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St Piran originally built an oratory , the ruins of which are seen above, drawn in 1835

Parish to the south-east of Perranporth. Name means 'St Piran in the sands', to distinguish it from other parishes of St Piran. The saint originally built an oratory here which had the continual problem of being buried by the sands. Stones from the oratory were used to re-erect the church in 1804. The three mile long sandy beach at Perranporth is well known for the surfing competitions which are held there.


1841 1991
3161 5219


10878 acres of land, 16 acres of water, 8 acres of tidal water, 296 acres of foreshore


Perranzabuloe is close to Perranporth

1. The whole of Cornwall
2. Here is a  map to get you to Perranzabuloe - you can change the scale as well as get the local weather and cinema listings!

Family 1a: John and Loveday Brewer

John 1810 is born in Week St Mary, the son of Edmund and Mary Marks and the grandson of Abel and Elizabeth Turner. 

He moved to Perranzabuloe and married Loveday Brewer in 1840 in Truro. She was born in St Ewe, south of St Austell, in 1820 and was the daughter of William and Mary Brewer. In 1841, John is a tailor at Pennance, Perranzabuloe with their young daughter, Mary. In 1851, they are in the same area, at Rose, with Edmund and William. It's the same story in 1861, living in Rose with 4 of the children but now John is referred to as 'tailor [master]' in the census but there's no sign of him employing workers. In 1871 John and Loveday, with Edmund, John and Elizabeth, are still in Rose. John dies there in 1875 in Rose.

In 1881 Loveday Uglow is at Hendravossan, Perranzabuloe working as a seamstress, with her daughter Elizabeth and quite close to sons, Edmund at Rose and William at Gear. Loveday dies in 1888

  • daughter Mary Jane 1840 born in Week St Mary - in 1851 living in Week St Mary with grandparents.  In 1861, we find her at 97 Great Queen St, Manchester where she is living with Aunt Mary and her husband, George Yates. She is unmarried and working as a confectioner. But within a year she dies, still in Manchester.
  • son Edmund 1847 born in Truro. He marries Mary Bice and later Sarah Richards - Family 1b
  • son William 1851 born in Perranzabuloe - in 1871 he is a lead miner, living at home. He marries Elizabeth Bradford Penna [1855-1914]. He dies in 1926 and is buried in Perranzabuloe - Family 1c.
  • son John Marks 1857  - in 1871 he is a lead miner, living at home
  • daughter Elizabeth A. 1860, living at home in 1871. In 1881 she is living with her mother at Hendravossan, Perranzabuloe but in June 1881 marries Francis Penna, born in 1858, the son of Paul and Diana Penna of Rose. In 1881, Francis is a blende miner(?). In 1891, still living in Rose, Francis is a lead miner - there's no sign of children. In 1901 Elizabeth and Francis are still living in Rose - two cousins, William and John Trevethan, are living with them and the census describes them as 'gold miners'. Elizabeth dies in 1936.

Family 1b: Edmund and Mary Bice and Sarah Richards

Edmund 1847 is born in Truro, the son of John and Loveday Brewer and the grandson of Edmund and Mary Marks. In 1861, he is living with his parents and working at the mines as a 'blende dresser?'. In 1869 he marries Mary Bice in Perranzabuloe. Mary was born in 1847 in Perranzabuloe - in 1851 she is with her parents, John (a tim miner) and Eliza in Rose, Perranzabuloe. In 1861 she is living with her uncle and aunt, Edward and Jane Cowlin in Kenwyn and working as a tailor.

In 1871 Edmund and Mary live in Perranzabuloe with their young son, John and Edmund is a lead miner . In 1881, Edmund is unemployed - the family live in Rose, Perranzabuloe with two children, John and Janie.

After Mary dies in 1888, Edmund and his son John travel to the USA, arriving in New York on Apr 6 1889 on the ship Berlin. A rumour is that John was shot and presumably killed. Edmund returns and marries again in 1897, this time to Sarah Priscilla Richards, born in Perranzabuloe in 1857. In 1901, he is farming with his father-in-law, William Richards, at Carnkief, in Perranzabuloe. He and his son are referred to as 'Edward' in the census.

In 1911, Edmund is still at at Carnkief, in Perranzabuloe, referred to as a retired miner. He dies a few months later, in July 1911. Sarah dies in 19454.

First marriage

  • son John 1869 born in Perranzabuloe - John is rumoured to have gone to the USA with his father where he was shot and presumably killed.
  • daughter Mary Jane 1872 born in Rose. She was unmarried and was known as Janie. In 1881 she is with her parents but in 1891, with her father away, she is living in Rose, Perranzabuloe, working as a seamstress and looking after her brother who appears as Mark, aged 9. In 1901, she is again working as a domestic servant for a writer, Felix Dowsing and his wife, Rita, in Kenwyn. Mary Jane dies in Redruth in 1962.
  • son Edmund Marks 1882 born in Rose. In 1891, with his father away, he is living in Rose, Perranzabuloe, with his sister, Janie - Edmund is referred to as Mark, aged 9. In both 1901 and 1911 he is lodging with a grocer, Mary Stephens, in Vicarage Rd in the centre of St Agnes. In 1901 he is working as an outfitter and in 1911 he is described as a manager. In 1913 he marries Ann Maria Hicks in Truro: she was born in St Agnes in 1882, one of six daughters of John Hicks, the blacksmith in Water Lane, St Agnes. Annie was a shop assistant at a grocers (perhaps where Edmund was a lodger!). He was a Wesleyan and was a superintendent in the Sunday School. Ann and Edmund continued to live in Vicarage Road as that is where Edmund dies in 1939. He is buried nearby at St Agnes as is Ann Maria who died in 1949 in Bodmin.

Second marriage

  • son Edward [or Edmund] Arthur 1899. In Plymouth in 1925 he married Hilda Marie  Treweek [1904-1992] - Plymouth Family 7 . Edmund dies in 1976 and is buried at nearby Callestick Methodist as is Hilda Marie

Family 1c: William and Elizabeth Bradford Penna

William 1851 is born in Perranzabuloe, the son of John and Loveday Brewer and the grandson of Edmund and Mary Meeks. In 1871 he is a lead miner, living at home. Soon after, he marries Elizabeth Bradford Penna - she was born in Perranzabuloe in 1854, the daughter of William and Frances Trenerry, farmers of 170 acres at Gear Farm, Penhale Sands, Perranzabuloe. Elizabeth is on the farm with her parents in the censuses of 1861 and 1871.

In 1881, William is still mining but he and Elizabeth are living at Toll House, next door to Gear Farm - William Penna is now a widower. By the 1891 and 1901 censuses he has taken over the farm, probably after the death of his father in law in 1888. Elizabeth dies in 1914. William dies in 1926 and is buried in Perranzabuloe

  • son William John 1877, born in Truro. He marries Emma Jane Tiger who was born in Perranzabuloe in 1880. William appears to carry on the family farm at Gear. Emma dies in St Agnes in 1944 and is buried in Perranzabulo. William dies in 1951 and is buried in Perranzabuloe
    • William Clarence 1900. In 1934 he marries Gwen Pentecost 1908-1988. They were hoteliers but had no children. They both die in Perranzabuloe in 1988 and are buried in Perranzabuloe
  • son Thomas Marks 1884. He marries Margaret Isabel (Maggie) Williams born 1884 in 1926. Thomas dies in Perranzabuloe in 1946 and is buried in Perranzabuloe. Maggie dies in 1964 and is buried in Perranzabuloe
    • daughter Patricia M (Patti) 1919 - marries Mr Goodman in 1939
    • son Thomas M 1921 - dies in infancy
    • daughter Betty M - marries Mr Rudd in 1946

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