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Sidmouth is in the south east of Devon.

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Here is a larger scale map of Devon and a  map to get you to Sidmouth

And here's a late 18th/early 19th century map of the area

Family 1: Nicholas John and Matilda Hooke and Betsy Sellek

Nicholas John 1836 was the son of John 1806 and Elizabeth Hicks and the grandson of William and Mary Stacey. He was born in Devonport. In 1851, he was in Launceston with his parents. In 1861, he was still with his parents, working as a watch finisher. For some reason he and his brother William head east. Nicholas met a Sidmouth girl, Matilda Sarah Hooke - she was born in Sidmouth in 1834 and was the daughter of Mary, widowed, and running a butcher's shop in 1861. Again a small mystery as Nicholas and Matilda did not marry in Sidmouth but instead went to London and married in St Pancras RD in 1864. They return to Sidmouth. Matilda died in 1866 in Honiton RD. In 1869 in Exeter Nicholas married Betsy Matthews Sellek. She was born 1844 in Colaton Raleigh.

Nicholas Uglow silversmith

(thanks to David Ellyatt for the image)

He was a watchmaker,  jeweller and silversmith in  Fore St. Sidmouth.

Nicholas Uglow clockmaker

(thanks to David Ellyatt for the image)

He died in 1899 (MI in church) - his son, Alan, takes over the business after his father's death. For a time, Nicholas's widow, Betsy, stays in Sidmouth - in 1901 she is at the London Hotel, Fore St where she is described as a woollen maker traveller. Her children, Lena, Alan and May, are living with her. But by 1911, she has moved to Ladysmith Rpad, Heavitree, Exeter with her daughters, Blanche, Lena and May. Betsie dies in 1936

First marriage

  • son Fred Hooke 1866 born in Sidmouth. There is some evidence that he attended Heavitree Collegiate School, Polsloe Road, Exeter - in Trewmans Flying Post 29th January 1880, 'F H Uglow' gained an upper second in the exams set by the College of Preceptors. Fred is the only real candidate by age, residence and initials. In the 1881 census he is living with George White, a grocer, and family in the High Street, Honiton. He was an apprentice. He died in Sidmouth in 1900 (MI in church).

Second marriage

  • son Percy 1870 born in Sidmouth. In 1881, he is living in Sidmouth with his parents. In 1899, he is in Marylebone, London, marrying Mary Carter (born 1872 in Marylebone). They return to Devon as in 1901, they are in Silver St, Ilminster where Percy is a successful draper and employer. But in 1911 we find Percy staying with his younger brother, Alan, in Sidmouth. He dies in 1932 in St Albans.

  • daughter Blanche 1871 born in Sidmouth. In 1881 and in 1891, she is living in Sidmouth with her parents. In 1901, she is working as housekeeper for her Uncle Edwin in Falmouth. In Feb 1903, she arrives in New York on board the SS Philadelphia. 'Miss' Uglow gives her age as 31 which makes this more likely to be Blanche rather than Lena. She gives her last residence as Sidmouth, she has no calling or occupation and she is heading to De Soto, Missouri. [There is an American, M Coxwell, aged 57 who gives this as her destination as well - this is probably Martha Coxwell, nee Bament, born in England but marries Robert Coxwell in Bristol RD and is living in De Soto in 1880. Perhaps an old friend of her mother?] According to the ship's passenger list, this is not her first trip to the USA. But Blanche returns to England on SS Blucher, landing in Plymouth 23rd October 1903. In 1911, she is with her mother and sisters, Lena and May, at Ladysmith Road, Heavitree, Exeter. She never married and died in 1958 in Heavitree.

  • daughter Lena 1872 born in Sidmouth. In 1881, she is living in Sidmouth with her parents. In 1891 she (under the surname Hglou) is staying with grandmother, Sophia Sellek in High Street in Sidmouth. In 1901 she is in Sidmouth with her mother. In 1911, she is with her mother and sisters, Blanche and May, at Ladysmith Road, Heavitree, Exeter. She never married and died in 1957 in Heavitree in Exeter.

  • son Alan Nicholas 1874 born in Sidmouth. In the censuses of 1881, 1891 and 1901, he is living in Sidmouth with his parents or mother. He attends Exmouth College - we find him playing cricket for them, making 3 not out (Trewman's Exeter Flying Post 25th July 1889). He is a journeyman watchmaker. One of his hobbies was sailing - in August 1895, he is competing in the Commodore's Cup at Sidmouth Sailing Club in his boat, Vixen. He came third! (Trewman's Exeter Flying Post 10th August 1895). He is later more successful, winning the Challenge Cup 3 years in succession

    ALan Uglow sailing club
    (thanks to David Ellyatt for the image)

    He married Ada May Allard in Frome RD in 1902. In 1901 and in 1911, Alan is living in Fore Street in Sidmouth - his occupation in 1911 is a watch and clock repairer and jeweller. In 1911, he is living with his wife, Ada, and son, Stuart but his brother, Percy, is also staying with them. Ada died in 1952 and Alan in 1958 in Sidmouth.

    • Stuart Nicholas 1902 born in Honiton. In 1927, he marries Elsie Birchmore. In 1939, they are living in Stephen's Cross, Sidmouth and Stuart is engaged on secretarial duties. There is a lodger, Reginald Ellyatt. He and Elsie later divorce and Elsie marries Reginald in 1943 - they have a daughter Jane. Stuart dies in 1960

      • son Dennis Nicholas George 1932 born in Honiton. He takes his step-father's name. He marries in 1959 - Mollie Dean whose family ran a garage on the Esplanade in Sidmouth. They adopted David and Jane. In his father's will, he is referred to as an auctioneer and estate clerk with Potbury's in Sidmouth but his son, David, writes that he worked as a funeral director for Potbury's for most of his life. Dennis died in 2000

  • daughter May 1875 born in Sidmouth. In the censuses of 1881, 1891 and 1901, she is living in Sidmouth with her parents or mother. In 1911, she is with her mother and sisters, Blanche and Lena , at Ladysmith Road, Heavitree, Exeter.

  • son Anon 1880 born in Sidmouth but dies

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