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The name comes from St.Genesius, the patron saint of the local church but there was a small Roman fort there before. This small village is on high cliffs on the north Cornish coast overlooking Bude Bay. Crackington Haven is situated at the mouth of a picturesque valley which divides the parish in two, each part supporting a thriving methodist community. Wrecks are said to have supplied much of the building material of houses in the past. The churchyard is also the last resting place of shipwrecked mariners, and perhaps a few smugglers ! (The old name for those from St. Gennys was 'Wreckers & Wrestlers' ).


1841 1991
689 811

Statistics: 6065 acres of land, 2 of water, 320 of foreshore


St Gennys is  on the coast, south west of Bude by Crackington Haven.

1. The whole of Cornwall
2. Here is a  map to get you to St Gennys

Family 000: Alexander and Joan Popham and Sidwell Milton

Alexander is born about 1550 - this is based on the date of his marriage to Joan Popham in 1576. Joan is the daughter of Maurice Popham of St Gennys. Alexander is a husbandman in St Gennys - there are records of deeds and leases in the Cornwall Record Offfice: the first is dated 8/5/1576 and may be a settlement by Maurice Popham on his daughter and her new husband (ref X112/139); the second is 24/3/1580 and is perhaps for the new grandson (ref X112/140); the third is in 18/7/1607 relating to lands known as Bastard in St Gennys (ref X112/142). It is possible that Joan dies and that Alexander marries again - in 1615 to Sidwell Milton. Sidwell dies in 1628 but there is no mention of any Uglow in her will.

  • son Thomas born 1580

Family 00: Benedict and Margaret

There is no evidence as to the parentage of Benedict. There is protestation return 1641 for males over 18 which names a Benedict. This may be our Benedict but that would make his date of birth 1623 at the latest.

A Benedict marries Margaret:

  • daughter Joan 1663 born in St Gennys
  • ?son Benedict who marries Jane Harris in St Gennys in 1693. He dies in 1717

Both Benedict and Margaret die in the early months of 1708

Family 0: Degory and Margery

This may well be  Degory 1618 from Marhamchurch, the son of William and Johan. He marries Margery. Degory dies in 1678.

We know about this family from Degory's will where he identifies his wife, Margery, 2 unnamed daughters (one of whom is married with a daughter of her own), an eldest unnamed son (perhaps Degory) and his second son, John. Also present were Benedict Ugler (Family 00?), Joan Ugler (Joan 1629?)and Mary Ugler (James 1634 wife?).

Family 1: Degory and Anne Hitchins

Degory is probably born in the mid 17th century, the son of Degory and Margery.   He marries Anne Hitchins/Hilshing in 1681 in St Gennys. He dies in 1708:

  • daughter Joan 1687 who marries Richard Congdon in 1702 in St Gennys

Family 2a: Nicholas and Elizabeth Short

Nicholas may be:

  1. 1663 and born  in Marhamchurch, the son of Richard and Elizabeth Braund and the grandson of Thomas and Katherine Furze
  2. 1668 and born in St Gennys, the son of John 1625 and the grandson of Nicholas and Elizabeth Smale

He married Elizabeth Short in 1695. - the other Nicholas may move to Exeter [ see Exeter Family 0].

Elizabeth was born in1665 in St Gennys - although the IGI talks of her as born about 1674 and Nicholas as born about 1670.

He is churchwarden in St Gennys in 1720. He dies in 1726 and Elizabeth in 1741.

  • daughter Ann 1696 born in St Gennys - it is probable that, although she's just turned 16, she marries Degory Orchard in St Gennys in August 1712 - little John Orchard is born in March 1713.
  • son John 1698 born in St Gennys.  John first married Grace Gillard in Otterham in 1727 - Otterham Family 1. After Grace's death in 1731, he married Katherine Auger in St Gennys in 1733. She was born in St Mabyn in 1690? John and Katherine live in Jacobstow Family 3
  • son William 1702 born in St Gennys. He marries Agnes Hobb in 1730 in Treneglos. They are resident in Warbstow - Family 1a 
  • son Nicholas 1704 born in St Gennys - possibly marries Mary  (Family 1 - Treneglos) and then Elizabeth - Minster Family 1
  • daughter Margaret 1706 born in St Gennys. She may have wed John Parsons in 1739 in St Gennys

Family 3: Nicholas and Joan

Nicholas is probably the son of James and Mary Holman and the grandson of son of Nicholas and Elizabeth Smale.

He marries Joan - her provenance is unknown but she dies in 1752

  • son James 1714 - born in Clawton, Devon
  • son John 1715 born in St Gennys. He probably marries Grace Wells - Jacobstow Family 2
  • daughter Martha 1718 born in St Gennys. She marries William Draper in Lesnewth in 1745 - young William is born in 1746 in Otterham
  • son Abel 1719 born in St Gennys. He marries Mary Snell in 1752 in Menheniot  - Family 1
  • daughter Katherine 1722 - marries Edward Greenwood in 1740 in Otterham - little Edward is born in 1741.
  • daughter Anne 1724 - Bill suggests that she is the illegitimate daughter of Joan 1672. This is not mentioned on IGI record where only the mother, Joan, is given. She fits in well with this group of siblings. Perhaps she marries John Drakes in the village in 1754 - little Ann Drakes is born there in 1760 and there are several John Drakes, born and married in the village through the next century - see Ann 1720 for further information

Family 4: John and Thomazine Cowling

For John 1771 and Ann Buckingham/Thomasin Cowling, go to Marhamchurch Family 12a. For John 1759 and Thomasin Gregory, go to North Petherwin Family 1

Family 5: John and Jenny Ward

John 1796 from Warbstow is the son of John and Jenny Chapman and the grandson of Nicholas and Mary French. He marries Jenny Ward in St Gennys in 1826. Jenny is the daughter of Edward and Mary Ward from St Gennys, born in 1804. They have 8 children between 1826 and 1841. John is a farmer - in 1841 the family is at Trewenick, Tintagel.

But affairs seem not to go well - John travels to America in 1846 with his eldest son, Edward. But Jenny is left behind and in poverty - she is found in Stowford in Devon at the time of the 1851 census as a former farmer's wife and pauper with Ann(15), Eliz(12), John(10) and Jane(8) in tow. But things seem to look up as John returns? and the whole family emigrate: see Emigrant page

  • son Edward 1827 born in St Gennys. He is with his parents at Trewenick, Tintagel in 1841. He is also a farmer and travels with his father to America in 1846. He marries Emma Fox, born 1840 in England. They marry in 1858 in Lake Milk in Wisconsin. They have 4 children - Francis 1859, Agnes 1861,  John 1870 and Minnie 1874 - all born in America. Edward dies 1885 and is buried in Northland Oakland cemetery, Jefferson County, Wisconsin. Emma dies in Wisconsin in 1908.
  • daughter Mary Ann 1831 born in Warbstow. She is with her parents at Trewenick, Tintagel in 1841. She is found in London in 1851 working as aservant for Sarah Shepherd at 8 Cadogan terrace, Chelsea. She travels with her family to America where she marries Richard Jolliffe (born 1830 in Tremaine) in 1855 in Wisconsin. Richard's parents have also emigrated. Their only daughter, Anna J. Jolliffe, was born in 1864 in London. They are in Palmyra in the 1880 US census. She dies in 1911 and is buried in Pleasant Valley cemetery, Palmyra, Wisconsin
  • anon 1833 born in Warbstow and dies the same year
  • daughter Ann J 1835 born in Warbstow. She is with her parents at Trewenick, Tintagel in 1841. In Stowford in Devon at the time of the 1851 census, she emigrates after 1851 and marries Andrew Thayer in Wisconsin in 1859. In 1880 they are in Lake Mills, Jefferson Wisconsin
  • daughter Elizabeth 1837. She is with her parents at Trewenick, Tintagel in 1841. In Stowford in Devon at the time of the 1851 census, she emigrates after 1851 and marries Quincey Hanney from Vermont in 1856 in Wisconsin. She dies in 1898 in Ames, Kansas.
  • son John Ward 1838 born in Warbstow. He is with his parents at Trewenick, Tintagel in 1841. In Stowford in Devon at the time of the 1851 census, he emigrates after 1851 and marries Sarah (Sally) Lucretia Stetson in Jefferson County in 1868. Sally was born 22 June 1843 in Warren, Washington Co., Vermont descended from Edmund Rice, who emigrated from England in the 1630's. They married 25 March 1868 in Lake Ripley, Jefferson County, Wisconsin. In the 1880 U.S. census John was a farmer in Lawrence, Cloud Co., Kansas with 2 boys and 1 daughter. He died 30 March 1917 in Concordia, Cloud Co., Kansas. Alton Rogers has more information on Sally and John - see Emigrant page
  • daughter Frances 1840 born in Warbstow. She emigrates after 1851 
  • daughter Jane W 1841 born in Tintagel. In Stowford in Devon at the time of the 1851 census, she emigrates after 1851. In 1863, she marries Merrill Bennett, norn 1842 in New Hampshire. In 1880, they are in Hebron, Thayer, Nebraska where Merrill is a teamster. They have a daughter, Viola.

John dies Jefferson County in Wisconsin in 1871 and Jenny, his wife, in 1888. For further information on this line you should contact Eugene Clark

Family 6a: Abel and Philippa Tinney

Abel 1793 born in Warbstow, the son of Abel and Jennifer Edwards and the grandson of son of Nicholas and Mary French. He marries Philippa Tinney in 1832 in St Gennys - Philippa was born there in 1805, the daughter of Jacob Tinney and Honor Mill. 

Abel was a carpenter and in 1841, he and Philly are living at 22, New House, St Gennys with their first four children.

They moved to the Plymouth area where he is found in the censuses of 1851 and 1861. But they move back north as Abel dies in the Stratton area in 1865  and Philippa dies there  in 1875.
(An alternative view is that Abel is Abel 1803 from Stratton)

  • daughter Mary Jane 1832 born in St Gennys. In 1841 she is with her parents in St Gennys. In 1851, 1861 and 1881 she is in Plymouth Charles. At the 1871 census, she is unmarried, described as 'grand-daughter' of John and Jane Marshall and living with them in Stratton. She returns to Plymouth - by the 1881 census she is living with Louisa and Samuel Westcott, her brother in law and sister at 15 Tavistock Place, Plymouth Charles. She is described as an 'imbecile' - she dies in Plymouth in 1883.
  • daughter Louisa 1834 born in St Gennys. In 1841 she is with her parents in St Gennys. In 1851, aged 16, she is in Plymouth St.Andrews. In 1860 she marries Samuel. A. Westcott, born in Plymouth in 1833. She is a dressmaker and he is a seaman. In 1861, as Louisa Westcott, she is in Plymouth Charles at 8 Mount St. From 1871 the family are at 15 Tavistock Place, Plymouth Charles - in 1871, Louisa is there with young son, Frederick. In 1881, Samuel is now a naval pensioner and porter and 15 year old son, Frederick, is an apprentice carpenter. Her sister, Mary, is also staying with her. Ten years later in 1891, the family is still in the same house.By 1901, they have moved to 9 bedford Row but they are still together - Samuel is a bank messenger and Frederick is still living at home! Samuel dies in Plymouth in 1916.
  • daughter Betsy Ane 1836 born in St Gennys. In 1841 she is with her parents in St Gennys but she dies in Plymouth St Andrew in 1850.
  • son Richard Morre 1839 born in St Gennys. In 1841 he is with his parents in St Gennys. In 1851, aged 11, he is in Plymouth St.Andrews, an ironmonger's errand boy. In 1861, we find him at Tuckingmill, Warbstow, living with his cousin, Sampson Parsons, a carpenter. Sampson is the son of Mary, Richard's aunt. Richard is working as a joiner. He marries Selina Wakeham in Stoke Damerel in December 1866. In 1872, Richard sails for New York by himself on board the 'Atlantic'. His wife, Selina and their 10 month old son, William, arrive a year later in September 1873 on board the 'Republic'. They emigrate to California where they are found as "Henglow" on the 1880 census. They live in San Francisco all their lives - Selina dies in 1908 and Richard lives with his daughter, Florence. He dies in 1910
    • son William Richard Morre 1871 born in Plymouth St Andrew. He emigrates with his parents but dies in October 1895.
    • daughter Florence Selina 1874 born in California. She marries William Rodgers in California about 1903. He is a native of the Isle of Man. They have four children, all born in California.
  • son William Tinney 1841 born in St Gennys. In 1861, aged 19, he is in Plymouth Charles, a carpenter. He obviously meets Annie Giles Were there. Annie was born in 1843 in East Stonehouse in Plymouth - in the 1851 census she is with her parents in Chapel St., East Stonehouse - father James is a cabinet maker and mother Mary is an upholsterer. There is an IGI marriage in 1830 in Stoke Damerel for James and Mary Westlake - with Mary born in 1816 in Menheniot and thus about 14 at the time of the marriage. James is 10 years older. The "Giles" comes from Annie's maternal grandmother, Joan[na] Giles who married John Westlake in Egloskerry in 1804 - Joan is keeping a shop in Plymouth Charles in 1851 with unmarried daughter, Ann, living with her. This Ann was born in Menheniot and is an upholsterer, just like sister Mary. In 1861, James and Mary are living in Bedford Place, St Charles with mother in law, Joan Westlake. Young Ann, now 17, is an upholsterer like her mother Mary and aunt Ann before her. William and Annie move to London as they marry there in Poplar, in the summer of 1865.
    In 1871, we find the family at 18 Church Place, Paddington where William is working as a carpenter and joiner. WIlliam travels to the US with brother Richard and arrives in New York on 10th June, 1872 on board the ship 'Atlantic'. Annie and the children must follow soon after as they appear to be living in New York in 1872. The couple later move to Rhode Island, USA, possibly about 1874. They live firstly in Warwick, Kent, RI and later in Providence RI. William is working in a print works in 1880 but later is a carpenter at 216, Branch Avenue, Providence RI. William dies in 1908 in Rhode Island. Annie is still living in Rhode Island at the time of the 1930 census
    • daughter Minnie L. 1866 born in Lambeth in London. She emigrates with her parents and dies unmarried in Rhode Island in 1924 aged 57.
    • son Frederick William 1868 born in Kensington in London. He emigrates with his parents and dies in Rhode Island in 1878
    • daughter Margaret Ada 1870 born in Kensington in London. She emigrates with her parents. She is described as a vocalist in a Providence City directory in 1896. She dies unmarried in Rhode Island in 1907 aged 36.
    • son Hubert Alfred 1872 born in Kensington in London. He emigrates with his parents and is working as a clerk in Rhode Island in 1896. He marries Carolyn Handy and dies in 1952 in Los Angeles.
    • daughter Kate Lily 1875 born in Rhode Island .

By 1871, Philippa is a widow. She and her unmarried daughter Mary Jane are living with John and Jane Marshall (retired farmers) in Stratton. Philippa is described as 'sister-in-law'

Family 7: Edward and Norah Hicks

Edward 1841 is born in Jacobstow, son of Simon and Rebecca Moyse and  the grandson of Edward and Margery Hoskyn. He appears to have been the  favourite of his grandfather, Edward 1775, and was the only grandchild to benefit from the 1855 will, being left the 'house and gardens which was Thomas Burden's' and 'my bed complete which I ly on to be delivered to him immediately after my decease'.

By 1861, he has married Norah Hicks, born in 1833 in St Gennys. By the census in 1871, he is a substantial farmer of 160 acres in the village. The next year he and the whole family emigrates to Wisconsin with his brothers - Emigrant US Group 3. In 1880, they are to be found in Palmyra, Jefferson, Wisconsin - all except Mary

  • son Simon 1864 born in St Gennys and is with parents in both 1871 census and in 1880 US census
  • daughter Joanna 1867 born in St Gennys and is with parents in both 1871 census but not in 1880 US census
  • son Samuel 1869 born in St Gennys and is with parents in both 1871 census and in 1880 US census
  • daughter Rebecca 1871 born in St Gennys and is with parents in both 1871 census and in 1880 US census
  • other children - Elizabeth, Margery, Jane, Grace and John are all born in USA

Family 8: Nicholas and Elizabeth Smale

Nicholas 1599 is the son of Nicholas and Elizabeth Whitford  and the grandson of  Thomas 1537 and Joan. He marries Elizabeth Smale in St Gennys in 1625. There is a will dated 1647 in which Elizabeth mentions all her children except James.

Nicholas dies in 1687.

  • son Nicholas 1623 born in St Gennys - there is a record of Nicholas buried in 1635
  • son John 1625 born in St Gennys. He marries
    • son Nicholas 1668 - he marries Elizabeth Short - Family 2a
    • daughter Margery 1672 born in St Gennys
  • son Thomas 1626 born in St Gennys - his will in 1690 mentions his wife but without a name
  • daughter Joan 1629 born in St Gennys
  • daughter Philippa 1630 born in St Gennys - marries Mr Heard
    • son, George - in 1705, we find the a record of the will of George Heard alias Uglow, husbandman, of St Gennys
    • son Nicholas - again known as Uglow or Heard. He marries Dorothy Marshall or Marcott in 1684 in St Gennys. We have a record of John Uglow/Heard, son of John Uglow/Heard, born 1720 in Poundstock - there's probably a connection here.
  • son James 1634 born in St Gennys - marries Mary Holman in 1672 - Family 9
  • son William - marries Mary Baker in 1670 in St Gennys - Family 10

Family 9: James and Mary Holman

James 1634 is the son of Nicholas and Elizabeth Smale and the grandson of Nicholas and Elizabeth Whitford. He marries Mary Holman in 1672 in St Gennys. Despite his relatively advanced age, they had 8 children, all born in the village: 

  • daughter Elizabeth1672 who married Thomas Stacey in 1706 but died the following year
  • son John1677 who dies in 1716
  • daughter Katherine1680 who also married a Stacey (like her sister Elizabeth), William, in 1702
  • son William1681 - he dies in 1688
  • son Digory1682
  • son Richard - marries Joan, her family is unknown but she dies in 1749
    • daughter Mary 1712 born in Clawton
  • son Nicholas - marries Joan - Family 3
  • son  James1687

Family 10: William and Mary Baker

William is the son of Nicholas and Elizabeth Smale and the grandson of Nicholas and Elizabeth Whitford. He was a yeoman who marries Mary Baker in 1670.

  • daughter Mary 1671
  • daughter Joan 1672 - did Joan marry Daniel Eliot?
    1) Daniell Eliot esquire of Port Eliot 2) John Smeith, son of Edward Smeith, yeoman of St Gennys. Tenement at West Deserd, alias West Desert in St Gennys, now in the tenure of Edward Smeith, excepting timber rights. Term: 99 years or the lives of 1) and Joan Uglow daughter of William Uglow, yeoman of St Gennys, to commence after the death of Edward Smeith. Consideration: £60 and rent of 23s per annum. Heriot: best beast.
  • son Thomas - buried 1676


  • Mary marries Edward Maynord in 1720 - possibly Mary 1692, the daughter of John and Martha from Marhamchurch?
  • William 1727 in Stratton or William 1735 in Poundstock marries Mary Heard in 1763
  • William 1759 marries Jane Bray in 1784
  • Ann, daughter of John and Ann Ridgman of Jacobstow,marries Thomas Jewell in St Gennys in 1793. She dies in 1839 in St Gennys and there is an MI to her.

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