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Week St Mary Hospital (from

The name has Anglo-Saxon origins, 'wic' meaning settlement. The parish is in north-east Cornwall between the Devon border and the coast. It is mentioned in the Domesday Book, 1086 and it once had a castle, of which only the foundations can be traced. North-east of the parish is the village and ancient church of Whitstone. In the 15th century a shepherdess, Thomasine Bonaventure, lived here. She attracted the attention of  a wealthy London merchant who took her back to London to work in his household, and on the death of his wife married her. After his death Thomasine married two more weathy men in succession. After being widowed for the third time she returned to Cornwall and used her money for good causes.


1841 1991
788 525

6123 acres of land

MapsWeek St Mary is south of Bude.1. The whole of Cornwall
2. Here is a  map to get you to Week St Mary

Family 1a: George and Elizabeth Mark

George is a miller who marries Elizabeth Mark in 1752 in Jacobstow. Elizabeth was born in 1735 in Poundstock, her parents were William & Margaret Mark.

George and Elizabeth's family is  a key one for it is the start of a tradition of mid-19th century Uglow millers and bakers, carried on after George by son John and Margaret Cory - Week St Mary Family 3  - and through them towards Launceston Family 0 and Launceston Family 4. But who was George?

Elizabeth dies in 1803 aged 68 and George in 1811 aged 79 - both are buried in  Week St Mary. Their married life seems a little itinerant - 10 children but with the last 6 born in Week St Mary.


They start in Jacobstow - Elizabeth's home village?

  • daughter Martha 1753 born in Jacobstow - she dies in the same year.


Probably the family move to Tremaine as George, a miller, and Elizabeth have 3 children there in the 1750s -  Family 1 - Tremaine

  • son John 1756 born in Tremaine. He marries Margaret Cory in 1777 in Week St Mary - Family 3
  • son George 1758 born in Tremaine. He marries Mary Couch in Stratton in 1782 - Family 9a
  • daughter Elizabeth 1760 born in Tremaine. She marries John Pawley in Week St Mary in 1781. However Elizabeth dies within a few years as John remarries - to Elizabeth Hayman in Launcells in 1787. They have a son, Roger Hayman Pawley, who marries his first cousin through marriage, Margaret Uglow, the daughter of George and Mary Crouch.

Week St Mary

They move onto Week St Mary where they have another 6 children

  • son William 1766 born in Week St Mary. He marries Priscilla Curtis in 1793 in Week St Mary. She was born in the village in 1764 - her parents were Roger Curtis and Grace Rowe. The wedding witnesses were Elizabeth Uglow (mother? sister?) and Arthur Clifton. Both William and Priscilla died in the village within days of each other in 1831. In his will William leaves £80 to his wife Priscilla, bequests to his daughters and £1 to all his grandchildren. His children and grandchildren all move to Wisconsin in the 1840s - for an extended history of this branch from Dallas Manicom(77 pages), go here
    • daughter Elizabeth 1793 who marries Henry Box in Whitstone in 1813. This is proved by her father's will which leaves his daughter, Elizabeth Box, £30. The family emigrates, along with her sisters Margaret and Grace, to Yorkville, Racine County, Wisconsin, between 1841 and 1851.
    • daughter Margaret who marries Abraham Baker in Whitstone in 1811. This is proved by her father's will which leaves his daughter, Margaret Baker, £30. The family emigrates, along with her sisters Elizabeth and Grace, to Yorkville, Racine County, Wisconsin, between 1841 and 1851.
    • daughter Grace who marries John Sleeman in Week St Mary in 1828. This is proved by her father's will which leaves the remainder to his daughter, Grace Sleeman. The family emigrates, along with her sisters Elizabeth and Margaret, to Yorkville, Racine County, Wisconsin, between 1841 and 1851.
  • son James 1769 born in Week St Mary. He marries Grace Derrent in 1792 - Family 1bi
  • daughter Margaret 1771 born in Week St Mary.
  • son Abel 1775 born in Week St Mary. He marries Agnes  Perkins, born 1778 in Milton Damerel in 1799. In 1841 they are in Tavistock, in 1851 Launceston. Abel is a watchmaker. He dies in 1854 and is buried at Newport, Launceston - Family 1 in Launceston
  • son Nicholas 1777 - possibly marries Mary Bridgman in Tremaine in 1808 - NB family connection with Tremaine
  • daughter Sarah 1779 born in Week St Mary. She marries John Stacey of Marhamchurch in 1799

Family 1bi: James and Grace Derrent

James 1769 was born in Week St Mary, the son of George and Elizabeth Mark. He marries Grace Derrent in Launcells  in 1792. James is a farmer in Week St Mary - he is a tenant of Trefrows (modern OS map Trefrouse), with a good farm house, suitable offices, a water grist mill and up to 80 acres of orchard, arable, meadow and pasture. His term comes to an end at Lady Day 1817 and the farm is auctioned at the White Hart, Launceston (Trewmans Flying Post 28th August 1817 [ but also see 13th April 1809]). He later is a signatory to a lease of land in Warbstow in 1829 with sister Margaret and brothers, William and Abel. He dies in 1845 and Grace (born 1764) in 1832 - both in Jacobstow

  • daughter Catherine 1792 was born in Week St Mary. She marries James Avery in 1808. He was born in Jacobstow in 1787 and worked as an excise officer. They lived in Newlyn East. James died in 1853 and Catherine in 1864. They had at least three children - Grace Avery born in 1809, James Uglow Avery born in 1813 and Elizabeth Avery born in 1825. There's more about this family at this site.

Family 2a: Abel and Elizabeth Turner, of Goscot, Week St Mary 

Abel  1742 is the son of William and Agnes Hobb from Warbstow and the grandson of Nicholas 1663 and Elizabeth Short. He marries Elizabeth Turner in 1766 in North Petherwin. She was born in 1745 in North Petherwin, the daughter of John Turner of North Petherwin and Mary Grigg from Warbstow. After the birth of Abel in 1767, their children are all born in Week St Mary. Abel senior dies in Goscot, Week St Mary in 1786 and is buried in North Petherwin.

His wife, Elizabeth Turner, and children receive a bequest under Abel's brother, John's, will in 1800. Elizabeth is named as executor with her sister in law, Agnes. Elizabeth dies in Goscot, Week St Mary in 1800 and is also buried in North Petherwin where there is a MI.

Elizabeth's will tells us that 10 of her 11 children are surviving in 1795 - Mary has been the only casualty. There are two main estates at Credicott and Goscott, both held on leasehold. Abel gets Credicott but must pay John £5 a year out of the profits while William gets Goscott but must pay Edmund £5 a year. Agnes is mentioned specifically. There is provision for the four youngest daughters but not Elizabeth? The residue is to be equally divided among the ten children.Her brother in law, Nicholas, is the trusttee

  • son Abel 1767 is born in Warbstow.  He marries Jane - Family 2bi  
  • daughter Mary 1768 born in Week St Mary - she dies in 1774
  • daughter Agnes 1770 born in Week St Mary. She marries John Rogers in the village in 1793. He is a schoolmaster in Launceston - they have a daughter Elizabeth, mentioned in her grandmother's will
  • son William 1772 born in Week St Mary. In 1795, at the time of his mother's will, he is not married as the will says '...if my son William should happen to die umarried' . He marries quite late - Jenny or Jane Charles in 1806 in Mawgan in Pyder, Lanherne-rc. Jenny/Jane is the daughter of William and Jane/Jennifer Dungey, born 1881 in Mawgan. Mawgan's a long way south but a couple of indications that that this is the right marrage: firstly brother John is an excise officer in St Columb Major and secondly son William 1807 marries a girl from Padstow, both places quite close to Mawgan. William himself dies in the following year, just a few months after the birth of his son. He is described as a yeoman. A year later Jenny/Jane marries again in Week St Mary to Thomas Williams.  
    • son William 1807 born in Week St Mary - father is William and mother is given as Jane. This is the likely lineage because later in his life, William 1807 is described as coming from Goscot, his grandparents' home.  He marries Margaret Hawken in Poughill - Family 2bi
  • daughter Elizabeth 1774 born in Week St Mary. She marries William Prideaux in Week St Mary in 1798.
  • son John 1776 born in Week St Mary - he worked as an excise officer in St Columb Major and died unmarried in 1811
  • son Edmund 1777 born in Week St Mary. He marries Mary Meeks in 1803 - Family 2biii
  • daughter Thomasine 1779 born in Week St Mary. She marries Digory Baker in 1802. Their children include William Abel Uglow Baker [1803-1825], Thomas Digory Baker [1805-1888(m. Ann Hooper 1836)], Digory Baker [1807-1875], Edmund, Baker [1809-1881], Elizabeth Baker[1811-1863], Johanna Honey Baker [1813-1871], John Uglow Baker [1814-1902], Francis Asbury Baker [1817-1897], Henry Baker [1821-1910]. She dies 1841 and is buried in Whitstone but Digory is buried in Wisconsin.
  • daughter Mary Ann 1781 born in Week St Mary. She marries Antipas Congdon in the village in 1808. He dies young and in 1812 in Boyton, Mary marries William Kittow - their daughter Elizabeth Uglow Kittow is born in Boyton in 1816.
  • daughter Grace 1783 born in Week St Mary. She marries Thomas (or John) Gill in Whitstone in 1809
  • daughter Jenny 1784 born in Week St Mary. She marries Richard Orchard in 1804. She dies in 1859 in Jacobstow and is buried in Week St Mary

Family 2bi: Abel and Jane

Abel 1767 is  born in Warbstow, the son of Abel and Elizabeth Turner and the grandson of William and Agnes Hobb. He marries Jane - under his mother's will, he inherits the remaining term in Credicott Barton. At this point (1795) he appears not be married as the will says '...if my son Abel should happen to die umarried' . This makes the following questionable!

Family 2biii: Edmund and Mary Marks

Edmund 1777  is the son of Abel and Elizabeth Turner, of Goscot, Week St Mary and the grandson of William and Agnes Hobb.

He marries Mary Marks in 1803 in Week St Mary. She was born in 1781 in Week St Mary. He is a yeoman in the village. We find on 11th Nov.1815, 'Release by Way of Mortgage - Edmund UGLOW of Week St.Mary, Yeoman, to Nicholas WALLIS, Penrose of Liskeard gent.'

Edmund and Mary are living at Credicott Barton in 1810 (see the will of Nicholas 1736) - presumably his 3 brothers have all died. They have 6 children.

In 1841, William is staying with Nicholas Olver, a farmer, at Steel Mill, Week St Mary. Mary is staying with Jane (Mary Jane?) in the village. Both are described as independent. William dies in 1851. Mary is still in the village in 1851, with her grandaughter, Mary Jane, daughter of son John, staying with her. She describes herself as a 'landed proprietor' so must be reasonably well off. She dies in 1854, both buried in Week St Mary.

  • daughter Elizabeth Anna 1804 born in Week St Mary. She is living in the village, unmarried at the age of 46 in 1851, and working as the housekeeper to the village rector. In 1852, she marries William Prower. Sadly he seems to die as in 1861, Elizabeth is employed at Parkham, near Alwington in North Devon, again as housekeeper to the curate.
  • son William Abel 1805 born in Week St Mary. He marries Maria Crocker in Tetcott, Devon in 1833. Her date of birth is given as about 1812. In the 1841 census, they are living in Week St Mary village, next door to mother and sister. William is described as an agricultural labourer. In the census of 1851, 1861 and 1871 we have William  and Maria farming 12 acres in Tubbsground in Minster.  They are still there in 1881 - William is a gardener. He dies in 1884 and Maria in 1886. It's a strong census record (although ages vary) and there is no trace of children.
  • son Edmund Marks 1808 born in Week St Mary - he marries Mary Docton - see Padstow Family 1.
  • son John 1810 born in Week St Mary. By 1871, he is a tailor in Perranzabuloe married to Lovedy - Family 1a  
  • son Thomas Turner 1812 born in Week St Mary. There is a possibility that he may be the husband of Grace Medland - Stratton Family 10
  • daughter Mary Jane 1816. In 1841 (Mary) Jane is living with her mother, Mary, in the village. In 1851 she is in Exeter and a servant to Dr Samuel Budd of Southernhay. She moves to Manchester - why is a mystery. In 1855, she marries George Arden Yates in Manchester Cathedral with the service conducted by Rev J. G. Vance, incumbent of St Michael's Church. The report in the Manchester Times on 27th January confirms that she is the daughter of Edmund. George is a designer for confectionery. In 1861, we find them at 97 Great Queen St, Manchester - Mary's niece, Mary Jane 1840 is living and working with them.
  • son Samuel 1825 born in Jacobstow. 13 years after Thomas and in Jacobstow - has the family moved?

Family 3: John and Margaret Cory

John 1756 was born in Tremaine,  the son of George and Elizabeth Mark. John marries Margaret Cory in 1777 in Week St Mary. Margaret was probably the daughter of Richard Cory and Prudence, born in 1758 in Jacobstow/Poundstock. 

John was eventually a relatively well-off miller and farmer. He died in Warbstow in 1829, a year after Margaret. He describes himself in his will as a yeoman of Fanson, commonly called Tucking Mill in the parish of Warbstow.

He left his daughter Margaret £1 a year and his elder sons, Richard and George just 5s! Son Abel was left £100 and James the land situated at Fanson, commonly called Tucking Mill.

In an 1828 codicil, a mill and 20 acres of ground called Beake's Tenement is left to son William. The remainder of his farm with house, cottages and implements was left to son James (with the words :- 'If you do not alter your ways, you will yet break a poor man's heart'.) This included land at Canworthy Water and at Tremaine. It may be fair to assume that John worked with his father, George, as a young man in Week St Mary but the last two children are born in Warbstow and John may have struck out on his own and been the miller at Tremaine close by.

  • son Richard 1777 born in Week St Mary but dies in 1779
  • son John 1780 born in Week St Mary. He dies in 1810. The Taunton Courier of 2nd August 1810 reported that John Uglow of Kennery (Canworthy) Water, Warbstow had shot himself.
  • daughter Prudence 1782 born in Poundstock but dies in 1784
  • son Richard Cory 1785 born in Week St Mary. He marries Thomasine Grigg in Jacobstow in 1812 but they eventually end up in Marhamchurch - Family 13 - before going to Plymouth. He's left just 5s in his father's will - he's already well established as a baker in Cambridge Street, Plymouth?
  • son George 1788 born in Poundstock. A miller in the middle part of his life but there are some mysteries. Early records, of course, scarce, but we know that he married Ann, born 1785, from Hartland but when and where is difficult to unravel. There's no sign of any children in the censuses.

    He was left just 5s in his father's will in 1829 - perhaps he was already well established? -or estranged? - because in 1829, an assignment of lease of property in Warbstow talks of George as a cabinet maker of Talyevain, Monmouth in Wales. But he was soon back in Cornwall - in 1841, he was living in Fore St, Launceston and working as a miller, presumably with his brother, Abel. That partnership continues after Abel's death in 1846 (although George was not mentioned in the will) with his nephew, Abel 1819 - in 1851, George and Ann were living at Town Mill, Launceston alongside Abel. In 1861, allegedly after George's death, Ann was visiting Carly Farm at Lifton, where her brother-in-law William was living - Egloskerry Family 2. She described herself as a widow but when did George die? There's no record just before 1861 but there is a record of a George dying in 1866 in Bodmin, aged 79. Certainly the right age.....In 1871 Ann was resident in St Mary Magdalene Launceston. She died in 1877.
  • son Abel 1791 born in Week St Mary. He  marries Mary Ridgman in Warbstow in 1812 before moving as a miller and baker to Launceston - Family 0.  He's left £100 in his father's will in 1829
  • son William 1794 born in Week St Mary. He marries Jane Kittow and raises a family in Egloskerry - Family 2. His father leaves him the land situated at Fanson, commonly called Beake's Tenement.
  • daughter Margaret 1797 born in Week St Mary. In 1822, she probably has an illegitimate son, Thomas and in 1826, living in St Stephens, Saltash, an illegitimate daughter, Mary Cory. In 1829, Margaret's father leaves her £1 a year and there's no mention of young Thomas or Mary! Margaret herself marries Sampson Waters in Stoke Damerel in 1830 - but he may be a miller from Warbstow. In 1851 the family is in Penryn.
    • illegitimate son Thomas 1822 born in Warbstow. Possibly the father is a Hawke - Thomas's daughter, Emma, is staying with her grandparents, Richard and Grace Hawke in Warbstow in 1861? Thomas marries Arminel Metherell - Family 4 in Warbstow
    • illegitimate daughter Mary Cory 1826, born in St Stephens, Saltash. Mary marries in St Germans in 1848 to Francis Ferrett William Dicketts baptised Aug 7 1826 in Morrice St. Wesleyan, Devonport to John & Ann. It's a short marriage and Francis (maybe a seaman) dies in Liverpool RD in the first quarter 1850. Mary Cory remarries, fairly swiftly, to Charles Godfrey in the 3rd quarter 1850 in Plymouth. He is a labourer. They have several children - Maria 1851, Sampson John 1853, Emily Jame 1860, Mary Elizabeth 1862 and Charles William in 1867. They live in Plymouth until 1871 - before 1881, the family move to South Wales where we find Charles working on the roads. Mary dies in Pontypridd RD in 1901. (Dallas Manicom has provided some further information here)
  • son Nicholas 1799 born in Warbstow but dies within the year
  • son James 1801 born in Warbstow. He  marries Mary Ann Bawden from Antony - Family 6 in Launceston. His father leaves him the land situated at Fanson, commonly called Tucking Mill.

Family 4 deleted

Family 5: William and Elizabeth Jordan

William was born in  Whitstone in  1841. He was the illegitimate son of Nicholas and Catherine Whitford (unless Nicholas was married previously) and the grandson of William and Elizabeth Hobbs from Warbstow. 

He was with his parents in 1851 and with his mother and stepfather in 1861 - his stepfather was farming Luckham Farm, Whitstone and William was working as a farm hand.

He married an older woman, Elizabeth Jordan, born in Week St Mary in 1828. The wedding was in Stratton in 1867  and by 1871 William was still a farm labourer in Week St Mary. They were still there in 1881 but now William was farming 12 acres at College, Week St Mary. In 1881, Elizabeth and daughter Anne were baptised as baptists.

By the late 1880s, William had started a forage and corn merchant business at 94 Belgrave Road and also in Russell St in Plymouth. He was in partnership with Mr Prower and 'Prower and Uglow' were in the 1889 Kelly's Directory. By 1891, if not before, the family have moved to Belgrave Road in Plymouth Charles. In 1891, they were living at No. 86; in 1901 and 1911, they were at No. 24.

Elizabeth died in 1912. William died in Plymouth in 1924, perhaps still living with his married daughter, Anne. His other daughter, Elizabeth Jordan, died in 1917.

  • daughter Anne Annabella 1868 born in Week St Mary. She was baptised as a baptist with her mother in 1881. She was living with her parents and sister in Belgrave Road, Plymouth in 1891 and 1901. She married Frederick George Edwards in 1907 in Plymouth. They had a daughter Clarissa Lilian Edwards

  • daughter Elizabeth Jordan 1869 born in Week St Mary. She was known as Lily and was living with her parents and sister in Belgrave Road, Plymouth in 1891 and 1901. She was unmarried and died in Plympton in 1917

Family 6: John Jolliffe and Elizabeth Bailey

John Jolliffe 1855 is born in Warbstow and the son of Samuel Jolliffe and Hannah Maria Baker and the grandson of of Edward and Margery Hoskyn. He marries Elizabeth Bailey in November 1880. In the 1881 census, he is farming 197 acres at Tregatheral, Minster. By 1901, they live and farm at Trecarn, Tintagel - the farm is between Tintagel and Delabole. The 1901 census gives all the children as being born in Tintagel.

  • daughter Hannah B. born 1882 in Tintagel

  • son Percy Bayly 1886 born in Tintagel. In 1913 he marries Emma Baker in Launceston. She was born in 1888 and died in 1966 and Percy in 1969 - there's a MI at Rehoboth. Resident in Treludick, there were three children:

    • son Percy John1916 - he was a childless bachelor known in the family as "Uncle Percy" and often known outside as "Mr Percy." He died on 5 July 2001 at the age of 86. He farmed about 235 acres of agricultural land, a beautiful Elizabethan farmhouse and some cottages and buildings. It was valued for probate at £775,000. The farm is called Treludick and is in Egloskerry, near Launceston. His will also provided that his unmarried younger sister, Marion, should be permitted to continue to occupy, for as long as she wishes, the Treludick farmhouse, in which she and he had lived for many years. Sad to say, the will has been the subject of litigation between his great-nephew, Peter Gerald, and nephew Richard John. (If you are interested in proprietary estoppel, the Court of Appeal judgment in Uglow v Uglow is at [2004] EWCA (Civ ) 987)

    • son Thomas Richard 1919. In 1942 he marries Phoebe Gubbin in Holsworthy.

      • son Thomas Percy William 1945 born in Launceston. In 1965 he marries Valerie Crudge in Chipping Norton and they farm at Higher Maxworthy Farm, Launceston.

        • son David Thomas 1971 born in Plymouth. He is an expert in third world development and runs marathons. In 1997 he marries Natalia Koniakhina in Bath

          • daughter Anastasia Ekaterina 2002 born in Bath. A student at Bristol Grammar School, she tragically died in New York in December 2019 while on a school trip.

        • daughter Stephanie 1972 born in Plymouth. Educated at Edgehill College in Bideford and Leeds University. She married Brad Gaalen in 1995 in Launceston Rd and they have three children.

        • son Robert Percy 1975 born in Plymouth. Educated at Shebbear Colllege

        • son Jonathan Paul1981 born in Plymouth. Also educated at Shebbear Colllege, he read history at York University and also studied at SOAS in London.

        • son Andrew Edward 1981 born in Launceston. Like his brother, educated at Shebbear Colllege and read history at York University. In May 2008, he marries Arani in Tooting in London.

        • daughter Kathryn Joy 1985 born in Launceston. She married in March 2008

      • son Gerald G 1949. In 1971 he marries Barbara Perkin in Launceston. They farm at Trehummer Farm, Egloskerry

        • son Peter Gerald 1974

        • daughter Barbara Ruth 1975 - she marries Douglas Burton in 2004

        • daughter Rebecca Ann 1975

        • daughter Emma Margaret 1979

        • daughter Hannah E.

        • daughter Lydia Phoebe 1996

      • son Richard John 1949. In 1972 he marries Susan Hawcutt in Oxford.
        • daughter Deborah Susan 1977

        • son Richard Geoffrey 1978 - another artist with the Uglow name graduating from Glasgow school of art in 2000, a Sainsbury Scholar in Painting and Sculpture 2002-2004 at the British School at Rome and now a scholarship to Florence

        • son Philip Thomas 1980 - he marries Joanna Martyn in 1980

        • son Timothy John 1982

    • daughter Marion E. 1926 - unmarried, she lived with brother Percy. She died in December 2012 and is buried at Rehobeth cemetery next to her brother and parents

  • son John Jolliffe 1888 born in Tintagel - took over his uncle's farm at Whiteleigh Farm, Whitstone. In the 1st World War he was a sergeant in the Worcestershire Regiment and was commissioned 16th Oct 1917 as 2nd lieutenant. He joins the Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry as the London Gazette reports that Temp. 2nd Lt. J. J. Uglow relinquishes his commission on completion of service, 15 Dec. 1920, and retains the rank of 2nd Int. In 1918 he marries Martha Hoskyn in Plymouth - Whitstone Family 4

  • son Samuel Sydney 1895 born in Tintagel. He marries Mary Louwena Medland in Stratton in 1920. She is the daughter of Thomas Medland born in 1867 in Pyworthy, Devon and Margery Ann Uglow 1868, the daughter of John Jolliffe and Philippa Jane Symons. That makes them both the great grandchildren of Edward and Margery Hoskyn. They farm at Trecarne. Samuel dies in Barnstaple in 1940. Mary Louwina herself is born in 1894 and dies, a centenarian, in Tintagel in 1996.

    • daughter Marjorie Doreen 1923 born in Camelford. She marries Mr Mitchell in 1943. They have two daughters, Faith who dies in Launceston in 1999 and Rosemary who lives near Bristol. Marjorie dies in 1999 in Launceston.

    • son Leslie Thomas Sydney 1924 - he marries [Winifred] Mary Mould in 1946. They farm at Trecarne farm, Delabole. Leslie dies in September 1999 and Winifred Mary in December 2016

      • son Roland L. S. 1949 - he marries Mary Dennis in 1973 and carries on the farm at Trecarne

        • son James Roland 1977. In 1999 he marries Hannah Johnson - they have twin daughters

          • daughter Abigail 2012

          • daughter Rebekah 2012

        • son Benjamin Edward 1985 - with partner Lisa Taylor

          • son Alfie 2016

          • daughter Poppy 2019

      • son Kingsley C1950. After an earlier marriage, he marries Sharon Lancaster in 2005:

        • son - Christian Kingsley 1978 was a lorry driver but now works for Oriel Ministries. He married Nikki Twigg

          • daughter Harmony 2016

          • son Theodore Christian 2020

        • son Tegwyn Richard 1981 - an electrician (won apprentice of the year in 2005) and married to Catherine Rose

          • daughter Olivia Rose 2016

          • son seth Jowan 2020

      • son Philip John 1953 born in Camelford. He graduated from Reading University with a degree in agriculture and is an agricultural adviser. In 1975 he married Jacqueline Sandercock in Camelford. He later remarried - to Susan Bobin. They lived in Warbstow and Philip died in 2017

        • son Timothy John 1978 - a musician and organist, educated at Wells, Salisbury and Gonville and Caius. He is currently director of music at Worksop College and his personal website is here. In August 2010 he married Myfanwy Walters in St Endellion.

          • daughter Bryony Imogen 2011 born in Worksop

          • daughter Lucy Morwenna 2013

        • son Paul Mark 1980 born in Oxford and is a network security analyst and lives in Whitchurch-on-Thames. He married Melanie Earp in May 2015

          • daughter Imogen Rose 2016

          • daughter Olivia 2018
      • daughter Frances Mary 1966 married Dallas Parrott in St Teath in 1999 - they have a daughter, Alexandra. Divorced, she lives in Plympton. With partner, David Richards, she has a son, Luke William, born 2008. In 2017, she is living in Plympton in Devon, a primary school teacher and married Charles Carr from Aberdeen in April 2017
  • John Jolliffe 1764 marries Agnes Orchard in Week St Mary in 1802
  • Abel 1778 dies in Week St Mary in 1832 - problem as Families 1a, 2a and 3 all have Abels accounted for! Whoever he is, he is a reasonable candidate for marrying Agnes Perkins in Milton Damerel in Devon in 1799
  • Jane 1785? marries Thomas Williams  in the village in 1808
  • Thomas marries Elizabeth Barden in Week St Mary in 1813 - Family 2 Clawton
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