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Uglows in Peterborough and Lincolnshire

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West Front of Peterborough Cathedral

One of the modern hotspots of Uglow settlement outside Cornwall with several families still living there...

Family 1: Robert Conroy and Emily Heffer

Robert Conroy 1878 was born in Torquay, Devon, the son of William Underhay and Sarah Jane Furze and the grandson of Richard and Susan Underhay.  In 1881, he is a baby at 83 Gonsalva Road, Battersea but note that the census records the whole family as "Underhay". In 1891 he is still at school and living at 14 Glenalvon St., Woolwich with his parents. By 1901, he is working as a planning (?) machinist at the Royal Arsenal, Woolwich but still living at home, now at 36 Wood[ville] St., Woolwich

In 1907 in Charlton, SE London he married Emily Heffer, who was born in 1878 in Greenwich. In 1901, Emily is living with her parents, William and Sarah, at 562 Woolwich Road, Charlton - this is just round the corner from the Uglows in Wood[ville] St. Her father is a carpenter from Norfolk. After the marriage, they move to Peterborough
- fairly soon as daughter Marjorie is born there in 1908. In 1911 the family is found at Clyde Villa, Crown St., Peterborough with Robert working as an engineer's planer in engineering works.

Why move to Peterborough? One possible explanation is that Robert moved to work for Brotherhood Engineers in Peterborough. The firm, which produced propulsion engines for torpedoes, had been in Lambeth but re-located to Peterborough in 1903. If they were looking to recruit skilled workers, the Royal Arsenal would be the obvious place to start...

Robert dies in 1953 and the probate record has him living at 99 Scotney St., Peterborough. When Emily dies in 1954, she was at 182 Crown St., Peterborough

  • daughter Marjorie Phyllis 1908 born in Peterborough. In 1936 she marries Bertram Frank Auger and they lived in Peterborough. Bert dies in 1981.

  • son Ronald Clive 1910  born in Peterborough. In 1935 he marries Doris Elizabeth Urquhart. Ronald dies in 1978 in Peterborough.

    • son Robert 1935 born in Stockport. He married Mary Elizabeth Walker in 1958 in Bledlow. I believe that he is a farmer in Bledlow.

      • daughter Jane Elizabeth 1962 born in Bledlow. In 1986 she married Neil Dyson in Bledlow

      • daughter Susannah Mary 1964 born in Bledlow. She read history at York but then qualified as a solicitor in 1991.

      • daughter Helen Margaret 1967 born in Bledlow

    • son Ivor 1936. In 1961 he married Joyce Moore. In the 1980s they lived in Milverton in Somerset where Ivor was active in Labour Party politics. 

      • son Robert 1961 born in Westminster.

      • daughter Lisa Jane-Elizabeth 1963 born in Taunton. She works in community care in Somerset

        • son William 1990 in Taunton RD

    • son Bruce 1942. He marries Ethel Craig

      • son Iain 1971 born in Huntingdon

      • son Thomas 1978 born in Huntingdon. He marries Sarah Jane Palmer:

        • daughter Sophie Marie 1997

        • son Liam Paul 1999

  • son Leslie Roy 1912. In 1939 he marries Phyllis Harbert Parsons. They lived in Luton. Leslie died in 1984.

    • son Alan Philip 1941 born in Luton. He is the Uglow's other (remember Euan) distinguished artist. His obituary in the New York Times talked of, " His intuitive sense of proportion and subtle painterly texture gave his work a clarity that could easily be called classical. His fields of white, outlined and bisected by tapelike lines of strong color, or segmented into wide bands or blocks of color, were indebted to the precision and tactility of Mondrian and the scale and specificity of Minimalism." He was married twice - in 1963 to Helena Shears, a ceramic and textile designer. They were divorced in 1969. In 1986 he married Elena Alexander, a poet and teacher. A lifelong fan of Chelsea FC, he died in Manhatten in January 2011.  

  • son Eric Alan 1914 born in Peterborough. In 1940 he married Mary Ann Locke. He died in 1985.

    • daughter Gillian 1943 born in Peterborough. In 1968 she married Ferdinand Cavallaro. Their daughter Gaia Alexis was born in 1975. 

Family 2: James Alfred and Ms Morgan

James Alfred 1900 was born in Twickenham, the son of Henry Richard 1873 and Lillian Maud Eliot and the grandson of James Underhay and Catherine Ellis. His brothers, Frank 1907 and Ernest George 1909, his father Henry and grandfather James all ended their days in Lincolnshire. 

James married a Ms Morgan in 1926 and was an electrician, like his father. He died in 1940 in Peterborough.

  • daughter Ruby 1926 born in Peterborough. She married Mr Maddicor in 1947.
  • daughter Muriel 1926 born in Peterborough.
  • son James Derek 1930 born in Peterborough. He married Joan M Porter in 1953 in Peterborough but died in 1981 playing golf in Bedford.
    • son James E 1954 born in Peterborough. He married Sandra Jones in Barking in 1976. Divoerced, he marries Wen X Huang in Havering, Essex in 2005. Jim Uglow is a well-known martial arts specialist in Essex - see his biography.
      • daughter Joanna Lesley 1980
      • daughter Nicola Jane 1982
      • son Adam James 1986

Family 3: Frank and Winifred Vera Lewis

Frank 1907, born in Brentford and was the son of Henry Richard 1873 and Lillian Maud Eliot and the grandson of James Underhay and Catherine Ellis.

Frank was an electrician, like his father and his brothers, James Alfred 1900 and Ernest George 1909. His father Henry, grandfather James and brothers all ended their days in Lincolnshire. Frank married Winifred Vera Lewis (born 1912) in 1937 in Peterborough. He died in 1969 in Peterborough. Winifred lived at 5 Monument Street in Peterborough - her partner was Frederick Smith. Winifred died in 2004.

  • son Nicholas Lewis 1939 born in Peterborough. He married Val Barrett [from Nottingham] in 1962 in Basford. The marriage was dissolved and Val married again. Nicholas spent some time in the USA. He returned in the early 1990s and lived with his mother and Fred Smith until her death.
    • son Andy 1963 born in Peterborough.
      • son Owen 1991 born in Peterborough.
      • son Connor 1998 born in Peterborough.
    • son Mark James1966 born in Peterborough. His partner is Sophie Taylor
      • daughter Amy 2000 born in Rochadale
      • son Ben Lewis 2004 born in Rochdale
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