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I pity the poor emigrant
Who wishes he had stayed home...

(Bob Dylan - on John Wesley Harding)

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Uglows are scattered across the globe - in the 1800s, many of us emigrated, in particular to the US. There's even a street named after us in Dallas (Oregon) and in 1859, there was a Uglow Arcade in Franklin County, Pennsylvania where 'licentious and blasphemous orgies' occurred

.Emigration to the USA

As you will seee, the earliest emigration is to Pennsylvania but towards the mid-19th century, the pattern was towards the mid-west and in particular south east Wisconsin. The Uglows were like many other families from east Cornwall such as the Northeys, Paynters, Congdons, Wards, Hoopers, Jolliffes, Ebbotts, Leans - they headed to south east Wisconsin, especially Jefferson county and Palmyra township. This was rich and undeveloped farmland and they were farmers or tenants or labourers. They headed to Wisconsin, knowing that they'd find their own sort, not merely Cornish but also the same religion, most being Bible Christians. The first Bible Christian minister was William Hooper in 1846. (for more on this see Paynter, Mary: 'Launceston to Southeast Wisconsin'  (Cornwall FHS Journal, No. 101, September 2001 at p.2)

Group 1: Nicholas and Prudence Date - Antony

Probably the first Uglow emigrants - Nicholas 1787 from Antony who marries Prudence Date and who, in 1818, with their son Benjamin Franklin 1814, emigrate to Pennsylvania. For the subsequent history of this family, Letty Fernandez has published her book on Nicholas Uglow in Pennsylvania in the 19th century.

Biographical Narratives: Nicholas and Prudence (Date) Uglow, Their
Children, and Their Grandchildren

This is a 94-page soft cover book with an all-name index, maps, photos and documents. Covers the family of Nicholas Uglow who was born in Cornwall, England and immigrated to the United States in 1818. Detailed coverage of the lives of his three children and his 14 grandchildren.You can email her for details of purchase.

Group 2: Edward and Mary Ebbott from Jacobstow

Edward 1803 is the son of William and Jane Bray and the grandson of John and Ann Ridgman. Born in Jacobstow, he marries Mary Ebbott in Tremaine in July 1825. Mary is born in Egloskerry in December, 1804, the son of Philip Upton Ebbott and Mary Ferrett. Edward and Mary emigrate in 1844, probably with the children as there are no records of marriages for Janes or Mary Annes at the relevant time. They were accompanied by his first cousin, Margery, and her husband,  Richard Jolliffe, and a John(?) to Wisconsin, USA in 1844.  They appear to be grouped around Jefferson County, a favourite Uglow resort. Edward dies in Wisconsin in 1882.

  • daughter Jane 1826 born in Jacobstow. She marries John Ward (1823-1880) in July 1847, almost certainly in Wisconsin. Jane dies in Jefferson County in 1910.
  • daughter Mary Anne 1827 born in Jacobstow. She marries James Coombe in December 1847, almost certainly in Wisconsin. They have a son, William. Mary dies in 1896 in Wisconsin.
  • son John 1829 born in Jacobstow. He marries Elizabeth Jolliffe (1833-1907) - she was born in Launceston, daughter of John and Mary Jolliffe - in 1849  in Wisconsin. John dies in Wisconsin in 1872.
  • daughter Elizabeth 1830 born in Jacobstow. She marries Robert Grant in 1856, probably in Wisconsin . 
  • daughter Wilmot 1832 born in Jacobstow. She marries Christopher Lean (1830-1912), probably in Wisconsin. However she dies early in 1856 and is buried in Melendy's Prarie Cemetery, Eagle, Waukesha Co, Wisconsin.
  • son William 1837 born in Jacobstow. He marries Lydia Bluett in October 1858, in Wisconsin. She is from Egloskerry, the daughter of  William and Margery Bluett.  He dies in Wisconsin in 1908 and Lydia in 1924.
  • son Edward 1841 born in Jacobstow. He marries Blanche Stacey, probably in Wisconsin. He dies in 1875.
  • daughter Ellen 1846 born in Wisconsin. She marries Henry Moyse, a farmer from Hallgarden, Otterham. Ellen dies before 1877 when Henry remarries Ellen Bate [nb confusing IGI record on this suggests Ellen born in Otterham]

(Source: Jean Jolliffe)

Group 3: The children of Simon and Rebecca Moyse 

It appears that all four boys to to Wisconsin - Simon and John trailblaze, come back to marry and then return to the US for good accompanied by their other two brothers. The surprise here is Edward who appears to be 35, a successful father and farmer - why would he go?

  • Simon 1845 is born in Jacobstow, the son of Simon and Rebecca Moyse and the grandson of Edward and Margery Hoskyn. He sails with brother John Jolliffe to US in 1869. They both return, Simon to marry  Elizabeth Jane Paynter in 1874 before returning to Wisconsin in 1876. Eliza's siblings are also emigrants. Elizabeth dies in 1897 and Simon remarries - to Emma McClosky who dies in 1915 
    • daughter Margery Louisa born 1875 in Jacobstow and travels with her parents to Wisconsin
    • daughter Edith born 1877 in Jefferson
  • John Jolliffe 1854 is born in Jacobstow, the son of Simon and Rebecca Moyse and the grandson of Edward and Margery Hoskyn. He is on the 1861 and 1871 censuses.He sails with brother Simon to US in 1869. They both return and John marries Victoria Jane Dymond in Jacobstow in November 1875. She was born in 1853 in St Juliot, Cornwall. They are to be found farming at Three Fields, Jacobstow in 1881 with Victoria's 8 year old sister, Harriett, visiting them. The family finally emigrate to Wisconsin with Simon in 1881 (info from US 1900 census) - Emigrant US Group 3 Victoria dies in Wisconsin in 1923 and John in 1933.
    • son Simon Jolliffe 1877 born in Jacobstow - he marries Alice in Wisconsin where they have a daughter Jane
    • daughter Edith E 1880 born in Jacobstow -
    • daughter Cora 1883 born in Wisconsin
    • daughter Pearl 1885 born in Wisconsin
    • daughter Maud Stella 1891 born in Wisconsin - she marries Frederick Bissett in 1911 in Wisconsin
  • Edward 1841 is born in Jacobstow, son of Simon and Rebecca Moyse and  the grandson of Edward and Margery Hoskyn. By 1861, he has married Norah Hicks, born in 1833 in St Gennys. By the census in 1871, he is a substantial farmer of 160 acres in the village - St Gennys Family 7. It is likely that he, Norah, and the whole family,  Mary 1861, Simon 1864, Joanna 1867, Samuel 1869 and Rebecca 1871 emigrate to Wisconsin with his brothers
  • Samuel 1843 is born in Jacobstow, son of Simon and Rebecca Moyse and  the grandson of Edward and Margery Hoskyn. He married Grace Hicks (born 1826) in March 1870. By 1871, he is farming 40 acres in the village. It is likely that he emigrates to Wisconsin with his brothers and dies there in 1915.

(Source: Dallas Manicom)

Group 4: John and Jenney Ward - St Gennys

John 1796 from Warbstow is the son of John and Jenny Chapman and the grandson of Nicholas and Mary French. He marries Jenney Ward in St Gennys in 1826. Jenney is the daughter of Edward and Mary Ward from St Gennys, born in 1804. They have 8 children between 1826 and 1841. John is a farmer but affairs seem not to go well - John travels to America in 1846 with his eldest son, George. But Jenney is left in poverty and is found in Stowford in Devon at the time of the 1851 census as a former farmer's wife and pauper with Ann(15), Eliz(12), John(10) and Jane(8) in tow. But things seem to look up as John returns? and the whole family emigrate.

  • son Edward 1827 born in St Gennys. He is also a farmer and travels with his father to America in 1846. He marries Emma Fox, born 1840 in England. They marry in 1858 in Lake Milk in Wisconsin. They have 4 children - Francis 1859, Agnes 1861,  John 1870 and Minnie 1874 - all born in America. Edward dies 1885 in Jefferson County, Wisconsin. Emma dies in Wisconsin in 1908.
  • daughter Mary Ann 1831 born in Warbstow. She travels with her father to America in 1846 where she marries Richard Jolliffe (born 1830 in Tremaine) in 1855 in Wisconsin. She dies in 1911 in Palmyra, Wisconsin
  • anon 1833 born in Warbstow and dies the same year
  • daughter Ann J 1835 born in Warbstow. In Stowford in Devon at the time of the 1851 census, she emigrates after 1851 and marries Andrew Thayer in Wisconsin in 1859
  • daughter Elizabeth 1837. In Stowford in Devon at the time of the 1851 census, she emigrates after 1851 and marries in 1856 in America
  • son John Ward 1838 born in Warbstow. In Stowford in Devon at the time of the 1851 census, he emigrates after 1851 and marries Sarah Lucretia Stetson (known as Sally) - Sally was born 22 June 1843 in Warren, Washington Co., Vermont descended from Edmund Rice, who emigrated from England in the 1630's. They married 25 March 1868 in Lake Ripley, Jefferson County, Wisconsin. In the 1880 U.S. census John was a farmer in Lawrence, Cloud Co., Kansas with 2 boys and 1 daughter. He died 30 March 1917 in Concordia, Cloud Co., Kansas. Alton Rogers has more information on Sally and John.
  • daughter Frances 1840 born in Warbstow. She emigrates after 1851 
  • daughter Jane W 1841 born in Tintagel. In Stowford in Devon at the time of the 1851 census, she emigrates after 1851 

John dies Wisconsin in 1871. John 1796's sister Jennifer 1799  possibly marries James French in Warbstow in 1820. They have a daughter Jane born in Devon in 1826. Jenny dies in 1871 in Jefferson, Wisconsin and so presumably has either traveled or linked up with her brother.For further information on this line you should contact Eugene Clark

Group 5: Grace and Richard Pierce - Jacobstow

Grace Uglow is the daughter of Edward and Margery Hoskyn and the grandaughter of John and Ann Ridgman. She is born in Jacobstow. She marries Richard Pierce in the village in 1838. Their first child is Edward Uglow Pierce. The family emigrate to US in 1841. They first lived in Jackson County, Michigan then in 1848 moved to Jefferson County, Wisconsin where Richard P. Pierce was a member of the board of supervisors and a justice of the peace as well as township trustee. In 1867 Richard and Grace moved their family to Chickasaw County, Iowa. In 1880, they are in Richland, Chickasaw County, Iowa with their sons, Edwin born 1855 and Frank born1860. They stay in Chickasaw County where Richard died on 17 July, 1890 and Grace (Uglow) Pierce died 6 Dec 1906. The Pierces were members of the Methodist Episcopal Church and were in the dairy business, having the only herd of Devonshire cattle known in the US in the early 1880's. In 1855 Grace is left 10 in her father's will. [Information from Jackie Pierce Foster]

Group 6: Ernest John and Miss Rosevear - Merther

Ernest John 1880 is born in Merther, the son of William and Wilmot Winnacott - Merther Family 1a. In the 1891 census he is with Uncle Nicholas at Kents, the farm his brother Charles takes over. In 1901 he is working as a railway porter and lodging in St Austell with Blunet Tallack, the station master. In 1912, he married Florence Aline Rosevear, who came from Par - his granddaughter, Mary Sisson, relates the family story that Florence's dream was to get to California - she was engaged to someone else but Ernest was already living in Canada so she married him instead.

They emigrated to Revelstoke, British Columbia the day after the marriage. They later moved to Winnipeg, where he worked for Canadian Pacific. After a spell in Utah, the family ends in California - Emigrant Group 6 - where Ernest works as a carpenter.

There are several trips home - Florence arrives, travelling by herself, in May 1937 and returns in August 1937 on the SS American Shipper from London to New York and thence to California. Ernest and Florence are on the Queen Elizabeth, arriving in August 1951 and sailing from Southampton to New York in October 1951 and then on the Queen Mary, arriving in August and sailing from Southampton to New York in November 1955. Their UK address is always given as 39 Dolphion Rd, Slough. A month after returning from this last trip, Ernest dies in Los Angeles in 1955.

  • Sadie Ernestine (1912-2004) unmarried and died in Puyallup, Washington State
  • Florence Wilmot (1915-2002 ) born in Winnipeg, Canada and died in Puyallup, Washington State. Florence married Everett Ross Wolford in 1942 and they had three children - Douglas Ross, Ann Louise and Mary Elizabeth (thanks to Mary for some of the information here).

Emigration to Canada

Group 1: The children of William and Margaret Turner Colwill from Warbstow

  1. William 1839 is the eldest, born in Warbstow. He is the son of William and Margaret Turner Colwill and the grandson of Edward and  Margery Hoskyn. On 6th April 1865 he marries Elizabeth Ann Hancock in Warbstow. On the 7th they sail on the Cap Rouge from Plymouth to Quebec in 1865, single tickets. Elizabeth is described as single on the passenger list - her parents and brother travel with them. Williams dies in 1913 at the Township of Hope in Canada.
  2. His sister is Elizabeth Ann 1842 who is born in Warbstow. She marries William Box in 1871 and they emigrate to Ontario.
  3. His brother is John Jolliffe 1848 who is born in Warbstow. He marries Charlotte Elizabeth Neal and also emigrates to Ontario. Methodists, they are to be found living in Newcastle, Ontario in 1891. Charlotte visits the UK in September 1916, travelling on the SS Missanabie and staying in Cheriton, near Folkestone. There is a record that Charlotte dies in 1930 aged 81 - this would give her date of birth as 1850. But on her 1916 voyage, she gives her age as 56, with a date of birth of 1860. Take your pick... Their son, Stanley, is a doctor in Chicago in the 1930s.
Other emigrants to Canada:
  • William 1835, born in England. Head of House; Religion: Plymouth Brethern;
    Occupation: Farmer; Electoral Sub-district Name: Dorchester North
  • William 1838, born in England. Head of House; Religion: Bible Christian;
    Occupation: Farmer; Electoral Sub-district Name: Clarke
  • Thomas 1839, born in England. Head of House; Religion: Wesleyan Methodist;
    Occupation: Sailor; Electoral Sub-district Name: Port Hope, Town
  • William 1850, born in England. Has surname other than head of house; Religion: Church of England, Anglican; Occupation: CARPENTER; Electoral Sub-district Name: St. James. This might be William Thomas 1850 from Poughill, in which case he is the son of  Nicholas 1813 and the grandson of Abel and Honor Kinsman

Emigration to New Zealand

Group 1: Abel, Jane and Salome

Nicholas and Jane Carlyon from Antony and later Helston have three children - Salome, Abel and Jane - all of whom emigrate to New Zealand in 1874.

  • Salome 1850 - she marries Richard Williams in 1871 in Helston and emigrates to New Zealand on the 'St Lawrence' 22nd May 1874 but with Edward Williams (11 b/1863?) and Mary J. Williams (8 b/1866?) who may have been her husband's siblings? And  Emily Williams, presumably Salome's daughter (10mths b/1873?)
  • Abel goes with them
  • Jane also goes  with them.  She marries Jonathan Bracefield in 1875 and after his death,  Jabez Uglow in 1923 - Emigrant New Zealand 2.

For further information on this line you should contact Jane Hinkley

Group 2: The children of William and Margaret Turner Colwill from Warbstow

  • Jabez 1857 is born in Warbstow. He is the son of William and Margaret Turner Colwill and the grand son of Edward and  Margery Hoskyn. He  emigrates to New Zealand before 1906 - perhaps as early as 1890 - where he marries Matilda Falloon in 1906,  Jane Bracefield (nee Uglow) in 1923 and ?Elizabeth Tracey Redman in 1934. He dies in 1940. There are no children.
  • daughter Olympia Grace 1850 born in Warbstow. At the time of the 1871 census she's living with her parents in Warbstow but has junked the Olympia and is called just Grace. In 1873 she marries Richard Baker (1848-1887) in Tredarrup. The witnesses are Charles and William Uglow (brother and father?). Richard was the youngest son of Thomas and Hannah Baker of Whiteleigh and was born 1 July 1848, Week St Mary. He was the brother (although 15 years younger) of Hannah Maria Baker who married Samuel Jolliffe 1823. Samuel was, of course, Olympia's uncle and the brother of William.

    By 1881 Richard and Olympia are substantial farmers, with 356 acres at Whiteleigh, Week St Mary. Now Olympia again, she has 5 children. But Richard died young on March 7th 1887 aged 38 years. A headstone was erected by his sister, Hannah. After her husband's death, Olympia went to live with her father and brother, William Uglow and Charles Colwill Uglow at Tredarrup Farm, Warbstow. They did up Langdon Farmhouse for her to live in. In 1891 she emigrated with all her seven children to New Zealand to join her youngest brother, Jabez Uglow, who had emigrated there 2 years earlier. She arrived in Wellington aboard the "Arawa" on 18 Nov 1891. Jabez arranged work for her as a housekeeper etc. for the farmhands of Longbeach Estate, a large farm with up to 100 employees in South Canterbury established and owned by John Grigg. She dies in 1910 and is buried at Ashburton Cemetery, Ashburton, Canterbury district: Emigrant New Zealand 2
    .[There are New Zealand Bakers who have researched this line - I can put you in touch with Vaughan Baker if you are interested]

Emigration to Australia

Family 1: Amos and Blanche Remfrey

Amos 1842 born in Warbstow the son of George and Mary Jenkins and the grandson of John and Jenny Chapman. In 1851 he is still in Warbstow but becomes a 'bible christian minister', working in South Molton in 1867 and then posted to Australia in 1869. Before he leaves, he finds time to attend the 51st Bible Christian Connexion Conference (Bristol Mercury 31st July 1869). Amos is representing Hicks Mill (just outside Launceston).

Amos was the patriarch of the Australian Uglows. He emigrated on The "Lincolnshire"  (a clipper of 1,200 tons captained by Henry H Skinner) which left Plymouth on 29th September 1869 and arrived in Melbourne on 17th December.  Amos came to Australia as an unassisted immigrant, presumably with his fare paid by the church.

He marries Blanche Remfrey from Gunnislake on 12th April 1871 at The Parsonage, Elmore, Victoria, with the Rev Samuel Bryant officiating. Blancheis a small mystery - we know that she was born on 14th March 1852 in Gunnislake, the daughter of Samuel 1829 and Elizabeth Daws 1831. How and when she travelled to Australia or met Amos is unknown.

Amos and Blanche have 11 children, all born in Victoria -

    • Horace William 1872 married Louise Victoria SKARDON in West Perth, Western Australia on 20 July 1904 and died in Melbourne, Victoria in October 1955. They had ?one child
    • Mary Elizabeth 1874 married William Thomas UREN in Victoria in 1896 and died in Maldon, Victoria on 31 May 1948.  They had six children.
    • Florence Remfrey 1875 married Charles Morton UNWIN in Victoria in 1912 and died in Melbourne, Victoria in August 1962.  I am aware of only one child.
    • Annie Blee 1877 married Charles (Charlie) James WEBBER in Victoria in 1919 and died in Melbourne in 1954. 
    • Hobart Stanley 1879 married Florence KING in Perth, Western Australia in 1904 and died on 16 May 1953 in Perth.  Beryl Constance UGLOW (1908-1986) was the only child.  She married Eric MIDDLETON in Perth on 6 April 1935 and had three children.
    • Blanche May 1881 died in Melbourne on 21 July 1890.
    • Samuel Rupert (Rupe) 1886 married Ethel May Louisa DOREIAN in Victoria in 1913 and died in Melbourne on 19 September 1951.  They had one son.
    • Amos Ormond (Orm) Jenkin 1889 married Ada Blanche BRITTEN in Melbourne in 1917 and died in Melbourne in August 1960.  They had two live born daughters
    • Alvah Henry 1891-1918 - his grave is to be found in the Villers-Bretonneux Military Cemetery in the Somme region and service record may be by searching on his name here.
    • George Oswald (Mick) 1894 was born in Ballarat, Victoria on 21 September .  He too served in WWI (1916-1920), but he survived, only to be killed in a motor accident in the Dandenong Ranges east of Melbourne on 21 September 1924.

Amos himself was obviously not put off long sea voyages by the experience, for he turned up back in England perhaps twice more. One trip is when Amos returns for another Bible Christian Conference in Barnstaple in 1895 - he stays several months and in the Manchester Times 26th July 1895, he posts an advert asking his long lost brother, John George, to get in touch. Amos is staying in Brondesbury in London at that time. Do the brothers ever meet? We don't know. He departed from England on 19 October on the same "Orizuba" (a sailing ship of 6,077 tons, somewhat bigger than the "Lincolnshire") on which he arrived for this visit, bound for Melbourne.

Both Amos (1924) and Blanche (1927) die in Australia.[I am grateful to Bruce Middleton (see Hobart Stanley above) for his help on this family - I can forward email if anyone wishes to contact him]

Family 2: Abel and Ann Scown

Abel 1817 is the son of Abel and Honor Kinsman from Poughill and the grandson of William and Elizabeth Hobbs from Warbstow. He is born in Stratton and is a stonemason, like his brother Nicholas. He marries Ann Scown (born 1827) around 1848 and together they emigrate to Australia, arriving in Victoria on the Bombay in December 1852.  Abel and Anne's ages are given as 30? (but Abel is 35) and 25, both from Cornwall, Church of Eng. In 1872, 1883 and 1886 they lived at Harmsworth Street, Collingwood. Their children were all born in Australia:  Agnes 1854, William 1856, Sarah Ann 1858, Ellen Honor 1860, Bettsy 1861, and William Henry  1863.

Here is a detailed family tree of the Australian descendants of Abel and Ann, courtesy of Ivan McLennan. It is in 4 linked pages: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

Family 3: George Ugler Marshall

George is the son of Mary 1804 and William Henry Marshall and the grandson of George  and Tamsin Wrayford in Exeter. Mary 1804 was born in St Leonards, Exeter and marries William Henry Marshall in 1824 in Exeter. They have four children, one of whom, George Ugler Marshall, moves to Australia, probably arriving between 1851 and 1855, changing his name to Marshell. (info from Julie Pickering)


  • William 1824 emigrated to Victoria 1854 on the Norwood
  • John (Jno?) 1826 emigrated to Victoria 1853 on the St George
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