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Named after its patron Saint, the Parish is in Restormel district. St Austell is a market town situated approximately 14 miles to the North East of Truro, it is not mentioned in the Domesday Book. The town is a small country town near to the local china clay industry. The Southern edge of the parish is the coastline around St Austell Bay. The main industries of the area are china clay extraction, and farming. There is a brewery in the town. A number of villages are scattered across the parish.


1931 1991
8295 20244

Statistics: Two parishes were created from parts of this parish, namely Charlestown 1847 and Treverbyn 1850. 1339 acres of land and inland water


St Austell is on the south coast

1. The whole of Cornwall
2. Here is a  map to get you to St Austell

Family 1a: William and Joanna Marshall

William 1791 was born in Week St Mary,  the son of Abel and Jane and the grandson of Abel and Elizabeth Turner. The IGI record clearly says Jane as his mother. Alternatively he may be the son of Abel and Jennifer Edwards and the grandson of William and Agnes Hobb.

He married Joanna Marshall in 1816 in Warbstow. She was born in 1793 - there are several Joannas born in Tresmeer, just down the road, in the late 18th century.

Mary Uglow was witness to the marriage - if he is the son of Abel and Jennifer, this will be his sister Mary 1795. If his parents are Abel and Jane, this may be Mary Ridgman, wife of Abel 1791 - William and Abel are the same age and in all likelihood were boyhood friends, brought up together  in Week St Mary?

William and Joanna's children are mainly born in Warbstow before they move south, to find work in the clay and tin mines? This move suggests that there isn't land or trade to fall back on in this branch of the family.

In 1841, the family (as Uglo) are to be found on St Austell Downs. William is described as 45 and a farmer.

At the 1851 census, the family is in Belond, Charlestown, to the south of St Austell. By the census, William is aged 59 and this is a little more evidence that this is William 1791  from Week St Mary. He is described as a farmer.

By 1861, William is still described as a farmer. They live at Lower Carwollen, St Austell.  The children are all gone but they and their spouses are mainly to be within a few streets of their parents. It is a close knit family. William dies in 1869 in St Austell.

In 1871, Joanna is living with her daughter, Grace Hicks, in St Austell. She is blind. She dies in 1874

  • daughter Jennifer 1816 born in Warbstow - she appears on the 1841 census as JANE working in Fore Street, St Austell as a servant for Philippa Lovering, a grocer. The later census record show that her parents must be William and Joanna - Jane is shown as born in Warbstow (like her siblings). In 1847, she marries John Gilbert who was born in 1825 in St Austell. In 1851 and in 1861, she is with John living in Charlestown, St Austell - he is a labourer in the china clay mines. In 1851 they are next door to Jane's parents. They have daughters Ellen, Jemima, Maria and Anna. In 1871, Jane is still there as a 'wife' but there is no sign of John. As Jane Gilbert, widow, she appears on the 1881 census and is living next door to her sister Grace Hicks at Tregonissey, Lane End, St Austell. With her is daughter, Maria, 27 and, interestingly, granddaughters Bessie Menear (Jane's sister Maria married John Minear) - and Elsie Richards (Jane's sister Hannah married Thomas Richards). In 1891, Jane is living back in Charlestown, with her daughter, Ellen, who has married Simon Minear who drives a stationary engine. Jane dies in Decembr 1891.

  • son George 1817 born in Warbstow.  In 1841 he is with his parents on St Austell Downs, working as a carpenter. He marries Susan Rowse in 1847 in St Austell - Family 1c

  • son Abel 1819 born in Warbstow. In 1841 he is with his parents on St Austell Downs, working as a labourer. He dies in 1846

  • daughter Rebecca 1821 born in Warbstow although the 1851 census gives St Breward as place of birth. In 1841 she is a servant to a farmer Richard Knight, Bodwanick, Lanivet. She is a housemaid to an attorney, Edward Cood in St Austell in 1851. She marries Anthony Rowe in 1857. He was the son of John Rowe, a farmer. The witnesses were Samuel Treverton and John Julyan. Later censuses do not mention them nor are there death records. Perhaps they emigrated?

  • son William 1823 born in Warbstow. In 1841 he is with his parents and siblings on St Austell Downs, working as a labourer. In 1851 the family are in the Charlestown area of St Austell and William is helping his father on the farm.

    William starts working as a miner - in the 1861 census he is a tin miner and in that year he marries Susan Pelmounter from St Austell, also who works in the tin mines. Susan is born in the town in 1829, the daughter of Thomas and Grace. In 1851, a widowed Grace, her five daughters and a young son are living in Lower Carwollen, next door to William's brother, George. After their marriage, the 1861 census shows that they are living in Trethurgey Rd with William working as a tin miner.

    In 1871, William is still a tin miner. The couple live close to his sisters in Tregonissey, Lane End and there is a little 2 year old, Polly Wells, living with them. In 1881 they are living in St Blazey and William is a china clay labourer. Polly is now Polly Tregilgas and is there as well, their niece, born in Scotland. He also worked in the tin mines. In 1891, they are still in St Blazey - now with Polly's two year old son, Frederick, living with them. William is still working in the china clay quarries. In 1901 they are living at 9 Chapel Row, St Blazey. Susan dies in December 1901 and William in 1904.

    They had no children

  • daughter Maria 1824 born in Warbstow. In 1841, Maria is a servant with William Medland, maltster and brewer at Tregonissey Village, St Austell. In 1851 we find her in Fore St, Liskeard where she is a general servant to William Nettle, a draper. She marries John Menear, a miner, the son of George Menear, a farmer in 1854. (Spellings vary between Minear and Menear but there is a modern Menear Road in St Austell) In 1861, they are living in Lower Carwollen, surrounded by other Menear families. They have two daughters, Anna Jane (1858) and Emily (1860).

    In 1871, they are living in Little Carwollen - the census taker notes 'scattered houses'. There is now a son, William (1863) and another daughter, Mary (1865). John is still a tin miner. By 1881, he is a farmer of 16 acres in the Carclaze area of St Austell. The children are still at home - Anna and Emily are dress makers, William works on the farm but Mary is at the White Hart Hotel in Church St working as a servant. Nephews William and James Thomas are living with them. Little changes over the next ten years - in 1891, John and Maria are still farming in Carclaze. Emily is an unmarried schoolmistress and Mary is also living with them (as are the Thomas nephews).

    Maria dies in 1900. In 1901, we find John, a retired farmer, living in Tregonissey with daughter Mary and her husband, James Knight.

  • daughter Grace 1826 born in Warbstow. In 1841 she is with her parents on St Austell Downs. She marries John Hicks, a blacksmith, born in St Austell in 1827. She appears on the 1851 census in St Austell. In 1871 she seems to be living in a lodging house with many children and her blind mother. By 1881, she is at Tregonissey, Lane End, St Austell with husband, 2 daughters and her youngest son.

  • son James 1827 born in Warbstow. In 1841 he is with his parents on St Austell Downs, working as a labourer. He appears on the 1851 census in St Austell.

  • daughter Hannah 1832 born in Warbstow. In 1841 she is called Anna and is living with her parents on St Austell Downs. She also appears on the 1851 census in St Austell. In 1860, she marries Thomas Richards in St Austell. By 1881, she is at Tregonissey, Lane End, St Austell with her husband, living next door to sister, Grace.

Family 1c: George and Susan Rowse

George 1817 is the son of William and Joanna Marshall and the grandson of Abel and Jane from Week St Mary.

In 1841 he is with his parents on St Austell Downs, working as a carpenter. He marries Susan Rowse in 1847. Susan was born in St Austell.
In 1848 and 1849, we have still births of a boy and a girl in St Austell - these are almost certainly George and Susan's children as they are the only Uglows in the town (nb both George's brothers are unmarried at the time of the 1851 census).

In the 1851 census George is still working as a carpenter and son William has just been born. They are living in Lower Carwollen, next door to the Pelmounters whose daughter, Susan, later marries George's brother, William. In 1853 George Uglow was the innkeeper of Holmbush Inn, St Austell. He appears on the 1852/53 voter list as he leased lands at Tregonissey and Phernissick. A National Archives record of 1864 talks of 9 cottages, gardens, outbuildings and closes of land at Tregonnisey, late occupied by George Uglow. He is quite prosperous but not necessarily generous - the Royal Cornwall Gazette 6/1/1853 reports that George prosecuted a woman for theft of property from Holmbush Inn and the same paper on 31/3/1854 has a further report of George prosecuting a servant girl for stealing tea and sugar.

The 1861 census suggest that he had a period in Australia. In September 1854, George has travelled to Australia, perhaps on the SS Crouch (although his age is given as 26?). He left Susan and William behind - the census shows them at Treleavens Cross Lane, St Austell with 'husband in Australia'. But Jocelyn Bond has found an Australian Police Gazette record dated 26/10/1870 about George, born 'about 1819'. The report said that George had arrived in this country about 16 years ago, being then aged about 35. He followed his trade as a carpenter in Sydney for about 5 years but then went to some goldfield. He was heard from at Burrangong Ranges NSW in 6th Oct 1870. (thanks to Jocelyn Bond)

Perhaps Susanna was trying to get George declared dead? By 1871 Susan is a domestic servant in Fowey and declares herself a widow. After her son's death, she marries Charles Faull in 1878 in St Austell. He is a tin mine agent and they turn up on the 1881 census. Susan dies in 1883.

  • son William 1850 born in St Austell. He appears on the 1851 and 1861 census. Originally a carpenter, he tries his luck in London and in 1871 is living on the Pentonville Road and working as a draper's assistant. But he returns to St Austell where he dies in 1875.


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