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Truro Cathedral

Kenwyn is the ancient parish of Truro, which contains the cathedral and central part of the city. Besides being the administrative capital of Cornwall, Truro is a pleasant shopping centre, and has the advantage of being surrounded on most sides with open countryside.  Situated at the junction of the Kenwyn and Allen rivers and having an outlet to the sea on the south Cornish coast, it was for a long time a busy port and centre of commerce. Its decline as a port has also led to the disappearance of some industries. The status of town was granted by charter in 1140, but a small settlement had existed in the area for a long time before that. In 1877 it was granted city status and three years later the foundation stone of the cathedral was laid. This was the first cathedral to be built in England since 1710, a site being chosen right in the centre of the town incorporating part of the 16th century parish church of St.Marys. The three spires dominate the skyline. Truro was granted the status of a city in the early part of the 20th Century. The County Courts are in the city as well as the County Record Office. A famous steam train, The City of Truro, was the first to exceed 100mph in the first decade of the 20th Century.Kenwyn parish stretches north-west from Truro, Kenwyn church being on the outskirts of the city. It contains the villages of Shortlanesend and Idless. Although so near to Truro it has rural scenery and an attractive wooded valley. Mithian was created from part of this parish in 1867


In 1841, 3043


1. The whole of Cornwall
2. Here is a  map to get you to Truro and Kenwyn - you can change the scale as well as get the local weather and cinema listings!

Family 1: John and Susan Bray

John 1767 is the son of William and Frances Jolliffe and the grandson of John and Katherine Augur. He marries Grace Doidge in Jacobstow in1792. Grace dies in Jacobstow in 1798 -Jacobstow Family 5bi

John moves to Truro where he marries Susan/Sarah Bray in St Clement in 1822

[This pattern of events is based on the 1841 census - there are 2 families in Truro, one of which is definitely the son of John 1767, William -see Family 2. The other one has a 70 year old John with a 50 year old Sarah - looks like a second marriage and it's a reasonable inference that this John is John 1767]

In the 1841 census, John is working (at the age of 70) as an agricultural labourer and is living at High Cross, Truro St Marys with Sarah (who I assume to be Susan Bray) and the children. He dies in 1846 - in 1851, Sarah (now calling herself Grace?) is working as a laundress and living in 112 Tippetts Backlett Truro St.Mary with Jane. In 1861, she is working as a general nurse and living in St Austell St., St Clements, Truro. She dies in Truro in 1864.

  • son Richard 1825 born in Kenwyn. At the time of the 1841 he is living at High Crop in St Mary's, Truro with his parents. We lose contact with him but he might be a soldier in 1st battalion, 8th foot (The Kings) serving (and dying) in India during the mutiny 1857-59. There's a MI in Whitley Gardens, Shaw St, Liverpool
  • daughter Jane 1829 born in Truro. At the time of the 1841 census, she is living at High Crop in St Mary's, Truro with her parents. By the 1851 census she is 21, working as a tailoress and living in 112 Tippetts Backlett, Truro St.Mary with her widowed mother. On 19th August 1852 she marries John Charleston in St Clement in Truro - they had a son, Richard Uglow Charleston, born in Phillack in 1853.

    John Charleston dies - Jane remarries to Samuel Grose, a sawyer. She and Richard are living with Samuel in Bodmin Street, Truro in 1861. They are living in Truro in 1871 and 1881.

    It is said that Richard Uglow Charleston went to sea by about the time he was 10 years: one story is that it was to get good air to improve his health; another that he went to sea to get away from havinng to read & memorise many verses from the Bible. Either way, he was on ships for many years, starting as an apprentice mariner, graduating to supercargo, then went on to become a qualified Navigator, then Captain, then Master Mariner. He eventually left the ships in South Africa and became a prison warden. He married Lydia Maud Moses in South Africa and they had a daughter Hilda Maud. They moved to Australia where Lydia died in childbirth in New South Wales in 1885.

    Richard married Helena Reid Rose (born 1866) in Sydney 1892. They had 4 children, Marguerite Helena Uglow Charleston, b.21-6-1893, Rebecca Jane Uglow Charleston b. 1896, Richard John Uglow Charleston b. 1899 and Mary Amelia Uglow Charleston 1900.
    Richard Uglow Charleston dies in 1938 in Drummoyne, Australia - some information on his descendants is here. (Thanks to Peter Collard and Faye Chapman for the above)

Family 2: William and Mary Broom

William 1796 is born in Jacobstow, son of John and Grace Doidge and the grandson of William and Frances Jolliffe.

In 1819, he is in Cullompton where he marries Mary who was born in 1798 but he is living and working in Truro from the 1840s until his death in 1860s - Cullompton Family 1 .


  • 1775 : Nicholas William 1774 dies in Truro
  • 1851: Grace 1794 is living in Truro St Mary aged 56. Perhaps a widow?
  • 1865 - William dies in Truro
  • 1871, 1881 and 1891: Mrs Ann Uglow, a jeweller's widow, born in Par, living in Walsingham Place, Kenwyn with niece, Jane Scott Mansell, who in the 1871 census is the daughter of John Mansell, a common carrier, born 1802 in Kenwyn. Jane is described as an 'imbecile from birth'. Also living there is William Uglow Dale born 1864 in Truro, a printer's compositor and the son of Henrietta Dale, William and Mary Broom's daughter. But who is Ann?
  • 1945: Sarah P 1856 was buried in Truro. Perhaps a widow?
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