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Looking from village pub to Denbury Down

"DENBURY, a scattered village, pleasantly situated, in a valley 3 miles S.S.W. of Newton Abbot, has in its parish 470 souls, and 1068 acres of land. . . . General Taylor owns a great part of the soil, and is lord of the manor, which belonged to the Archbishop of York in the Confessor's reign, and to Tavistock Abbey at Domesday survey. After the Reformation, it was held by the Russells, who sold it to the Reynells, one of whose co-heiresses carried it in marriage to Captain Taylor, in the reign of Queen Anne. The Rev. R.H. Froude, Mr. J. Badcock, and a few smaller owners, have estates here; and Denbury House, a large Elizabethan mansion, is the seat of Miss Froude. The Church (St. Mary,) has a tower and five bells, and has been restored and  beautified during the last four years, at the expense of Miss Froude and other subscribers. The rectory, valued in K.B. at 12. 7s. 6d., and in 1831 at 201, is in the patronage of the Rev. John Richard Bogue, B.A., and incumbency of the Ven. Robert H. Froude, M.A., who is also rector of Dartington, and Archdeacon of Totnes. . . ."
[From White's Devonshire Directory (1850)]

A parish in Haytor Hundred, the Archdeaconry of Totnes and the Diocese of Exeter. Denbury is south of Newton Abbot - its local archive society's website is at

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Here is a larger scale map of Devon and a  map to get you to Denbury - and here's a late 18th/early 19th century map of the area

Family 1: Richard and Elizabeth Found

Richard marries Elizabeth Found in Ashwater in 1789. I am uncertain of Richard's provenance

  1. the suggestion that he may be the son of Richard and Elizabeth Worden born in 1762 in Boyton is probably wrong as Richard 1762 dies in 1801 in Boyton, unmarried.
  2. the groom is described as a widower of Wolborough. This may be Richard 1757, the son of John and Grace Wells who married Mary Smetham in Bodmin in 1785 but whose twin girls, Susanna and Jemima, are born in Marhamchurch but die very quickly. Perhaps Mary also dies?...A heartbroken Richard (from a wandering family) disappears to the other side of the moor. Very romantic and very speculative
  3. he is Richard Ugler in some places - this raises the possibility that he is from the Exeter Uglers, perhaps William and Agnes but all this has to commend it is the spelling, it's the period that William and Agnes were raising the family and the geography - Broadclyst and Exeter are nearer to Wolborough! But there's no sign of any link to those Exeter families in the 19th century...

Their first two children were born in Ashwater:

  • daughter Mary 1790
  • daughter Elizabeth 1791 - it is likely that she marries Thomas Cload in Totnes in 1817 - he may be the son of Thomas and Elizabeth Cload of Totnes.
For some reason, the family move to Denbury near Newton Abbot where Richard is a farm worker. 
  • son Philip 1796 - my great-great-great grandfather is born in Denbury.

Family 2: Philip and Ann Peacock

Hannah Uglow outside Shute House, Denbury: December 2000

Philip, born in  Denbury in 1796, is the the son of Richard and Elizabeth Found. He was a farm labourer. In 1821, he married Ann Peacock, (1796-1876).

In 1841 they are living with father-in-law John Peacock, aged 75. In 1851 the family is at 7 Under Street - Ann is identified as a serge weaver. They have a large family, who mainly stay in the district.

Philip dies in 1860 - his gravestone is to be found in the churchyard at Denbury with Ann, his wife and Frederick, one of his sons also buried there. 

  • daughter Eliza 1822 born in Denbury. In 1847 she marries Joseph Townsend in Denbury. Joseph is a farm labourer born in Widdecombe in 1821, the son of Daniel Townsend, labourer. Joseph is living in Broadhempston at the time of the marriage. The witnesses are Philip and sister Susan. In 1881, they are living at Bradley Lane, Highweek. Joseph is now a stoker and two sons are still living with them - Frank Philip born 1863 and an apprentice blacksmith and Paul Arthur born 1866 and an apprentice cordwainer.
    Eliza dies in 1900 - already widowed. she dies at Highweek Rd, Newton Abbot. Her daughter in law, A.M. Townsend, from Abbotsbury Avenue, Newton Abbot, is with her.
  • daughter Susanna 1823 - she is not in the 1841 census at Denbury. However there is a Susanna who marries in Newton Abbot RD in the second quarter of 1849.
  • son Richard 1824 - my great-great grandfather, a farm labourer in Denbury. 
  • son Simon 1827 but dies in infancy
  • daughter Mary 1828 - at the 1851 census, she is a servant at Highweek in Newton Abbot to Irenious Mayhew
  • son Frederick 1832 - at the 1851 census, he is in Denbury. In the 1871 census, he is an agricultural labourer living with mother Ann. In 1881, he is living alone and unmarried at Rows Farm, Coffinswell. In 1891, he is living alone in East St., Denbury - it says he is married but that's doubtful. He dies in 1894 and is buried with his parents, unmarried and childless
  • daughter Amanda 1834 is born in Denbury and there at the time of the census in 1841 and 1851. She marries in 1853 - probably to William Nicholls, since in the census in 1881 (and 1891+1901), there is an Amanda of the right age and born in Denbury. Their son, George 1859, is born in Denbury but later they live in Churston Ferrers where William is a labourer. There is a daughter, Louisa 1862, who marries a Windeatt, as well as Herbert in 1864 and John in 1874.
  • daughter Elizabeth 1837 born in Denbury. An Eliza and an Elizabeth in the same family? Definitely! We can track Elizabeth through the census in 1841 and 1851 to Denbury. At the 1861 census, she is a dairymaid at Coffinswell, a village between Newton Abbot and Torquay. In 1867 she marries Thomas Prout and they have at least three children - Herbert 1869, Elizabeth 1871, Henry 1877 who is lame from childhood. Thomas dies before 1881 and the census in 1881 shows the widowed Elizabeth working as a laundress living at 5 Albert St, Dawlish with the children. But in 1889 she marries again, this time to Thomas Underhill, a naval pensioner and boatman from Bristol. The 1891 census finds them living in Dawlish with Elizabeth and Henry and they are still there in the 1901 census with unmarried daughter, Elizabeth, now 30 years old.
  • son Thomas 1840 - dies within the year
  • son William Charles 1849 - probably dies young [there may well have been two William Charles, one born 1839 and the other 1849, both dying young]

Family 3: Richard and Susan Underhay

Richard is born in 1824 in Denbury, the son of Philip and Ann Peacock and the grandson of Richard and Elizabeth Found.

In 1849, he marries Susan Underhay, born locally in 1829 in Combinteignhead. In 1851, Richard is a farm labourer working in Denbury, living at 67 Green St. In 1881, they are referred to as Velow but the family are living in East St, Richard still working on the farms and Susan as a charwoman. Their unmarried daughter, Mary, is living there as are four grandchildren - three of these are James's children as he is working in London.

Their granddaughter, Catherine Amelia 1879, is also living with them - it's not clear who her parents are and whether she is legitimate. In 1901 she's a domestic servant at Netherton Manor, Haccombe, close to her grandmother's birthplace. She marries Reginald Mills in Newton Abbot in 1904. He was born in Netherton in 1883 and was working for the Great Western Railway in 1911. They are living at Ludgvan, Long Rock in the west of Cornwall with three children, Reginald 1904, Olive 1907 and Winifred 1908.

In 1891, Richard and Sarah are alone in Denbury, still living in East St, and Richard is apparently still working on a farm. Richard dies in 1894, aged 69, and is buried in Denbury. After his death, in 1901 Susan lives with her daughter Susan in Liverpool. She returns to Devon and lives until she is 75. She dies in 1905 at Silverton, near Tiverton RD in 1905. She is also buried in Denbury.

  • son James Underhay 1850 born in Denbury. He's with his parents at The Green, Denbury in 1851 but is already earning his living as a farm servant 10 years later at Holwill Farm, Denbury. He's learning the trade as an apprentice smith in 1871 at Fore St., Buckfastleigh.

    In 1871 he marries Catherine Ellis (1845-1875) who tragically dies within five years of scarlet fever at Buckfastleigh - there is an epidemic and the village is badly hit. With Catherine, there were three children. After her death, James moves to London, leaving the children with his parents in Denbury - all of them are living in Denbury in 1881 but by 1891, all have moved to London:

    • Susan Ann 1872 born in Buckfastleigh, named after James' baby sister? After her mother's death, in 1881, she is living with her grandparents in Denbury. She moves to London to live near her father - it is probable that things go a little awary as in 1891 she is at the London Lock Hospital, Harrow Rd., Paddington, an 'inmate' in training for domestic service in Paddington. However this is an asylum for fallen women and treatment of venereal disease.

      Life gets better and In 1899 she marries Asher Rufus Morris in Ashford RD in Kent. Asher is an East Kent man, born in Fordwich, Kent and in 1901, they are living in Chartham, a village near to Canterbury. There is a large mental hospital there - St Augustine's - and Asher is working as a cook there. Like her mother, Susan has three children: Percy James 1899, Marjorie Ethel 1902, Reginald Ernest 1904. Like her mother, she also dies young in 1906. Asher Morris marries again, a mother for the children and in 1911, they are in Brentwood, Essex. But the family history has it that as he lay dying in 1940 he opened his eyes - looked past Marjorie and her step-grandmother and said" I'm coming, Susan". [source: Shirley Sibiga]

    • Henry Richard Herbert 1873 born in Buckfastleigh. In 1881, he is living with his grandparents in Denbury. Probably he moves to London to live with his father and to join the army.

    • Mary Elizabeth 1875 born in Buckfastleigh. In 1881, she is living with her grandparents in Denbury. In 1891, she is living at 21 Ramsden Road, Streatham (close to her father) where she is a domestic servant for John Wilson, a retired schoolmaster and and his large family. In 1901, she is a nurse at York County Hospital but by 1911, she is a private nurse at 21 Godwin Rd., Margate, Kent. She continues nursing - in The Times (14/11/1938) 'Nurse' Uglow is attending the funeral of Rev Frederick John Otley Helmore who had been precentor of Canterbury Cathedral for 43 years. She dies in Kent (Canterbury RD) in 1955.

    In 1881 he is in London in Bethnal Green at 53 Edward St, lodging and working as a smith. But he visits Devon and there he met Mary Jane Oliver, born in 1846 in Guernsey. For once we know how they met - in 1881 Mary Jane was working as a servant on one of the houses in Cary Crescent on the front in Torquay. Alongside her were James's aunt and uncle, Susan and William Gove. Mary Jane's family were living in Mevagissey, Cornwall which is where they were married in 1884. James seems established in London and it is likely that they return there after the marriage - perhaps with the 3 children, now aged between 9 and 12. If so, Mary Jane returns to Cornwall in 1887 for the birth of their daughter, Mabel.

    In 1901 and 1911, James, Mary Jane and Mabel are living at 59 Trinity Rd, Streatham. [The 1901 census has them under 'Glow']. James was a plumber and decorator - in 1901 his brother John is living with them and helping in the business. James's nephew, Percy Teague, and Percy's sister Vida, are also living there. In 1911, it is simply James and Mary with daughter Mabel and niece, Rosebeth Vuida Teague. In 1918, they are still living at Trinity Rd. Mary Jane dies in 1923 at which time they are living at 116 Topsham Rd., Upper Tooting, Surrey - the probate record
    describes James as a retired builder.

    Presumably after Mary Jane's deathJames moves to Spalding in Lincolnshire to live with son, Henry Richard. James died in Spalding, Lincolnshire in 1929.

    • daughter Mabel Jane 1887 born in Pentewan, Cornwall. She is living with her parents in Streatham in 1901 and 1911. She worked as a clerk in 1911 but in July, 1915 married Frederick Hutton at Holy Trinity, Upper Tooting, Surrey. Frederick was a carpenter, born in 1887 and the son of Frederick Samuel Hutton, upholsterer. They had two children, Bernard 1916 and Norman 1919. Mabel died in Surrey in 1964 - at that time they were living at 159 Tollers Lane, Old Coulsdon and Frederick was described as a retired clerk of the works

  • daughter Jane 1851 - already a servant by the time of the 1861 census.

  • son William Underhay 1852 - in 1874 he married a widow Sarah Jane Chudleigh (born in Newton Abbot as Furze 1845 and died Woolwich RD 1928) - Family 5 London. 

  • son Richard Henry 1854 - my great-grandfather.

  • daughter Mary Elizabeth 1857 born in Denbury. She is with her parents at the time of the census in 1861 and 1881 (as Velow). She married in 1888, probably to Samuel Frederick Narramore - the evidence for this is the 1901 census which shows a Mary Narramore, 44 years old and born in Denbury and the GRO gives Samuel and Mary Elizabeth marrying in Newton Abbot at the same time.

  • daughter Hannah 1860 - by 1871 she was already in service in East Ogwell, a village near Denbury. But in 1880 she married Henry Gilpin, born in Ashcombe in 1858. In 1881, the family is found in Higher Town, Ashcombe in Devon. Henry is a farm worker - they have a young son George. Henry died in 1901 and Hannah is found in Pinhoe in Exeter working as a laundress and washerwoman. She remarried - this time to Edwin Bulley (1857-1937) a railway worker. Hannah died aged 71 in Thorverton in 1930. [Francis Gilpin of Thorverton had a book inscribed inside the cover "Hannah Uglow, her book March 14 1878, Gappah nr Chudleigh'.]

  • son George Underhay 1862. A soldier - in the 1881 census, he was in Caterham Barracks. In 1890 he married Emma Marie (1872-1929) and they lived in Spital, in Windsor. See Surrey Family 4.

  • daughter Susan Ann 1864 born in Denbury. In the 1881 census Susan is a general servant to William Montgomery of Tormoham - he is a tailor and outfitter. She marries Thomas Craven Taylor in Wandsworth in 1895 - in 1901, the family with sons, Thomas U. 1896 and John C. 1897, is to be found in Ancaster Road, Toxteth Park, Liverpool - mother Susan is living with them.

  • son John Underhay 1866 born in Denbury. By the 1881 census he is in Woodland, as a farm servant to Alan Perrott. He is living with his brother, James, in 1901 as his business partner. He is single at that time and dies in 1903 in Wandsworth.

  • son Philip 1873 who dies on the day he was born.

Family 4: Richard Henry and Elizabeth Trenerry

Richard Henry, my great-grandfather, was born in Denbury in 1854, the son of Richard and Susan Underhay. He was a gardener and perhaps florist .

In 1861, he is living in Denbury village with his parents - known as Henry and even at his death, the newspaper refers to him as Mr H. Uglow. By 1871, he is working as the gardener at The Rectory in Denbury.

In 1875, he married Elizabeth Trenerry in the parish church at Denbury. In the 1881 census, Elizabeth describes herself as 23 and from St Just in Cornwall. This is my great grandmother and I am interested in where she came from and why she is so far from home.

The first problem is St Just - is this St Just in Roseland, south of Truro or St Just in Penwith, at the far recesses of Land's End? In the 1891 census, Elizabeth describes herself as from Penzance so the best guess is that it is probably the latter.

Secondly on the marriage certificate, her father is George Trenerry, a carpenter. There are relatively few Georges on the censuses but:

In 1861, George is a tin miner in St Just with his wife, Grace, and children, George was born in Sennen in 1827 and Grace in St Just in 1826. This is Grace Edwards, found on the 1851 census as a servant in St Just. But very soon after, George and Grace are marrying in Tavistock - remember Tavistock is a tin mining centre at this time. They return fairly soon as all the children are born in St Just. There is Elizabeth (1852), Ellen (1855), Ann (1858), John (1858 - not on the 1861 census?), George Henry (1860), Jane (1864) and Ann (1866). Grace dies in 1870 but within a few months, George has married again, to Jane Perran Chappel - this is a second marriage for both as Jane (nee James) was previously married to a Chappel and her son, John Chappel, is living with George and Jane in 1871 and 1881.

in 1871, George and Jane are living in the hamlet of Boscean, just to the north west of St Just. The children now include Jane and Ann but also John, born in 1858 but not on the 1861 census. In 1871 Elizabeth is working as a servant for James and Rebecca Eddy on their smallholding in St Just.

in 1881, George and Jane are living in Cape Cornwall St in St Just with stepson, John Chappel, George Henry and Annie. John Chappel becomes a boot maker and moves to Plymouth.

in 1891, they are living in Queen St, New Downs, St Just where George is earning a living as a grocer. By 1901, George has died but Jane is still in St Just, working as a grocer and shopkeeper - in 1917, she writes to a niece in New Zealand '...My husband is dead 18 years next January prhaps you know i was marred twise. My second husband had 6 children the are all dead but two one of them is in Cambourne the other is near Exeter so i do go a little to one place and another'

So back to Elizabeth - so far, so speculative as this Elizabeth is the right age, right place of birth.But can we connect her to the Elizabeth who gets married in Devon a few years later? One small item of evidence is that, if Elizabeth was the daughter of George the tin miner, she had a sister, Jane, born in St Just in 1864. In the 1881 census, we find an identical Jane working as a domestic servant in Teignmouth, just a few miles from Denbury.

But how did the girls get to Denbury? - it's a long haul even now adays at 110 miles. Perhaps the explanation revolves around a new school teacher in Denbury - in 1871, Miss Emma Lidstone is the school mistress but by 1881, the school master is George Casley - and he was born in St Just in Penwith and is the same age as George Trenerry. The Casleys in St Just are also linked to the Eddys - the family for whom Elizabeth was working in 1871. My tentative thoughts are that George brings Elizabeth to Denbury as a servant where she meets Richard Henry and they get down to the business of rearing the 3rd large generation of Uglow children in Denbury

In 1881, they are in the cottage adjoining the stable in Wolborough, on the Torquay Rd., possibly by Courtenay Park. Henry is working as a florist and they have three young sons - Hubert, Lewin and Ernest.

In 1891, they are living in West Street in Denbury and Richard is working as a gardener. All their children are with them - except Donald and Olive, yet to be born.

In 1901, the address is given as Shute House but the family is at the Shute Farm, the home farm for the big house. RIchard is working as a domestic gardener. Frederick (working with his father), Winifred, Donald and Olive are also living there. Evelyn spoke of an idyllic childhood there although apparently there was a serious fire there when the family had to flee, and the only thing that was saved from the flames by Elizabeth was a bag of buttons which her great granddaughter used to play with as a child.

There's some anecdotal evidence (John 1921) that the family is living near Willand, near Cullompton, or maybe Ruffwell Farm, SIlverton. The two youngest, Olive and Donald, came from Willand to school in Thorverton in 1906 .

By 1911, Richard is working as a domestic gardener at Rectory Cottage, Talaton, Ottery St Mary, Devon. Two married daughters, Florence (with her son) and Winifred are living with them as is Olive. Eventually they retire to 3 Hillside, Talaton where Henry is caretaker of the parish hall for a considerable time. They both die in Talaton - Elizabeth in 1924 and Richard Henry in 1940. Henry's funeral was conducted by Rev. H. Pegg at Talaton churchyard with mourners Messrs Herbert, S (?), Reginald and Donald Uglow, sons and Evelyn (Mrs Jim Young), Mr and Mrs Tylford, Dr S Coffee (sic) grandson.

Shute House, Denbury: December 2000

  • son Herbert George Trenerry 1877 is born in Exeter. He is with his parents in the 1881 and 1891 census but is in Exeter Police Barracks with brother, Ernest in 1901. In 1902, he married Alice Dowsett in Ellacombe, Torquay - Family 5

  • son Lewin Henry Trenerry 1878 - my grandfather - see Family 2 in Bideford

  • son Ernest James 1880 - in 1881, he is in Wolborough with his parents; in 1891, they are living in West St, Denbury. By 1900, he was living in Tiverton as he is a witness in a court case. In Trewman's Exeter Flying Post (10th Feb 1900), he testified in the case of Row v Tiverton Corporation, involving Tiverton's fire brigade knocking over the pony and trap of Mrs Row.

    But by 1901, Ernest is a police constable and is living in Exeter Police Barracks, which was next to the prison. He is there with brother, Herbert. He probably doesn't stay long in the constabulary. He married Louisa Ellen (Lou) Lucas in 1905. She was born in 1872, the daughter of James (a farm labourer) and Sarah. By 1911 they are living at 5 Prospect Place, Tiverton - Ernest is a miller and Lou is a laundress. They are living at the same address in 1919

    In November 1915, Ernest is joining up - as a territorial in the Devonshire Regiment. Apparently he is already in the national reserve and has served in the marine artillery? He gives his occupation as cellarman. He is 5' 8" and 175 lbs with a deformed right thumb. He is medically unfitted for duties of a soldier and is fit for home garrison duty only. He is posted to 444 Agricultural Company in the Labour Corps in 1917, serving in Exeter, Margate and Taunton. He had a chequered disciplinary record - disorderly conduct, disobedience to orders and absent without leave. He was demobbed in February 1919.

    Later he worked in a brewery in Tiverton. Ernest died in Tiverton in 1941 and Lou died there in 1945. They had no children themselves but brought up:

    • Dorothy May (Dolly) 1906 daughter of Florence, born in Tiverton and living with Ernest at 5 Prospect Place in 1911. In 1931, she married William Olden who died in 1933 at the age of 29. Dolly lived in Tiverton and worked in the lace factory. Dolly died in September 1998

  • daughter Florence Mabel Trenerry 1882 - in 1901, she (known as Mabel F.) is a domestic servant with Rev. Samuel Bingham, a CoE clergyman in Elmington, Torquay - possibly in the parish of St George and St Mary, Cockington. The vicar comes from Sheffield. Mabel is a free spirit and has a baby, Dorothy May in 1906. Dolly is brought up by her uncle and aunt, Ernest James 1880 and Lou, in Tiverton.

    Florence married a northerner, John Thomas (Jack) Hargreaves in Newton Abbot RD in 1909. It is likely that he is the son of John, a cotton weaver, born in Nelson iin 1887 - if so, in 1901, a 13 year old Jack is working in a warehouse at a cotton mill. He joins the army - in 1911, he is a bombardier in the 17th Battery of the Royal Field Artillery at Hilsea Barracks in Portsmouth [both Forence's brother, Donald and her brothers-in-law, Jim Young and William Glanville, enlist in the RFA in August 1914]. John and Florence's first child, Francis Vyvian, is born in the last quarter of 1910 and his birth is registered in Portsmouth.

    Over the war years, does Florence follow Jack around? Winifred Grace 1912 is born in Hackney, London, Mabel 1914 in Edmonton, London, Beryl M 1919 in Honiton, Devon (back with her parents?) and Evelyn Maud 1921in Burnley, Lancashire (close to Jack's parents).

    In 1924 the whole family, Jack, Florence and the five children, set sail from Southampton to Wellington, New Zealand on SS Atheni
    . The electoral rolls show Jack as an employee on the tramway and living in Auckland - in 1946 at 457 Blockhouse Bay Rd and in 1957, the now widowed (Jack has died in 1953) Florence is at 45 Waiohua Rd. She dies in 1958.

  • son Frederick John 1884. In 1901 he is living with his parents in Shute House, Denbury, working as a domestic gardener. He marries in 1909 - Beatrice Annie Swift - Family 6

  • son Reginald Herbert 1886. In 1901 Reg is living in North Street in Denbury, lodging with and working as an errand boy for George Miller, the baker and postmaster. Apparently he was an apprentice baker but developed dermatitis.

    In 1909 he marries Jessie Reed, born 1887 a farmer's daughter from Bridford, near Exeter. The marriage is in St Thomas, Exeter RD. In 1911, they are living at Lears Cottages, Christow, Devon - a village very near to Bridford. Reg is working as a quarry labourer.

    Later they emigated to Australia where he was cooking on a sheep station. They came home, sailing steerage from Sydney to Plymouth on the SS Otranto, arriving in April 1914 [nb Jessie's age is given as 32]. They stayed with brother Lewin at Lamerton.

    In 1939 Reg was working with Hill Palmer in Exeter in insurance but they got bombed. He saw service in Budleigh. After the war, they had a shop at St Thomas but Jessie got cancer and died in 1950. Reg worked as Father Xmas at Waltons department store, Exeter. Reg survived until 1965, finally living with his niece, Iris.

  • daughter Evelyn Ellen 1887 born in Denbury on New Year's Eve. In 1901 (as Eva) she is a servant in the house of Lucius Cary, a retired army colonel. They live in Babbacombe, Torquay. Evelyn married James (Jim) Young from Talaton in 1910. In 1901, Jim is a farm worker. In 1911, the young couple are found in Afon Rd, Llangennech, Llanelli in Carmarthenshire where Jim is working as a coal miner. They are there for at least three years.

    Jim joined the Royal Artillery - his medal card has him enlisting on 14th August 1914 and puts him in as a gunner in the 40th Brigade of the Royal Field Artillery, regimental number 40599. As such he was one of the Old Contemptibles , serving at Mons and awarded the Military Medal and bar for bravery in the field by General Alleck [
    Western Times - Friday 03 March 1950]. He ends the war as a sergeant.

    Later he was a groom, gardener and butler. In 1940 the family were living in Buckfastleigh. Evelyn dies in 1973 in Honiton RD. They had children

    • Mona Uglow W. 1911 born in South Wales
    • Iris Evelyn 1913 born in South Wales
    • Phyllis Joyce 1922 born in South Wales
    • Lawrence James 1926 born in Honiton RD

  • daughter Winifred May 1890 born in Denbury. In 1891, she is the baby of the family of 8 children, living in West St., Denbury with her father working as a gardener. In 1901, she is with her parents at Shute House in Denbury. By 1911, she is living with her parents at Rectory Cottage, Talaton but much has changed as she is WInifred May Coffey, married for one year.

    In this period between 1901 and 1911, it is believed that she was a nurse in fever hospital, then nanny to a family that went to India.Winifred met  Patrick Coffey on board ship and married him on 6th April 1910 in Dinapore, Bengal, India
    . He had taught Hindustani in the Indian army. In 1922, Winifred is named 'next of kin' by sister Olive Alice and her address is School House, Western Heights, Dover, Kent. Presumably Patrick is out of the army and teaching.

    There are two sons - Brian Uglow Coffey [1914-1990], a doctor who serves in the RAMC in World War II and Sean Anthony [1916 - ]. From 1926 to at least 1939, the family live at
    50 Orlando Rd., Clapham, London and it is believed that Patrick is the headmaster at St Joseph's RC Primary School, Battersea. Patrick dies in 1953, at which time they are living in Mannings Heath, Horsham, Sussex. Winifred dies in 1971 and her death is registered at Bury St Edmunds RD, Suffolk.

  • son Donald Arthur 1894. In 1901, he is with his parents at Shute House in Denbury but my information is that, for a time, the family was living near Willand, near Cullompton and that Donald came from Willand, with sister Olive, to school in Thorverton in 1906 from Ruffwell Farm. In 1911, he is working on a farm at Poltimore, close to Exeter and lodging with George Drew, the cattleman on the farm.

    In the war, Donald was a gunner, regimental number 11583 in the Royal Field Artillery, part of the Royal Artillery Regiment. This had three sections - Horse Artillery, Field Artillery and Garrison Artillery. The RFA were responsible for medium calibre guns and howitzers deployed close to the front line and was reasonably mobile. He was later attached to the Royal Engineers, regimental number 251108. Donald was deployed in France from 10th July 1915, 20 years old. His choice of regiment was probably influenced by his brother-in-law, Jim Young, sister Evelyn's husband, who had been in France since 1914. His medal card includes the Victory, British and 1915 Star. Under 'remarks', it has 'Disc. 31-12.18' which suggests that he was at the Front for 42 months.

    Not surprisingly, he returned from the war shell shocked, although there's no record of a pension. He came back to Talaton where his parents were living. But he was never able to work except as a gardener to the governor of his residential home, probably Exminster Hospital? In February 1940, he attends the funeral in Talaton of his father. In March 1950, it's another funeral in Talaton of his brother-in-law and perhaps companion in arms, Jim Young. Donald dies in 1955, aged 60 - the death is registered in Newton Abbot

  • daughter Olive Alice 1897. In 1901, she is with her parents at Shute House in Denbury. My information is that a few years later, the family is living near Willand, near Cullompton and that Olive, like brother Donald, came from Willand to school in Thorverton in 1906 from Ruffwell Farm. Later she went to St.Margaret's School, Exeter. By 1911, she is living with her parents at Rectory Cottage, Talaton.

    There's a family story that Olive was active in World War I. If so, this was probably as a nurse - see elder sister, Winifred. In July 1920 she married William Gilbert Glanville [1894-1982] of Talaton who had been a corporal in the Royal Field Artillery, stationed at Portsea, Hampshire. The best man was Olive's brother, Reginald and the bridesmaid, WIlliam's sister, Edith. The honeymoon was spent in Ireland. It was not a success and they separated after just a few months of marriage.

    Olive went to Vancouver, Canada, sailing on 21 October 1922 in the SS Tunisian, apparently from Ramsgate in Kent. She declared herself to be single (as opposed to divorced) with the intent to settle permanently in Canada. Her destination is 1044 Robson St., Vancouver to work for Mrs Clarke. She declares herself to be Roman Catholic - this would have been unheard of in this family but again her sister, Winifred, has married a Catholic. Physically fit, with £20 in cash, her nearest relative is her sister, Mrs (Winifred) Coffey, 2 School House, Western Heights, Dover, Kent. She lives in Vancouver for the rest of her life, running a florist's business from the 1930s until her retirement in the 1960s.

    There's some hearsay evidence that she was an officer in Canadian air force in World War II, had a pilot's licence, flew freight, as well as dabbling in salmon canning. It is said that she married at least one more time but had no children. The electoral roll for Vancouver from 1940 always has her as Miss Olive A Uglow. She died in Vancouver in  1987 without leaving a will -
    the British Columbia probate department tracked down some 14 great nieces and nephews who were the next of kin!

Family 5: Hubert George Trenerry and Alice Dowsett

Hubert George Trenerry 1877 is born in Exeter, the son of Richard Henry and Elizabeth Trenerry and the grandson of Richard and Susan Underhay.

[Hubert or Herbert? - 1837online clearly states Herbert but his brother Lewin's marriage certificate and the 1911 census equally clearly says Hubert!]

He is with his parents in the 1881 and 1891 census. He is in Exeter Police Barracks with brother, Ernest in 1901. In 1902, he married Alice Dowsett in Ellacombe, Torquay.

He joined the Devon police and in 1911 is a police constable, living at 65 Woodville Road, Torquay. He later served at Abbotsham and Westward Ho! and  Exmouth.

Alice was born in Prittlewell hamlet, near Southend in Essex in 1869 - she was the daughter of John Dowsett, a shepherd and already 63 when Alice was born. She was living with her father in 1881. By 1891, Alice with her sisters, Mary and Eliza, have moved to West Ogwell, Newton Abbot where they work for Daniel Scratton JP and his wife, Maria. The Scrattons originally come from Essex. I can't find Alice in 1901.

  • son Arthur Hubert 1903, born at Huntsham, Devon. In 1911, he is at 65 Woodville Rd, Torbay with his parents. In 1928 in Bideford he marries Lillian Curtis from Wales. He also served in the Devon police and when he retired, was verger at a Bristol church and then at Truro cathedral. He dies in Truro in 1984.
    • son Gerald Arthur 1929, born in Tavistock. He married Anna Jackson, a teacher from Cornwall in 1958 in Falmouth. Gerald died in 1993. Their children are:

      • daughter Helen 1960 born in Plympton. She marries Mr Whitehead in Truro in 1981.

      • son Alistair James 1969 born in Truro. He marries Anna Stanton in 1992 and he works for the highways department in Cornwall.
        • daughter Bethany Lauren 1994 born in Truro
        • son James Cameron 1998 born in Truro

      • son Charles Timothy 1972 born in Truro. He marries Billie Jean Ramirez Laberinto in 1996 in Truro
        • son Charles Jackson 2001 born in Bristol

    • daughter Betty May 1937 born in Exeter. She married Derek Pengelly - they have three children, Martin, Steven and Linda.
    • son Terence Henry 1944 born in Totnes. In 1967 he married Deirdre Martin in Truro Cathedral
      • daughter Mandy 1967 born in Redruth. She has a son, Kyle, born in 1993
      • son Shaun 1971 born in Truro

  • son Leslie Henry 1905, born in Huntsham, Devon. In 1911, he is at 65 Woodville Rd, Torbay with his parents. He married Marjorie Woodgate in Exmouth in 1938.
    • John 1940. He married a Ms Drake in Totnes in 1965. John died in a road accident in 1992
      • daughter Jane Mary R 1969 born in Torbay  

  • daughter Irene Alice 1908, born in Clyst Hyden. In 1911, she is at 65 Woodville Rd, Torbay with her parents. She was known as Rene - she married Henry G Summerfield in Devon in the first months of 1939. Her husband died in 1946 after 7 years of marriage and in 1972 she married Gilbert Yates after 26 years as a widow. In 1992 she died in Bridgwater. Gilbert dies in Taunton in 2000.She had no children.

  • daughter Evelyn 1912, born in Torquay. Evelyn was a seamstress who looked after her parents in their old age. She also worked in a Devon County Council school, retired in 1977, lived with her sister and never married. She died in 2000

Family 6: Frederick John and Beatrice Annie Swift

Frederick John 1884 was born in Denbury , the son of Richard Henry and Elizabeth Trenerry and the grandson of Richard and Susan Underhay.

In 1891, he was living with his parents at 17 West St in Teigngrace, just north of Newton Abbott. In 1901 he was still with his parents in Shute House, Denbury, working as a domestic gardener. Soon after this, he joined the Royal Navy as there is a record of his service. He married in 1909 - Beatrice Annie Swift who was the daughter of Thomas and Sarah Jane: Thomas was born in Oxfordshire and Sarah Jane in Bristol. In 1901 Thomas Swift was a coachman in Torbryan but in 1911 was living in East Ogwell and was a domestic gardener. Beatrice was born in 1888 in Byfield, Northants and in 1901 was with her parents at East St, Torbryan.

In 1911, she was back with her parents in East Ogwell with two young children, Flora and Kenneth. This was because Frederick had gone to London to join the Metropolitan Police. In 1911, he was boarding at 58 Fernhead Road, Paddington, along with 4 other constables. Very soon Beatrice joined him in London as the youngest three children were all born in west London.

Frederick died in Barnstaple, North Devon, in 1950. Perhaps he was visiting his elder brother, Lewin, who was living in Northam at that time. Beatrice died in Harrow RD in 1981:

  • daughter Freda Florence 1909 born in Denbury. In 1911, she is with her mother and grandparents in East Ogwell. She marries Allan Thompson in Uxbridge in 1937. She dies in July 2000 in Wayland, Norfolk.

  • son Kenneth Frederick 1911 born in Newton Abbot RD. In 1911, he is with his mother and grandparents in East Ogwell. He marries Doris May Copson in Taunton in 1939. Kenneth died in 1987 - they lived in Bridgewater in Somerset.

    • Kenneth Anthony 1942 born in Northwood, Middlesex. In 1967 he marries Patricia Dennison nee Flaxman (1939-2016). They live in Weston super Mare.

      • son Martin Kenneth 1960 born in Hammersmith. In 1979 he marries Nicola Bryant in Sedgemoor RD. In 1985 he marries Nicola Shutler and in 2002 Jane Evans. All his children are Somerset-born

        • daughter Lindsay Jane 1979

        • son Lee Martin1981. His partner is Sarah Baker:

          • daughter Kyla Uglow-Baker born May 2007 in Bridgwater RD

        • daughter Tanya Marie1983

        • daughter Samantha Joanne 1989

        • daughter Carly Louise 1990

      • son Nicholas John 1967 born in Hendon. He lives in Bridgewater where he is a fireman. He marries Anita Smith:

        • son Scott Ellis 2003

    • Nigel Martin 1945 born in Northwood, Middlesex. He went to school at St Nicholas, Ruislip and marries Kathleen Agnes Walsh. Nigel works in insurance in Middlesex

        • daughter, Hilary 1971 born in Watford. She lives in Middlesex

        • daughter Karen 1971 born in Watford. She lives in Essex.

  • daughter Olive Elsie 1913 born in Hanwell. She marries RIchard Eley in 1943 in Edmonton

  • son Alan Reginald 1920 born in Harlesden who marries Evelyn Marsh. Alan dies in 1984 in Eastcote

    • daughter Lesley G. 1947 born in Hendon. She marries Mr Kelly and lives in Canada

    • daughter Gillian 1950 born in Uxbridge. She marries Keith Gerdes in 1989 in Richmond

  • daughter Barbara Beatrice 1928 born in Harlesden who marries Ben Butcher in 1957 in Wandsworth. They have a son, Barrie, in 1963
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