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The family folklore tells that the Great Fire of London was started by a baker in Pudding Lane London,  name of Uglow. This always seemed unlikely as I've not found a Uglow who had left Cornwall or Devon by 1666 and, sad to say, it seems incontrovertible that the fire started at the house of the king's baker, Thomas Farynor or Farriner

Family 1: James and Ann Cornish

James 1795 born in Marhamchurch is the son of  William and Mary Jenkin and the grandson of John and Grace Wells. He marries Ann Cornish, born 1796, at St Clement Danes, Westminster in 1826. James works as a carpenter. In 1832, they emigrate to the USA - they arrive on 7th June in Philadelphia on board the SS Thames with four year old son, James. They visit England in 1850, returning to New York in October 1850, having sailed on the SS London.

  • daughter Ann 1828 born in Stoke Damerel - doubts about this record and does not travel to US
  • son James 1828 born in Shoreditch and christened in a Bible Christian chapel in Old Street. By the time he is 30, he has emigrated to the US where he marries Kate Ross, born in New York in 1834. They have two children - Richard 1859 and Catherine P 1860. He enlists in 1863 as an assistant surgeon in the 43rd Infantry Regiment in New York and is later promoted to full surgeon. He is discharged in 1864 and dies very soon after - his widow is applying for a pension in early 1866. She later marries Louis Luady, a New York chemist. We know a little about him from his 1862 will - he leaves his property to his children and also mentions his aunt, Fanny (Frances 1813) who is farming in Pennsylvania.

Family 2: Henry Richard Herbert and Lillian Maud Eliot

Henry Richard Herbert 1873 was born in Buckfastleigh, the son of James Underhay and Catherine Ellis and the grandson of  Richard and Susan Underhay. After his mother's death, he is living with his grandparents in West St in Denbury in 1881. He moves to London to live near his father and to join the army?

We know that he joined the army, following his uncle George into the Coldstream Guards, presumably enlisting in the early 1890s? Henry doesn't appear on the 1891 census (perhaps abroad with the Guards) but by 1897, he's living with Lillian Maud Elliott and their first child, Maud Lillian, is baptised at St John's, Worlds End. They are at 312 Fulham Rd., London and Henry is recorded as 'soldier'.

His enlistment must have been several years earlier because in 1898, there is an unsavoury court case in which Henry is described as a sergeant, stationed at Caterham. We have newspaper reports (12/12/1898) of a indecent assault case in which 'Harry' was defended by a young barrister, Travers Humphreys, who later became a famous judge. Harry was acquitted.

In 1899, Henry married Lillian Maud (1875-1945). She was born in Polkerris, Cornwall , daughter of a coastguard, William Elliott, who himself was born in Somers Town in London. (But he may have changed his name from Ernest Alfred Grylls). Lillian was a kitchen maid in Brompton in 1891. They wed in Kensington on 19th November 1899.

In 1901, Lilian and the family were living at 40 Chalfont Rd Islington. Henry was at St George's Barracks, St Martin in the Fields. By 1902, he had left the army - at Ruby's baptism, he is described as a policeman. The family live around Twickenham for the next 10 years - the electoral roll records a number of addresses: 1903: 25 Albert Rd., 1905: 48 Haggard Rd., 1906: 12 Gothic Rd. and 1907: 5 Chestnut Rd.

But in 1911, he and Lillian and the children were living at 10 Southbrook St. in Swindon, Wiltshire and Henry was an electrician (cable jointer, electricity). The family then seems to gravitate north towards Northants and Lincolnshire - is it a coincidence that Henry's first cousin, Robert Conroy, moved to Peterborough in 1908? Henry and Lillian both die  in 1945 in Spalding.

They had several children, mainly born in West London:

  • daughter Maud Lillian Mary 1897, born in Fulham. She died young, in 1900
  • son James Alfred 1900, born in Holloway. In 1911, he was living with his parents at 10 Southbrook St in Swindon. He married a Ms Morgan and was an electrician, like his father. He died in 1940 in Peterborough - Family 2
  • daughter Ruby May, 1901, born in Twickenham. In 1911, she was living with her parents at 10 Southbrook St in Swindon.She seems to have returned to London, marrying a Mr Davey and having a son, Don. She died in Holborn RD in 1957.
  • son Edward Henry 1903, born in Brentford. In 1911, he was living with his parents at 10 Southbrook St in Swindon but he died young in 1915 in the Rhonnda?
  • son Frank 1907, born in Brentford. In 1911, he was living with his parents at 10 Southbrook St in Swindon. He was an electrician, like his father. He died in 1969 in Peterborough - Family 3
  • son Ernest George William 1909, born in Brentford. In 1911, he was living with his parents at 10 Southbrook St in Swindon. He was an electrician, like his father. He marries Ms Hardy in Peterborough in 1934 and died there in 1968.
  • daughter Muriel Mary 1911, born in Swindon. In 1911, she was living with her parents at 10 Southbrook St in Swindon. She marries Bertram Roberts in Spalding in 1937.
  • daughter Mabel Annie Margaret 1914, born in Northampton. She marries James K Cunningham in 1939 in St Pancras. She died in Sydenham, London in 1981

Family 3: William Taylor and Mary Hockin and Margaret Ridgman

William Taylor 1828 christened in St Mary Magdalene Wesleyan in Launceston, is the son of William and Jane Kittow and the grandson of John and Margaret Cory

In 1851 he was a servant in Highweek, Lifton. In 1853 he married Mary Hockin of Polson Bridge, Lifton and by 1860 he moves to London. He is living at 121 Mathias Place, Hornsey and working as a baker and corn dealer with his first cousin, William 1830, and brother Edwin living next door at No. 11. Both of them are probably working for William Taylor

His first wife dies and in 1868 he marries again - Margaret Emma Ridgman, daughter of Margaret Amelia Ridgman (nee Uglow), his cousin and the granddaughter of Abel and Mary Ridgman. The census shows that she is 20 years younger than him and born in the Tavistock RD.

In 1871 and again in 1881 he is a  baker in London living at 16 Mathias Road, Hornsey, with Margaret. Margaret's elder sister, Jane, appears to be working in the shop and her mother, Margaret Ridgeman, is visiting. In 1881, son William has launched out on his own.

He is buried in Highgate in 1895. Margaret carries on the business - in the 1901 census, she is still a baker in Mathias Road but she dies on 11th July 1901 and is buried in Abney Park Cemetery in Hackney.

First marriage with Mary:

  • William Ernest 1860 born in Edmonton and at Mathias Place with his parents in 1861. In 1883 he marries Anna Louisa Southcott, and in 1889, he marries Florence Watson - Cheshunt Family 1
  • daughter Emily Jane 1861-1861

Family 4: James Benjamin Bowden and Leonora Frances Mockett and Elizabeth Colville Thorp

James Benjamin Bowden 1831 was born in Antony and the son of James and Mary Ann Bawden and the grandson of John and Margaret Cory from Week St Mary. 

In the census in 1841, James is at Wacker Mill, Antony with his grandparents, Benjamin and Thomazen Bawden. 10 years later, in the census of 1851, James is earning his living as an assistant draper in Catherine St., Stoke Damerel. It is possible that he visited Melbourne in Australia in the mid-1850s but 1861 sees him visiting his uncle, William 1794, at Lower Carly Farm, Lifton.

He marries Leonora Frances Mockett in St Olaves in London in 1862. The evidence for this is that James and Leonora are both married in St Olaves in the same quarter in 1862 and we know that a Leonora Frances Uglow dies in Bethnal Green in 1863 in the same quarter as their son William is born. Another small piece of evidence that Leonora is his first wife is that ten years later James and his second wife name their daughter, Florence Leonora.

After Leonora's death, James marries Elizabeth Colville Thorp at St Matthew, Bethnal Green in 1867 and James also established the drapery business. In 1871, they are living at 291 and 293 (one house) Roman Road, Bow with four children and with James' father living with them. Elizabeth dies in 1877, along with their daughter Mary.

In 1881, James is still a draper and milliner at the same address. He is looking after five children, albeit helped by a housekeeper, a servant and two shop assistants. In the 1891 census, he is at Tredegar Road in Bow with his daughters - Sophia is the housekeeper, Florence and Kate are milliner's apprentices and Elizabeth is still at school. James dies in Poplar in 1892. The four girls all marry. They live around East london until at least 1911 but then move en masse to Leigh-on-Sea in Essex

First marriage

  • son William James 1863 born in Bethnal Green - marries Harriet Browne - London Family 4a

Second marriage

  • son George Abel 1868 born in Bow. In 1881 he is a boarder at a school in Ingatestone in Essex. The village is on the A12 near Chelmsford. The school is run by Arthur and Amanda Rutter. George's brother, Harry, is also a boarder. George dies young - in 1894 in Hastings.
  • son Harry Thorp 1870 born in Poplar. In 1881 he is 'Henry T.' and a boarder at a school in Ingatestone in Essex. The village is on the A12 near Chelmsford. The school is run by Arthur and Amanda Rutter. Harry's brother, George, is also a boarder. In 1901 Harry is living in Rowton House, Newington Butts - a lodging institution with 778 people living there. He is working as a draper's assistant - presumably with his half-brother, William? He dies in Dartford, Kent in 1939.
  • daughter Sophia Elizabeth 1871 born in Bow. She married in 1891 to Albert Franklin Parish - in 1901, they are living in the parish of St Mary, Stratford, Bow. Albert works for Customs and Excise and they have a son, Cyril. She later moves to Leigh-on-Sea, Essex, close to sister Florence.
  • daughter Florence Leonora 1872 born in Bow. She married Willie Maxwell in 1899. They lived in Ilford where son Willie Clifford Maxwell was born but they eventually moved to Leigh-on-Sea Essex. Florence died in 1964. (Thanks to granddaughter, Linda Pottinger for this information)
  • daughter Kate Marion 1874 born in Bow. In 1897, she marries Samuel Henry Pearce in Rochford RD. They lived in East London - in 1911, they were in Cameron Road in Ilford and Samuel was a railway worker. They had two daughters, Kathleen 1900 and Vera 1904. However, like her sisters, she moves to Leigh-on-Sea, Essex
  • daughter Elizabeth 1876 born in Bow. In 1897, she marries Alfred George Thirkettle in Mile End RD. In 1901, they are living in Queens Gardens, Ilford and Alfred is a dock worker. However, like her sisters, she moves to Leigh-on-Sea, Essex  
  • daughter Mary Ann 1877 born in Poplar. She dies within days.

Family 4a: William James and Harriet Browne

William James 1863 was born in Bethanl Green, the son of James Benjamin Bowden and Mary and the grandsonson of James and Mary Ann Bawden. His mother died when he was young and he was brought up by his father. In 1881 he is working as a draper with his father in Bow.

He marries Harriet Browne in Poplar in 1890. She was born in 1865 in Southwark. In 1891 and 1901, the family is living at 291-293 Roman Rd in the parish of St Mary, Stratford, Bow where William is carrying on his father's drapery and millinery business. Also there is a shop assistant and a domestic servant.

However business was not booming - he borrowed money in 1893 from his cousin William Ernest 1860 to support his business but goes bankrupt in 1902 - The Times 4/1/1902 at p.6f. By 1911, William is employed by a phone company as a wayleave officer. The family are living at the National Telephone Company Exchange in the Square in Woodford Green in east London. In 1914, they are at Elleray, High Rd., Woodford Green.

Harriet dies in West Ham in 1931 and William in Bromley in 1944.

  • son Willard Alec 1891 born in Bow. He was apparently a linguist as well as a metallurgical chemist in Duisberg, Germany. In 1911 he is living with his parents at the National Telephone Company Exchange in the Square in Woodford Green in east London. Wehn he enlists, he gives his address as Hadden Lodge, Woodford Green. His occupation is analytical chemist.

    On 16th September 1914 he enlisted in the 23rd Battalion, London Regiment. He was 5' 9" tall and 168 lbs. Transferred to France in March 1915, he became an (unpaid) lance corporal on 18th May. He was killed on 26th May - the record says 'killed in action (presumed)'. His name is inscribed on the Le Touret Memorial, Pas de Calais

  • daughter Gladys Leonora 1893 born in Bow. In 1911 she is living with her parents at the National Telephone Company Exchange in the Square in Woodford Green in east London and working as a telehone operator. She never married but ran a draper's business in Central Parade, Orpington until at least 1945. [PO telephone book gives G.L.Uglow + father appears to be living in Bromley at the same time]. Gladys does not marry and died in 1978 in Canterbury in Kent.

  • daughter Marjorie Hettie 1894 born in Bow. She was living with her parents in 1901 as well as in 1911 when they are all at the National Telephone Company Exchange in the Square in Woodford Green in east London. She possibly works with her sister in Orpington - she also moves to Canterbury in Kent where she dies in 1979.

Family 5: William Underhay and Sarah Jane Chudleigh

William Underhay 1852 was born in Denbury, the son of Richard and Susan Underhay and the grandson of Philip and Ann Peacock.

In 1874 he married a widow Sarah Jane Chudleigh (nee Furze, born in Newton Abbot in 1845). The children of Sarah's first marriage were Adelaide & Frank Chudleigh.

In 1881, the family are living at 83 Gonsalva Road, Battersea but are called "Underhay" - note that son, Stafford, is registered later in 1881 as "Underhay". William is working as a general smith. In 1891, the family are called 'Uglow' and have moved to SE London and are at 14 Glenalvon St., Woolwich, London with WIlliam still working as a blacksmith like his father. In 1901, they are at 36 Wood[ville] St Woolwich and latterly at 43 Maryon Road, Woolwich

Sarah dies in Woolwich in 1928 and William in Woolwich, 1944. These are their children:

  • son William Henry 1874 born in Newton Abbot. For the first 30 years of his life, he lives with his parents - in 1881 at 83 Gonsalva Rd., Battersea, in 1891 at 14 Glenalvon St., Woolwich (working as a gun cartridge packer) and in 1901 at 36 Wood(ville) St., Woolwich (working as a drilling machinist).

    He married Florence Smith (1870-1954) in 1906 in Woolwich.She was the daughter of a baker. Initially he lives with the in-laws at 21c Prospect Row, Woolwich and continues to do so after the war and until 1936.

    In the war, he enlists (probably alongside his younger first cousin, George Henry 1891-1916) in the Worcestershire Regiment and becomes a colour sergeant. He survives the war. (The medal card says 'William H' - the only other possibility is William Herbert 1863 who would have been 51 in 1914)

    After 1930, he and Florence continue to live at 21c Prospect Row, Woolwich with his brother Stafford and his wife, Edith, as well as with Stafford's brother in law, Albert Mason and his wife. From 1936 until his death in 1963, he and Florence are living at 47 Prospect Vale, Woolwich, initially with brother Stafford and Edith.

    Florence dies in 1954 and William dies at
    St Nicholas Hospital, London SE18 in 1963. He was not wealthy - probate was granted to Florence Elsie Shepherd and the estate amounted to £148.

  • son Robert Conroy 1878 born in Torquay, Devon. In 1881, he is a baby at 83 Gonsalva Road, Battersea but note that the census records the whole family as "Underhay". In 1891 he is still at school and living at 14 Glenalvon St., Woolwich with his parents. By 1901, he is working as a planning (?) machinist at the Royal Arsenal, Woolwich but still living at home, now at 36 Wood St., Woolwich

    In 1907 in Charlton, SE London he married Emily Heffer, who was born in 1878 in Greenwich. In 1901, Emily is living with her parents, William and Sarah, at 562 Woolwich Road, Charlton - this is just round the corner from the Uglows in Wood[ville] St. Her father is a carpenter from Norfolk. After the marriage, they move to Peterborough
    - fairly soon as daughter Marjorie is born there in 1908. - Peterborough Family 1

  • son Stafford John 1881 was born in south west London, probably Battersea. There is a baptism record at St Mary's, Battersea for Stafford John Underhay with parents, William and Sarah. A birth year of 1881 accords with most of the data, except in 1901.

    In 1891, he is living at 14 Glenalvon St., Woolwich, London with his parents but by 1901, he has joined the navy and he is a crewman on the HMS Pactolus which is berthed in Gibraltar. She is a 3rd class cruiser of the Pelorus class - see Stafford is classed as 'domestic 3Cl under 18' but is probably 19 at this point. However he's not a large person - on army enlistment in 1915, he was 5' 4" tall, weighed 122 pounds - and his parents had had him vaccinated as a child!

    HMS Pactolus

    By 1911, Stafford has left the navy and is a bricklayer, working at Woolwich Arsenal. In the war, he enlists either on 22nd November 1915 or on 4th August 1916 in Winchester - the information on the pension records is far from clear. But he was a rifleman in the 4th battalion, King's Royal Rifle Corps. The battalion moved to Salonika in Greece and Stafford apparently served there from February 1917 to July 1918, contracting malaria, before returning to the Western Front with the British Expeditionary Force until 1919. He is placed on the reserve list in March 1919.

    Having been demobbed, from 1919-1928, he is living at 43 Maryon Road, Woolwich with parents. He marries late -- Edith Eliza Mason and he marry in Woolwich in 1929. They are both nearly 50 and not surprisingly, there are no children.

    He moves out of his parent's house in Maryon Road and from 1930-1936, he is at 21c Prospect Row, Woolwich with his brother William and his wife, Florence, as well as with his brother in law, Albert Mason and his wife. From 1936 until his death in 1948, he and Edith are living at 47 Prospect Vale, Woolwich, still with brother William and Florence.

    While Stafford dies in 1948, Edith nearly lives to 100, as she was born in 1882 and died in Greenwich in 1981.
  • daughter Olive Mary 1883 was born in south west London, probably Battersea. She lived much of her life in south east London. She is living with her parents until her marriage. Unlike her younger sisters, she marries quite young - the banns are read at St Thomas's, Charlton in June 1907 and Olive and Sidney Edward Hones marry, probably in July. They are likely to have known each other as children - Sidney was born in 1882 and in 1891 is living in 59 Samuel St., Woolwich, just around the corner from where Olive was growing up. Sidney is the son of Thomas who in 1891 is a maker of lawn tennis bats, unfairly described by the census taker as 'toy'. By 1901, Sidney was a maker of electrical instruments.

    In 1911 they are living at 43 Heathwood Gardens, Old Charlton, London - they already have a son Sidney Maurice born in 1908 and in 1912, they have a daughter, Vera. But Sidney senior dies very young - on November 1st 1918 when they were living at 57 St John's Park, Upper Holloway, London. Olive does not marry again and the electoral roll and phone book show her living close to her extended family in Woolwich: in 1922 at 43 Heathwood Gardens, Old Charlton, London and then in 1939 at 56 Little Heath, Charlton, London SE7. Olive dies in 1968 in the SE Surrey RD

  • daughter Ethel 1885 was born in Harmondsworth but lived much of her life in south east London. She is living with her parents until her marriage working as an assistant cashier in in clothing shop in 1901 and just helping her mother at home in 1911. She marries Andrew Dunlop Johnston in Woolwich in 1918 and in 1919, the electoral roll has them at 43 Maryon Road, Woolwich with her parents. Andrew was born in Liverpool in 1884 and was a clerk in a newsagents Cheshire in 1911.

    They had no family
    and may have moved back to Lancashire, at least for a time, as Ethel dies there in 1948, when they were living at 114 Inver Rd., Blackpool, Lancashire. Andrew dies the next year in Brighton, Sussex - the death is registered in Greenwich which may suggest that he was still close to his wife's family.

  • daughter Maud Ann 1887 was born in Harmondsworth RD but lived all her life in south east London, most importantly in Maryon Road in Greenwich. In 1911, she is still unmarried and living at home but working as a telephonist in a telegraph company. During the war, she was a telephonist at Woolwich Arsenal but was suspended owing to a spy scare over the Uglow name - two detectives were sent to investigate the family records were found in Bude church, Devon. The family story apparently goes that the Uglows were cleared of being German spies as family records were traced back to a Spaniard landing in North Cornwall in the 16th century. Sadly I have no source for this.

    After the war, the family is living in Maryon Road. But late in life, Maud marries Charles William Rance ( 1873-1955) - Charles is the son of Hertfordshire watercress grower and in 1901, we find him and his wife, Emma Harding, living in Woolwich where Charles works as a milkman. In 1911, now with son Charles junior, the family live at 24 Maryon Road. Emma dies in 1928 and Maud marries the widower. They live in Maryon Road at least until the 1950s, close to Maud's father, William, who dies at Number 43
    in 1944. Maud and Charles move into Number 43 (1952 Electoral Roll). Charles dies in 1955 and Maud moves to be close to her stepson, Charles Junior. Before her death in 1965, she is living at 77 Swaffield Rd., Wandsworth. She dies at St John's Hospital, Battersea.

Family 6: Henry French Ridgman Cory and Mary Uglow, Harriet and Sarah

Henry French Ridgman Cory 1825 was born in Launceston, the son of Abel and Mary Ridgman and the grandson of John and Margaret Cory from Week St Mary. A name redolent of Uglow spouses......

Brought up in Launceston, in 1846 in Stoke Damerel, he marries Mary Uglow 1818, born in 1818 in Launceston. In 1851, they are in Launceston with Mary's parents, Agnes and Ann and daughter Celia. [Confusingly Mary and Celia also appear on the Tavistock census visiting Henry's sister, Elizabeth].

In the late 1850s they move to East London. Henry is a baker and confectioner. Mary dies in 1863 in Hackney.

Not put off matrimony, Henry marries Harriet, born in 1831 in  Bishopsgate, in Edmonton in 1864. Harriet has been married before - her son, John Walker, born 1852 in Spitalfields, is living with them in 1881. At that time they are living above the shop at 50 Allen Rd, Hornsey with their three surviving children. Harriet dies in 1882 in Edmonton.

In 1885, Henry marries for a third time. The 1901 census tells us that his wife is Eliza W and FreeBMD translates this into Eliza Walker Jones. [Since Henry's second wife was perhaps Harriet Walker, this raises questions as to whether this is his sister-in-law.]. Eliza was born in 1858 in Barnsbury. In 1901 they are living at 16 Alms Houses, Lea Bridge Rd, Leyton. Henry dies later that year. Eliza dies in 1933 in Aldershot - presumably moving there to be with her stepson, Harold.

His great grandson, Jeremy Maurice, has a portrait

First marriage
: Mary

  • daughter Bessie 1847 born in Launceston but dies in 1848 with MI in St Stephens, Launceston
  • daughter Celia 1849 born in Launceston - on the 1851 census in Tavistock. She marries in Edmonton in 1878
  • daughter Blanche 1853 born in Launceston but dies in 1853 with MI in St Stephens
  • son Maurice 1856 born in Launceston.  In 1861 and in 1871, he is with his parents in Allen Road, Hornsey. He is not picked up by the 1881 census. He marries Sarah Grace Congdon in Hackney in 1886. Sarah was born in 1858 in Launceston and in 1881 is working for her brother, William, who is a baker in London. In 1891, they are in Tottenham - in the oil shop in the High Road - William is described as a corn oil and Italian warehouseman (I think!). By 1901 the family has moved to 24 Fanshawe St, Hertford where he is manager of a hardware store. He is in the same job in 1911 but the family have moved to 54 Fore St., Hertford. A nephew, William Edgar Congdon is living with them and is an assistant in the hardware store. This is Sarah's nephew, the son of William Congdon, a baker in Hackney with whom Sarah was living in 1881 before she married Maurice.

    Maurice dies in Sudbury in 1949.

    • daughter Anna Josephine 1888 born in Hackney. She died in infancy - as Hannah.
    • daughter Margaret Mary Kate 1892 born in Tottenham. She's known as Kate and is living with her parents in Hertford in 1901. By 1911, she has at the Diocesan Training College for Schoolmistresses in Hockerill which was opened in 1852. Teaching clearly didn't attract her as a career - in 1921, the London Gazette reports her appointment as an inspector of taxes in the Inland Revenue. In 1928 she marries Leonard Bush and in 1929 they are living at 12 Inderwick Road, London N8. They have three children - Margaret 1929, Helen 1931 and Julian 1934
    • daughter Helen 1896 born in Hertford. In 1911 she is living with her parents at 54 Fore St., Hertford. She marries John Mellor in Hertford in 1919
    • daughter Amelia Congdon 1900 born in Hertford but dies the same year in Liverpool
  • daughter Mary Blanche 1858 born in Launceston. In 1881, Blanche is lodging with a barristers' clerk, Felix Williams, and his wife at 5 Middleton Rd, Battersea. She is a civil service telegraph clerk. She marries in Edmonton in 1885 - it is possible that she moves back to Werrington, Launceston and dies there in 1896.
  • daughter Bertha 1861 born in Edmonton but dies there in the same year
Second marriage: Harriet
  • daughter Agnes 1865 born in Hornsey where she is living at the time of the 1881 census. In 1891, she is living at Wells Road, Bedminster, near Bristol. She is governess to the Bessell children - their father is the ironmonger. In 1899 she marries Henry William Stallard in Axbridge. He is a farmer at Broadfield Down Farm. In 1901, they are living in Goblin Coombe Farm, Wrington in Somerset. How did they meet? Perhaps through her aunt, Emma 1827...
  • daughter Gertrude 1866 born in Hornsey where she is living at the time of the 1881 census. She marries in Wandsworth in 1895 - probably Robert Oxenham Tucker. By 1901, they are living in Clapham
  • son Harold 1873 born in Hornsey. In 1901 he marries Sarah in Farnham. He founded a fruit business at Union Street, Aldershot in 1901 - Family 1 in Surrey
  • daughter Alice 1875 born in Edmonton. She dies in the following year. 

Family 7: John and Eliza Agnes Elmey

 John 1851 is born in Launceston (may be at Canworthy Water) , the son of Thomas and Arminel Metherell

In 1861 he is in Truscott Village, Northcott with his parents. In 1871, he is visiting Brazzacott Farm - this is probably John as his sister, Elizabeth, is working as a housekeeper next door. His occupation is tailor. But John moves to London where he works as a baker. He marries Eliza Agnes Elmey in Hackney in 1879. Eliza is from Witham in Essex where she was born in 1849. The 1881 census finds them in Edmonton. Eliza dies in 1889 in Shoreditch. The family are split up - George is with Aunt Mary Jane Lane in Launceston and stays in Cornwall; Gertrude is brought up as the daughter of Uncle William; the other three children stay with John who calls on his sister, Emma, to act as housekeeper.

In 1891, John is at 59, New North Road, Shoreditch, Hoxton with William, Hermanel and Stanley. His sister, Emma Grace, is there to look after the children.

In 1901, John is employed as a foreman bread baker, living at 25 Kate St., Streatham with daughter, Hermanel and son, Stanley. He is a widower. John dies in 1910.

  • daughter Gertrude Agnes 1879 born in Edmonton. She dies in 1882 in Shoreditch.

  • daughter Mabel Maud 1881 born in Edmonton. She dies in 1882 in Edmonton.

  • son William John 1882 born in Edmonton. In 1891 he is with his father in Shoreditch and in 1901 is a journeyman baker in Bloomsbury. In 1911, he is living at 25 Kate St., Streatham with sister, Hermanel, still working as a baker. By 1915, William, his sister and her husband have moved to 12 Kate St. In December 1915, he enlists in Wandsworth and is mobilised in April 1916. He is 5' 5" tall, with a chest of 36", a mole on his left breast and acne scars. he was fit for general service, class 1 but he spent four days in Ripon Military Hospital with scabies in October 1916.

    Initially he is in the Supply Corps in the field bakery unit. In 1917 he was with the RSPD(?) in Bath. In early 1918, he was transferred to the Manchester regiment where he ran into some trouble and was docked pay for going absent without leave for two days. Shortly after that, 17th May, he was transferred to the BEF in France (Etaples and St Pol), joining the York and Lancaster Regiment and with the West Riding Field Artillery. In August and September 1918, he was laid low with bouts of diarrhoea and dysentery. He came back from Boulogne to Shorncliffe Barracks in Folkestone for release from the army in early 1919 and was demobbed in March 1919. William dies in Epsom in 1932

  • daughter Gertrude Ellen 1883 born in Edmonton. From an early age, before her mother's death in 1889, Gertrude is brought up by William and Ellen Terry (and then Julia Pegg) in the St Pancras area, although Gertrude regarded Ellen as her mother. In 1891, they are living at 259 Portman Buildings, Lisson Grove, Marylebone. In the 1901 census she (as Ellen) is at 312 London Rd Croydon working as a domestic servant for the Follett family who are bakers - one of William's daughters, Evelyn Florence P 1886, is also working there as a nurse to the children.

    Gertrude married James Eckett in 1903 in St Pancras. In 1911, the family is living at 33 Great Percy St, Clerkenwell in London. James Eckett is a tin cage maker. They have four children living with them. Just to stress how close Gertrude was to William and Ellen's children, (Nicholas) Thomas 1885 and Ruth 1886, are both living with her. They regard each other as siblings as Thomas describes himself as brother in law and Ruth as sister in law.

    Gertrude died about 1969 in Chigwell. Their children were:

    • Gertrude Hamnell born 1904 in Holborn who married Robert Ford

    • James William born 1906 in St Pancras who married Rose Tension.

    • Evelyn Elizabeth born 1908 in St Pancras who married Ernie Foster

    • George born ?? who married Alice Paris. [Thanks to Cheryl Heath for this information]

  • daughter Hermanel Elmey born 1885 in Shoreditch. [Hermanel is Arminel? - grandmother]. In 1891 she is with her father in Shoreditch and in 1901 is in Kate Street, Streatham with father and brother, Stanley. In 1911, she marries William Bakerbut they are still living at 25 Kate St., Streatham with brother, William. By 1915, they have moved to 12 Kate St but still with brother, William, who names Hermanel (Hermie) as his next of kin when he enlists.
  • son George Ernest 1886 born in Launceston. In 1891, he is a four year old 'lodger' living with his aunt and uncle, William and Mary Jane Lane, and their children at St Stephen's Hill, Launceston. In the 1901 census George is living with his aunt, Elizabeth Werring and working as a cow boy. [This is Elizabeth Ann 1845 (above) who only has one brother, William.] In 1921 in Plymouth, George marries Florence Blake, born in 1884. She dies in 1956 and George in 1960 - both in Holsworthy.

    • son William G H 1922 born in Launceston. In 1948 in Barnstaple he married Doris Conibear (1924-2015). He dies in Derriford Hospital in 2007.

      • son Philip H 1951 born in Barnstaple - he marries Mary Melinda Horn in 1975

        • son Robert 1976 born in Tavistock

        • son Jeremy 1979 born in Tavistock

      • daughter Margaret 1955 born in Barnstaple. In 1974 she marries Graham Manning in Holsworthy.

    • son Ernest James 1925 born in Launceston. In 1954 he married Joyce Mayne in Stratton. He dies in 2003

      • daughter Jacqueline Anne 1954. She marries Derek Parsons in Holsworthy in 1977.

      • daughter Valerie 1955 born in Plymouth. In 1975 she marries Mr Hill in Holsworthy

      • son Stephen B 1958 born in Plymouth. In 1979 he married Karen Tutty and in 1982 he married Margaret Wilkinson

        • daughter Abigail Louise 1988 born in Eastbourne

        • son Ross Alistair 1990 born in Exeter

      • son Roger Michael 1962 born in Plymouth. He dies in a railway accident in London in 1988.

      • son Keith J born in Plymouth

  • son Stanley Thomas 1889 born in Shoreditch. In 1891 he is with his father in Shoreditch and in 1901 is in Kate Street, Streatham with father and sister, Hermanel. He was a driver in the Royal Engineers Field Company in World War I. He was mobilised in August 1914, and went to Western Front where he was involved in retreat from Mons, the battles of the Marne, Aisne and Armentieres. In 1915 he went to the Dardanelles and was present at the landing at Suvla Bay. After the Gallipoli evacuation, he went to Egypt for some time. In 1917, he was sent to Palestine and was involved in the advance with Allenby. Demobilised in June 1919, he holds the Mons Star, the General Service and Victory medals.

    After the war, he lived at 52 Shakespeare Road, Acton, London W13. He married Annie Louisa Fisher in Brentford in 1926 and died in Colchester in 1949. Annie was probably born in Acton in 1898 and died in Hinckley, Leicestershire in 1981.

Family 8: William Taylor and Emily Watson

William Taylor 1879 is born in Lifton. He is the son of Wymond Cory and Susanna Emmeline Cole Mason and the grandson of William and Jane Kittow. He turns up at Lower Carley as a baby in 1881 but called William S.? He's with his parents at the farm in 1891. He had no interest in farming and wanted to work on the railways but moves to London, in pursuit of his uncle William Taylor (after whom he is named?) to become  part of the Holborn baking family. In 1901, he is at 26 Little Queen St, Bloomsbury near to the bakery in Red Lion St. where he was employed as a bread maker. The census refers toWilliam J but this should be WIlliam T.

 In 1903 he marries Emily Watson [who is the stepsister of Florence Watson who married his cousin, William Ernest 1860, who was the son of uncle William Taylor - Cheshunt Family 1]. In 1881 and again in 1901, before her marriage, Emily was living with her widowed mother, Ellen at 50 Red Lion St. These were the premises of the Uglow family bakery, so clearly this is where William Taylor met her.

In the war, William enlisted as a private in the Royal Flying Corps. His wife, Emily, dies aged only 34 in 1916. At some later point, William lives with sisters Mary and Helen at Victoria Rd, Kilburn. He dies in Shoreham in 1966, living with daughter, Nellie.

  • daughter Emmeline Helen, known as Nellie, 1905 - she marries Ernest Weston. She is living in Shoreham in 1966 with her father, William Taylor. She dies there in 1976.
  • son William Cory is born in St John's Wood in London in 1910. He marries Doris Edith Tostevin at St Peters in Brighton in 1937. She was born in 1917 in Lewisham. In retirement, they were living in Swayfield, Lincolnshire when they were killed in a road accident in 1986, along with their son, Micheal Derek.
    • son Michael Derek 1942 born in Aylesbury. He was killed alongside his parents in a road accident in Lincolnshire in 1986. Married to Cecilia Murray:
      • daughter, Jennifer Mary 1973 born in Grantham, Lincolnshire. She married Andrew Sims in Grantham in 1997
        • daughter Amber Louise
        • son Michael
    • son Peter David 1945 born in Brighton. He married Truda Reeves in 1975 in Chippenham Family 1

Family 9: Frank Ernest and Louisa Caton

Frank Ernest 1884 is born in Plymouth St Andrews. He is the son of Richard Cory and Laura Peele and the grandson of William and Ophelia.

He moves to London by 1901 where he works as a porter and lodges with his uncle William Grigg at 199 St John St Rd (sic).

In 1910, he sets up the Uglow's drapery business in Station Road, Chingford. He marries Louisa Caton in 1911 in West Ham RD. In the war, Frank enlists as a private in the Honourable Artillery Company which comprised both artillery and infantry battalions.

Frank Ernest Uglow

After the war, Frank and Louisa expanded the company through two world wars. In 1929 he opens the 'The Fashion Shoe Stores' Chingford in partnership with Frank Heningham - this partnership is dissolved. Frank's sons, Kenneth and Dennis, took over, followed later by grandson Perter. At its peak the company had five shops in Station Road, selling carpets, soft furnishings, linens, fitted bedroom furniture, beds, ladies wear, lingerie, menswear and shoes. After 100 years of trading, the business closed in July 2010. 10 years after the shop doors closed in Station Road, Peter Uglow told the story of the family business to the local history society and is available on Youtube.

We find Frank acting as an executor of the will of George Henry Watts of Romford, a retired produce broker in August 1954. He and Louisa both die at home at Park Hill Rd, Chingford, London, E4, Louisa in 1958 and Frank in 1963.

  • son Kenneth Frank Richard 1914 born in London. In 1946 he married Gladys McArthur. He ran the family business with brother Dennis. He died in 1998 in Harlow 

    • son Peter  Frank 1949 born in Epping. He marries Francesca Brown in Waltham Forest in 1983. Peter took over the business in Chingford, London E4 until it closed in 2010. He remarried in 1996, to Lorna How who writes books for children as Lorna Uglow

      • son Richard Alisdair 1985 born in Harlow. In 2016, he married Benedetta Marinucci

      • son Alexander Gordon 1987 born in Harlow

  • daughter Joan Lulu 1918 born in London. She married John Sheather at St Peter and St Paul, Chingford in 1941. John dies in 2006. They have two daughters, Jane and Elizabeth
  • son Dennis H. 1920 born in London. He ran the family business with brother Frank. He was living in Parkhill Rd, London E4 in 1956. In 1956 he takes a cruise to Tenerife, returning to Plymouth on February 11th. He died unmarried in 1975 

Family 10: William Grigg and Selina E. May

William Grigg 1857 is born in Plymouth St Andrew, the son of William and Ophelia and the grandson of Richard Cory and Thomasin Grigg.

In 1881 he is in London at 199 St John St Rd (sic). Although very young, he is a draper, apparently self-employed, with two shop assistants and a domestic servant. His mother, Ophelia, is visiting with his two his two unmarried sisters, Mary and Caroline.

He returns to Devon to marry Selina May in Teignmouth in 1881. Selina was the daughter of B. O. May of Teignmouth, and she was born in 1853. They may have met in London as Selina in 1881 is at 14 Chetwynd Rd NW5, living with her brother William, who is a railway clerk, and his family.

In 1901, they are still at the same address, with nephew Frank lodging and with a cook and a general servant.

  • son George Arthur 1882 born in Holborn RD. In 1891, 9 year old George is with his aunts, Emily and Eliza May in Bank St Teignmouth. He becomes a draper like his father - in 1901 he is living at 45 North St in Guildford and working as a draper's assistant. In 1918 he marries Vera Edith Medland in Axbridge in Devon.  In 1931 he is involved in a garage business in Crouch End N8 with Richard Copus and we find him registering land with Copus in 1931 at 14-32 Crouch End Hill. In July 1949, eh and Vera are returning on the SS Corfu from Colombo, Ceylon - probably visiting his son, Peter, who is a planter there. They live at 147 Cranley Gardens, Muswell Hill where George dies in 1966. Vera dies in 1974 in Battle, Sussex.
    • daughter Barbara 1920 born in Axbridge. She marries Mr Gibson in Edmonton in 1946. She may have retired to Paignton where she was working for the RSPCA in 1986
    • son Peter Grigg 1921 born in Edmonton. He was in the Foresters in the Second World War, was captured, was a POW in Italy and escaped. A fellow POW has written an account of this. It seems likely that he joins the commandos - Lt. Peter Uglow is mentioned as leading a patrol from No.4 Troop during the attack on Osnabruck on 4th April 1945. Later he was promoted to Captain and Troop Leader of No.4 Troop. After the war, he works in Ceylon as a tea planter - we find a trip home 1949 and later with his family in 1953. In 1950 he marries Ann Walsh in Westminster - Ann is probably from Rochdale in Lancashire. They travel as daughter Carolyne is born in Sri Lanka. Peter appears to be a planter in Ceylon and then a director of many companies involved in the travel, tea and horticulture trade with Sri Lanka. In the 1980s, these are wound up. At this time they live at The Old Rectory, 29 Martin Lane, London EC4R ODS, although they live eventually in Yeovil. Peter dies in 1996 in Yeovil. There is an obituary in the Daily Telegraph 14th March 1996.
      • daughter Carolyne Joy 1951 was born in Colombo, Sri Lanka. She married Patrice Milon in Kensington in 1974. They had two daughters, Nathali Olivia 1975 and Claire Louise 1977. Carolyne remarried - to Geoff Taylor and works in the travel industry in Johannesburg, South Africa
      • son Simon N 1954 born in Westminster. He marries Jane Chescoe in 1981 in Uckfield. Jane is an interior designer. They have three daughters.
        • daughter Samantha Jane 1983 born in Tunbridge Wells.
        • daughter Jemma Jane 1985 born in Westminster
        • daughter Alice 1986 born in Westminster


  • Sarah married James Dudding in 1750 at St George, Mayfair
  • Edmund, perhaps Edmund 1816 from Devonport, marries Selina Dunstan in 1852 at Old Church, St Pancras (NB IGI records list many Cornish Dunstans)
  • Edwin Cory 1838 - marries Louisa Luff in St Leonards, Shoreditch in 1867
  • William 1851 marries Ellen Terrey in 1872 at St Peters St Pancras
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