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Boscastle in north Cornwall is divided into two parishes by the River Jordan. They are Forrabury and Minster. The attractive wooded inland parish of Minster is in the valley of the River Valency and contains the mother church of Boscastle

Population  1841 - 573

Statistics 3342 acres of land


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Family 1: Nicholas and Mary French and Elizabeth

Nicholas 1704 is the son of Nicholas and Elizabeth Short and the grandson of Richard and Elizabeth Braund. Nicholas initially marries Mary (French?) who dies in 1733 in St Gennys - they have had a daughter, Elizabeth 1733, born in Treneglos. Nicholas remarries - this time to Elizabeth.

Elizabeth dies in 1784 and is buried in Minster as is Nicholas in 1786. There is an MI to the two of them in Minster parish churchyard. Nicholas has seven daughters with Mary and Elizabeth. Three of them (Mary, Elizabeth and Margaret) all marry early but Thomasin, the middle sister, remains unmarried while the final three (Ann, Catherine and Grace) all marry much later

  • daughter Mary born about 1732 - this is deduced from the date of her marriage and Mary is presumably the daughter of Nicholas's first wife, Mary French. In 1751 at Forrabury, she marries John James of Trevalga, a small hamlet west of Boscastle. In his will, Nicholas leaves £20 to his daughter, Mary James
  • daughter Elizabeth 1733 who is baptised on 17th June at Treneglos. Again she is probably the daughter of Mary French. Mary dies a few months after this birth and it is possible that Elizabeth also dies - there is an IGI record of her marriage which mentions a birth year of 1741. Thus she would be a daughter of Nicholas's second wife, Elizabeth. Regardless of this, Elizabeth marries Thomas Moyes of Boscastle in 1763. Elizabeth dies in 1802
  • daughter Margaret 1736 born in Warbstow. She marries John Panter of Minster in 1764. They live in Minster where daughter Margaret is born in 1769. In her father's will written in 1781, Margaret's legacy is £20 plus 20/- per year for 10 years, and 'the said ' John PANTER shall have no Right nor Title to the said 20/- nor any part thereof' Margaret is not mentioned in sister Thomasin's will so probably dies before 1814. Her sister, Thomasin does leave a feather bed and rights in a fishery to her daughters, Ann, Mary and Thomasin Panter.

  • daughter Thomasin 1739 born in Minster. She dies, unmarried, in1814, and is buried in Minster. In her father's will written in 1781, he leaves the remainder of his goods and chattels to 'Wife Eliz, daughters Thamsin & Grace.' We get glimpses of her life - she is witness to the marriage of Ann Garland and Jjohn Philp in Minster in 1776 as well as a witness to the marriages of sisters Catherine and Ann. She is a woman of means - we find a certificate of contract for redemption of land tax by Thomasine Uglow for Venn Down in Minster in 1799.

    In Thomasin's own will in1814, she mentions her sisters and their children but there are several other references - Mary and William Symons and their daughter Grace receive substantial amounts (her sisters, Catherine and Grace had been witnesses at the wdding of Mary Moyse and William in 1785); Margaret Prout gets 5 guineas; Nicholas James snr gets 2 guineas and there is 1 guinea for Moses Panter, William James, Mary Adam, Elizabeth Taylor and Thomasin Winnacott.
  • daughter Ann 1741 born in Minster. She marries William Anderson in Minster in 1789. This marriage is proved by the fact that Ann Anderson is left 5 guineas in 1814 by sister Thomasin.
  • daughter Catherine 1744 born in Minster. She marries William Hoskyn in Minster in 1784. This marriage is proved by the fact that Catherine Hoskyn is left £30 in 1814 by sister Thomasin. Catherine has daughters, Grace, born in Forrabury in 1784 and Catherine born in 1790 - Thomasin leaves Grace a feather bed, clothes etc except a suit to Catherine Hoskin. and to Catherine Hoskin 'my red box." Grace married Richard Keals at Forrabury in 1816 and Catherine married William Keals in1820. The Keals emigrate to Australia (information from Judith SImon from Queensland ) - Grace's son, Richard, settles in New Zealand. (The NZ line is documented by Garry Carr-Smith)
  • daughter Grace 1748 born in Minster. In her father's will written in 1781, he leaves the remainder of his goods and chattels to 'Wife Eliz, daughters Thamsin & Grace.' She marries John Davis in Minster in 1795 - he is a widower from St Stephen. This marriage is proved by the fact that Gace Davies is left 5 guineas in 1814 by sister Thomasin.

Family 2: William and Maria

William Abel 1805 born in Week St Mary, the son of Edmund and Mary Meeks and the grandson of Abel and Elizabeth Turner. He marries Mary Crocker in Tetcott, Devon in 1833. Her date of birth is given as about 1812.

In 1841, WIlliam is working as an agricultural labourer in Week St Mary - it appears from the census record that his mother Mary and sister Jane are living next door in the village. This tends to confirm that we have the right William here...

By the 1851 census we have William  [born 1805 in Week St Mary]  and Marion [born 1813] farming in Minster.  In 1861, William is a farmer at Tubsground, Minster with Maria.

In 1871, William [now 65] is farming 12 acres in Minster, married to Maria who is 39 and born in Cloydon (Clawton?) Devon in 1832 . Has William re-married? Or just a transcription error? There seem to be no trace of children. 

It's all put right in the 1881 census - William is William A. born 1806 in Week St Mary - this confirms that this is the right WIlliam. Maria is the right age, born 1812 in Tetcott. William is a gardener. William dies in 1884, as does Maria.


  • William marries Joanna Boddy in 1774 in Minster
  • Catherine marries William Hicks in 1806 in Minster

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