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Surrey is a county to the south and west of London.

'...bounded N. by the Thames, which separates it from Bucks and Middlesex, E. by Kent, S. by Sussex, W. by Hants, and NW. by Berks; greatest length, N. and S., 26 miles; greatest breadth, E. and W., 40 miles; area, 485,129 acres, population 1,436,899. The County is traversed from E. to W. by the North Downs range, from which the surface slopes gently down towards the Thames on the N., while on the S. it descends into an extensive flat plain (partly also in the counties of Kent and Sussex) called the Weald.' (Transcribed from Bartholomew's Gazetteer of the British Isles, 1887)

A modern hot-spot for Uglows, as there are six listed by the telephone book. The family came from Launceston by East London...

Family 1: Harold and Eleanor Maria Cowdery

Harold 1873 was born in Hornsey. He is the son of  Henry French Ridgman Cory and  Harriet and the grandson of Abel and Mary Ridgman.

In 1881 he is with his parents in Hornsey. In 1901 he marries (aka Sarah?) Eleanor Maria Cowdery who was born 1875 in Crondall, Hampshire. They marry in Farnham. They are living in Sandy Pit Lane in Aldershot at the time of the census and Harold is working as a coachman.

Later that year, he founded a fruiterers business at Union Street, Aldershot. Later still he turned part of the premises over to sausages and cooked meat. He dies in Surrey in 1946

  • son Henry Maurice H 1903 born in Farnham. In 1930 he marries Ms McConnell in Farnham - Family 3
  • son Henry Philip 1905 born in Aldershot. He marries Ms Steele in Farnham in 1931 - Family 2 
  • son John 1908 born in Farnham. He dies in Farnham in 1908.  

Family 2: Henry Philip and Miriam Steele

Henry Philip 1905 was  born in Aldershot. He was the son of Harold and Sarah Eleanor and the grandson of  Henry French Ridgman Cory and  Harriet. He was a wholesale fruit and veg merchant, supplying Aldershot barracks - the business was wound up in 1967. He marries Miriam Steele in Farnham in 1931. Miriam was born in 1909 and died in Surrey in 1962. Henry Philip died in Surrey in 1975.

  • son Peter Derek 1942 born in Surrey. He marries Susan Newell in 1965 and is living in Farnham. 
    • daughter Caroline Helen 1966. She married Antony Copeman in 1996. They have a daughter, Ellen Maisie, born in Worcester in 2002, and a son, Max Robert, born on New Year's Eve, 2007.
    • son Jonathan Mark 1970 born in Surrey. He marries Sandra Boehm in Switzerland in 2007
      • daughter Sydney 2007 born in Zurich, Switzerland
      • son Henry Oskar 2009 born in Zurich, Switzerland

Family 3: Henry Maurice and Kathleen Annie McConnell 

Henry Maurice H 1903 was born in Farnham. He was the son of Harold and Sarah and the grandson of  Henry French Ridgman Cory and  Harriet. In 1930 he marries Kathleen Annie McConnell from Tipperary in Ireland. They marry in Farnham. They lived in Aldershot and, among other enterprises, he was a bookmaker at 110 High St. To judge from the pages of the London Gazette, bookmaking was not always profitable. That didn't stop overseas trips, including one to Canada in 1947 - Kathleen and her sons Barry and Nicholas return on the SS Empress of Canada to Liverpool on 23rd August 1947. The family are living at Burlington House, Cargate Grove, Aldershot at that time. Kathleen dies in 1968 at Hove and Henry in 1985 in Surrey.

Henry Maurice was a very colourful character working in wholesale fruit and veg. He, his father (Harold Uglow) and brothers carried on the family tradition until the end of the war and supplied Aldershot barracks with most of their food supplies, owned a couple of betting shops and even a few horses who ran in the Grand National! (from Henry's granddaughter)

  • son Barry Philip 1930 born in Farnham. Barry married Eileen Ena Prudden (1931-2011) and lived in Godalming. He was in the Canadian army and on retirement from the army, worked for his son, Jeremy. He died in 2016.

    • daughter Philippa Ann. She married Vangelis Kaloudis and they now live in Liphook in Hampshire They run a glazing and conservatory business, Kalglass. They have 3 daughters, Marina 1994, Alexia 1997, Pelagia 2004 and a son Sevi, 2001.

    • daughter Josephine Angela. She married Tim Barker and they lived for a time in Dayton, Ohio but are now back in the UK. They have a daughter, Remi.

    • son Jeremy Maurice born in Surrey where he started a conservatories business. Check it out at here . He marries Mieke Nixon in Surrey in 1988

      • daughter Natalie 1988 born in Surrey

      • daughter Laura 1989 born in Surrey

      • daughter Tamsin 1994 born in Surrey

  • son Maurice N H 1933 born in Aldershot. He marries Friedgard Hannelore Langenberg ( - 2010) in Surrey in 1969. Now living in Camberley.

Family 4 : George Underhay and Emma Marie Hill

George Underhay 1862 is the son of Richard and Susan Underhay and the grandson of Philip and Ann Peacock. He was born in Denbury, near Newton Abbot in Devon but came east. He was a labourer in Denbury when he decided to enlist - he joined the Coldstream Guards on 12th October 1880 and was to serve for 10 years. In the 1881 census, he was a private at Caterham Barracks. He served mainly at home but took part in the Egyptian Campaigns in 1882 and 1885, getting the Egyptian War Medal (with two clasps) and the Khedive's Bronze Star.

In 1890 he married Emma Marie (1872-1929) and they lived in Spital, in Windsor. In 1901, they are living at 17 Love Lane, Windsor where George is a beer retailer. In 1905, they are in Springfield Rd, Windsor and George has asked for some help from the Guards Employment Society - Emma is described as an energetic laundress and George is seeking a caretaker's job.

George joins the Territorials [4th Battalion Royal Berkshire Regiment, later Royal Defence Corps] in the First World War but after 2 years is discharged as no longer fit for war service through chronic bronchitis. His occupation is still given as labourer. He died in the same year as Emma, 1929. Their children were born in Windsor:

  • son George Henry 1891 who was a private in the 2nd battalion, Worcestershire regiment, and was killed on the Somme on August 9th, 1916. He is buried at  the Millencourt Communal Cemetery extension, Somme. His name is on the Windsor War Memorial
  • son John Richard 1897. In the war he was a private in the Royal Warwickshire Regiment. His first marriage in Windsor in 1924 was to Rosa Smith - she dies in Thanet in 1963. His second was to Elsie Lockeyear in 1963 in Thanet. John died in 1979 in Thanet, Kent. Elsie, born in 1893, dies in Abingdon in 1992

Family5: Sidney William 1871-1963 and Philadelphia Wallis

Sidney was a butcher in Chertsey in Surrey. His birth is a bit of a mystery. He is born around 1871 but first turns up as a Uglow on the census in 1901 and 1911. This suggests that he might be illegitimate or that he was a stepson after his mother was widowed?

The 1910 census says that he was born in Kennington, South London but in 1911 it states he was born in Stoke Newington in London. This latter seems more likely as he is married in 1900 in the Stoke Newington district. This is to Philadelphia Wallis who is the daughter of a greengrocer in Chatham, wher she appears on the 1881 census. By 1891, she is in service in Walton on Thames in Surrey. Presumably Sidney starts work as a butcher there and meets Phyllis - as she's known in the 1911 census.

By 1911, Sidney is an employer, running a butcher's shop in Terrace Road, Walton. This continues until the 1950s - his shop is listed in the GPO phone directory. Despite the longevity of the business, further information has proved hard to come by. Phyllis dies in 1956 and Sidney in 1963, both in Walton.

  • daughter Doris 1901 born in Chertsey. In 1925 she marries Alick J Lyddon in Chertsey
  • daughter Mildred Emily 1907 born in Chertsey. In 1932 she marries John A Keable in Chertsey

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