.

  • son John 1628 born in June in Bodmin but dies within 2 weeks
  • daughter Beaton 1629 born in March in Bodmin but dies within weeks
  • son John 1632 born in Bodmin - possibly marries Maud - Family 6
  • daughter Beaton 1633 born in March in Bodmin but dies within week
  • son Richard 1634 born in Bodmin. Richard marries Honour - there is no marriage record but Honour, wife of Richard Ugloe is buried in April 1707. In 1664, Richard is rated for the hearth tax - Richard is living in Trigg in Bodmin but is so poor, he is exempt from payment. Perhaps life improves because we have a record for Richard Uglow dying in Bodmin in December 1716 and by then he has sufficient property to merit a will - there is a will in the CRO with Melchisedeck as administrator
    • daughter Mary ?1660 born in Bodmin but dies in January 1663
    • son Melchisedeck 1662 born in Bodmin - Family 4.
  • son Christopher 1636 born in Bodmin but dies in 1639
  • son Antoney 1642 born in Bodmin. Probably marries Margery ? and moves to Blisland - Family 1 
  • daughter Beaton 1645 born in February in Bodmin but dies within weeks
  • son Robert 1649  born in Bodmin. He marries Diana Rogers in 1679 in Bodmin
  • daughter Joan 1652 born in Bodmin. She marries Anthony Hawken born 1641 in Bodmin in 1677, although the IGI gives Jone's birthdate as 'about 1657'.  Anthony's parents are Robert Hawken and Margery Geake who were married on the same day as Joan's parents - presumably the families were friends. They have at least 7 children and live in Bodmin. Joan dies in Bodmin in 1719. (More from Graham Legg)
Family 4: Melchesideck and Frances Guy and Martha Colwell

Melchesideck 1662 is the son of Richard Uglar - this may well be Richard 1634, son of Robert and Gartered. He is born in St Minver, christened in Bodmin.

In 1687 he marries Frances Guy at St Endellion. Frances was born in 1667 and the daughter of John Guy and Frances Marke of St Minver.

Melchesideck was a clothier in Bodmin, although he had other interests and seems to be a prosperous businessman:

  • in 1692, he joined with Richard Bellman of Bodmin, hellier; Samuel Harris of Bodmin, cooper and John Davy of Bodmin, joiner. They entered into a covenant for three years with Sir John Arundel over "the woods and underwoods in Lanyvet, known as Bodwanneck wood, Ford wood, Laninvell wood, and Woodly little wood, by estimation 40 acres, with liberty to cut, fell down, and work up the same, together with all ancient ways unto the said wood; no wood to be cut or felled down between 15 May and 29 September in each year".
  • In 1722 he's involved in an assignment of land, Whitestones field in Bodmin, with Thomas Bullocke of Bodmin, yeoman and Thomas Bennet of Bodmin, gent.

Frances dies in Bodmin in March 1698.

  • daughter Catheren 1689 born in Bodmin - marries William Thommas in 1711 in Bodmin
  • daughter Frances 1690 born in St Minver
  • son Richard 1691 born in Bodmin

There is an IGI record for Melchizedec who marries Martha Colwell in 1727 in Helland (just north of Bodmin). This could be a son of Melchesideck but there is no christening record. It seems probable that this is a second marriage for Melchizedec. Martha dies in July 1739 and Melchesideck dies in January 1745, both in Bodmin

However this family carries on in Bodmin - in 1796, Melchizideck Uglow is involved in a land indenture for property in St Nicholas St, Bodmin (Cornwall OPC site: Malcolm McCarthy Document Collection). Perhaps Melchizideck is the son of Martha Colwell or, more likely, the son of Richard 1691.

Family 5: John and Ann Buckingham

John 1771 from Warbstow is the son of William and Elizabeth Hobbs and the grandson of William and Agnes Hobb.

At 17, John 1771 marries Ann Buckingham. Ann is born in Jacobstow in 1761, probably the daughter of James Buckingham and Thomasine Bath.  Ann is pregnant with Thomas and they first try to marry in Jacobstow on July 26th 1788. John is described as 'of Marhamchurch' and Ann as a sojourner. But the marriage ceremony, conducted by Charles Dayman, the curate, is a fiasco and is struck out on account of the "blasphemous and profane conduct" of John and the solemnisation is withheld.

The couple flee to Bodmin. Thomas is born in September 1788 and John and Ann marry in Bodmin on 110th October 1788 by special licence on the same day as Thomas is christened. John's residence is given asa Bodmin and Ann's as Jacobstow.

The day before on 9th October 1788 there had been an application at Bodmin Sessions by Week St Mary parish relating to the '...bastard born in Bodmin on 11 Sept. 1788, mother Ann Buckingham, single woman, father John Uglow of Marhamchurch, cooper: John Uglow to pay Week St Mary 16d. and Ann Buckingham 8d. weekly; also J. U. to pay £6 lying-in charges..' (Unclear why Week St Mary parish has incurred expense?)

Probably they didn't stay long in Bodmin. Ann dies in August 1789 and is buried in Jacobstow. 

After Ann's death, John marries Thomasine Cowling - Marhamchurch Family 12a

  • son Thomas 1788 - marries Elizabeth Barden in Week St Mary in 1813 - Clawton Family 2

Family 6: John Uglar and Maud

This is probably John 1632, the son of Robert 1603 and Gartered Werringe and the grandson of John and Alice Dyere. He marries Maud. There are burial records for John in December 1690 and for Maud in December 1706, both in Bodmin

John's surname is consistently spelt 'uglar' but in Bodmin this is not uncommon. 

  • daughter Denance 1653 born in Bodmin - father is given as John so she may be the daughter of John and Rebeka - Family 2b. She is buried in Bodmin (as Duance) in March 1728
  • daughter Elizabeth 1663 born in Bodmin
  • daughter Catherine/Kattren 1665 born in Bodmin. There is a burial record for 'Catheren' in October 1686.
  • daughter Joan 1667 born in Bodmin

Family 7: Otho Ugler

We only know about Otho from his mention as father on the IGI certificates of his two daughters. The dates suggest that he might have been born in the 1660s. If that was in Bodmin, then possibly he is a son of John Uglar and Maud:

  • daughter Elizabeth 1691  born in Bodmin
  • daughter Elizabeth 1697  born in Bodmin
  • anon 1699 born in Bodmin and died in October
  • Grace marries James White in 1670 in Bodmin - Grace is likely to have been born around 1649 and therefore is likely to have been the child of John and Rebecca Mundye. They have a daughter Temperance so one called Grace fits in nicely!!
  • Richard marries Mary Smetham in Bodmin in 1785 - see Family 10 in Marhamchurch
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