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Marhamchurch photo by Steve Potter (who also has accommodation if you wish to visit -

The village lies on the disused canal just two miles south-east of Bude. It was founded as a monastic settlement by St. Morwenna  - 'Church of St Marwen'. This saint could be one of the children of King Broccanor and  could be St Merwenn, the 10th century abbess of Romsey in Hampshire. The parish is in the north-east corner of Cornwall near the Devon border, which may explain the English sounding name. Every year, on the Monday after 12th August, the ancient Marhamchurch Revel is held to celebrate the Saint's good works. A Queen of the Revel is elected from among the village schoolgirls and crowned by Father Time on the spot in front of the church where St. Morwenna's cells once stood. A procession, led by the local band and the newly crowned Queen riding on horseback, then passes through the village to the Revel Ground.

The old Bude canal, built in the 19th century, which connected Launceston and Holsworthy to the port of Bude. In 1888 the railways made the canal obsolete. 


1841 1991
659 648

Statistics: 2703 acres of land, 13 acres of water and 92 acres of foreshore.


Marhamchurch is only just south of Bude.

1. The whole of Cornwall
2. Here is a  map to get you to Marhamchurch - you can change the scale as well as get the local weather and cinema listings!

Early days

All living Uglows will find their roots in  Marhamchurch and surrounding villages. The evidence for this is substantial - the Cornwall Military Surveys dated 1522, 1525 and 1543 mention William, Robert and Nicholas from Stratton. From the mid-16th century to the 19th century, there are over 100 records of births, let alone marriages and deaths. For over 100 years, IGI gives us no records of Uglows away from Marhamchurch except ones that appear to have moved from the village to Bodmin, Kilkhampton, Holworthy and Okehampton. Of course IGI records are far from complete but it is probable that we all derive from Marhamchurch, perhaps even a single family that adopted the surname in the 15th? century.

There are some early occurrences elsewhere - the earliest reference that I have found to Uglow as a surname is a Thomas Uglow who is a trustee for the Brixton Feoffee Lands Charity in a document dated 1st March 1484/5 - Brixton just east of Plymouth, Devon. But this appears to be an outlier and no other records link into this. There is also Alexander in St Gennys, just to the west, in the late 16th century and around 1614 we have the will of Anastatius 1550 from Lewannick (west of Launceston). But the evidence points firmly to Marhamchurch as the seat of the Uglow surname.

1529: William of Hele

Hele is a hamlet - just by the A39 at the turning to Marhamchurch. It's probable that this is the WIlliam mentioned in the Cornwall Military Surveys:

John Wolfe senior and George Awnger give, grant and confirm to John Bhare, Christine his wife and John their son, the reversion of one tenement in Hele in the vill of Ponte within the parish of Stratton, which William Uglow  now holds; and also the reversion of all their lands and tenements in Hele in the vill of Ponte, which the said John Wolfe now holds ; for the terms of their lives and the longest liver of them, paying annually for Uglow's tenement 23 shillings, and for Wolfe's 7 shillings and 8d; and as heriots one best beast in the first case, and 12d in the second (Cornish Record Office)

The following may be the same William

3 and 4 Philip and Mary [1556].- William Calle grants and confirms to John Marris, Thomas Tayler junior, John Judde, John Cory, John Braye, Richard Calle, John Yowe, William Wille, Nicholas Hore and Thomas Bere all his house called the Cherche howse with all its appurtenances in Stratton, which he, the said Williiam Calle, together with William Vggelowe [Uglow], William Davy, Thomas Marris, William Gifte and John Hore deceased, lately had of the gift and feoffment of John Trengere and Walter Langeforde, to have and to hold the same to them and their heirs to their sole and proper behoof and use for ever, to hold of the capital lords of that fee by the rents and services thence before due and of right accustomed ; with powers of attorney to James Calle and Richard Olyver for livery of the same.

There's more litigation about Church House in Cornish Record Office P216/25/140 which mentions an old man, John Uglow.

1529+1534: Robert of Stratton

Melhoc is Millook on the coast by Poundstock. I've not been able to identify Poppy's Place (in 1570 Pope's Place). Again it's probable that this is the Robert mentioned in the Cornwall Military Surveys:

John Wulffe senior, of Northcott, gives, demises and confirms to John Carwetham, William Geft, Robert Uglow, William Besshepp, John Jule, John Payne, Thomas Jule, Nicholas Symon of Bowrwode, Thomas Taylor junior, John Trevelan, William Sparke, John Schort junior, Nicholas Judd, Robert Regyll, and Robert Hayne all his messuages, lands, tenements, rents, reversions and services with all their appurtenances in Melloc, with his common pasture in Melhoc aforesaid, to wit, in the west part of the water of Porthoy and in the wood in the same place, with all cattle, and housebote, as is contained in the principal charter of old time made, which he lately had of the gift and feoffment of John Aunger, Walter Bryant and John Helyer, together with Walter Sparke, John Coche, Robert Lyll, John Judd and William Reve now deceased ; and also all his messuages, lands, tenements, rents, reversions and services with all their appurtenances in Stone in the parish of Stratton, called Poppys place, near the bank of the sea...(Cornish Record Office).

In 1570, Robert is again mentioned as joint owner of Pope's Place (Cornish Record Office P216/25/22).

Later in 1534:

John Wulffe senior, of Northcotte, grants, demises and confirms to William Sperke, John Carwetham, John Wulfe son of John Wulffe senior, John Jule, Thomas Jule, Nicholas Wyll, William Call, William Symon, John Pery, Thomas Taylor, Thomas Hykytt and Robert Vglow [Uglow] all his messuages, lands, tenements, rents and services in Hele and in the vill of Ponte

1533-38: Richard and Joan of Stratton

It's not clear whether Richard and Joan are husband and wife or siblings

Six clerks office, Court of Chancery: 1533-38 Richard and Joan Uglowe v. William Harrys and William Gyfte: detention of deeds relating to a messuage and land in Stratton, Cornwall and Estwoode demised by the said Harrys to complainants for their lives;

William, Robert, Richard and Nicholas were all apparently heads of our earliest families. But their forenames don't to link easily with the early BDM records which start in the late 1550s.

By the 3rd quarter of the 16th century, there are at least two Uglow families, one headed by Thomas and the other by John.  Was there just one Thomas Uglow and one John Uglow? Without mothers' names on the records at this point, we can't answer this question  definitely but I usggest that there are three mid-16th century Marhamchurch families from whom most of us are probably descended:

Family 1a: Thomas and Joan

Thomas was born in 1537 - IGI gives his parents as 'Mr and Mrs Uglow' born 1516 and 1518. Perhaps we can reconstruct his parentage from three burials of Thomases in 1566, 1568 and 1580

1. Thomas marries Agnes circa 1515 - they have a son, Thomas, born 1516. Thomas dies in August 1580 in Marhamchurch and Agnes in January 1586.[ I have a note that there was a will?]
2. Thomas 1516 marries and has a son, Thomas 1537. Thomas dies in January 1566 - John1921 has him as the son of Agnes
3. Thomas 1537
married Joan in 1557. There are a batch of births from 1559 to 1567 with Thomas as father. It seems reasonable to treat this as a single family. 

There are no further IGI records after 1567 for children with 'father Thomas' and, assuming this is one family, Thomas dies in 1568. Joan's will in 1607 has been transcribed by Charlou Dolan. It gives £5 to sons John and Nicholas ''which was given to [them] by [their] father Thomas'. The odd thing here is that this is 40 years after Thomas's death? Son Thomas gets 50s. She gives daughter Mary, the wife of John Netherton the best feather bed with the bolsters. There are a couple of bequests - the middle black work pan goes to John Gibbens. The residue goes to son Richard as executor

  • daughter Charytie 1559 is born in Marhamchurch. She dies in 1560
  • son John 1559 is born in Marhamchurch. He marries cousin Elizabeth Uglow - Family 1bi
  • son Thomas 1560  is born in Marhamchurch. He marries Lowdie Couch in 1592 and moves to Bodmin - Family 1a  
  • daughter Mary 1561 is born in Marhamchurch. She marries John Netherton in the village in 1593 and is mentioned in her mother's will as this. She and John have at least 2 children, Elizabeth 1600, John 1603
  • son Richard 1563 is born in Marhamchurch but, assuming this is one family, dies young.
  • son Richard 1565 is born in Marhamchurch - he inherits the remainder and is executor of his mother's will in 1607. In 1599 in Braunton, North Devon, he marries Margaret Berry, born in 1581 in Braunton, daughter of Thomas Berry and Joan Lewis. Richard dies in 1632 in Marhamchurch. Margaret dies in the village in 1669.
    • daughter Mary 1607 is born in Marhamchurch - she marries Thomas Piers in Boyton in 1638
  • son Nicholas 1567 is born in Marhamchurch. As to his death, there are wills for 2 Nicholases - one in 1630 and one in 1647

Family 2a: John and Elizabeth 

John, provenance unknown, marries  Elizabeth, who dies in April, 1564. John might die in 1571 in Marhamchurch or in 1581 in Stratton. The last four children of this family are almost identical to that of John and Frances Lamerton - this might sound unbelievable but there appear to be 2 Johns (as we've got two marriages) and 2 Elizabeths (one dies in infancy). So we will assume that there are two of each - until we can prove otherwise!

  • son William 1559 is born in Marhamchurch. This is probably William who is church warden in 1610. William dies in 1622 and was buried in Bodmin. His will (transcribed by Charlou Dolan) is proved in September 1622. It does not mention any wife or children. Brother Nicholas is left 50s and there are legacies for Nicholas's son and grandson. Brother John (of Bodmin) is left the residue
  • daughter Amye 1561 is born in Marhamchurch. She dies in 1592
  • son John 1563 is born in Marhamchurch - probably moves to Bodmin as he is described as John Uglow of Bodmin in his brother William's will -marries Alice Dyer - Bodmin Family 2a
  • son Nicholas 1566 born in Marhamchurch - named in his brother William's will. That will also mentions Nicholas Ugler the Younger, presumably a son. This makes it very likely that he marries Elizabeth Whitford - Family 1biv (as opposed to Nicholas 1567). As to his death, there are wills for 2 Nicholases - one in 1630 and one in 1647
  • daughter Elizabeth 1568 is born in Marhamchurch. IGI shows her dying in 1569.

Family 2ai: John and Frances Lamerton

Another John marries Frances Lamerton in Marhamchurch in 1563. John might die in 1571 in Marhamchurch or in 1581 in Stratton.  The last four children of this family are almost identical to that of John and Elizabeth - this might sound unbelievable but there appear to be 2 Johns (as we've got two marriages), 2 Elizabeths (one dies in infancy), 2 Nicholases (we appear to have 2 wills). So we will assume that there are two of each - until we can prove otherwise!

  • son John 1564 is born in Marhamchurch. He marries Joan Cottell in St Andrews, Plymouth in 1594. This looks very strange - there is a Joan Cottell born in Morwenstow (just a few miles north of the village) in 1566 - but why go to Plymouth to get married? The church weren't that fussy about pregnant brides...
    • daughter Joan - she marries Digery Lamerton in 1609 in the village. There is record for June 20th, 7th year of James I : Feoffment by William Lamerton of Marhamchurch, yeoman, to John Uglow the younger and John Shipherd, both of the same, yeomen, in consideration of a marriage to be solemnised between Degorie Lamerton, son and heir of the aforesaid William Lamerton, and Johan Uglowe, daughter of the aforesaid John Uglow; concerning messuages called Woodknowle, Woodknowle Parkes and Whorelake alias Horelake, all in Marhamchurch. There is a bond at the same date, ... binding John Uglow, son of John Uglow, of Marhamchurch, yeoman, in £200, to Degory Lamerton of Wodknole in Marhamchurch, yeoman; concerning lands known as Woodknole, Woodknole Parkes, Whorelake alias Horrylake, all in Marhamchurch. The only John, son of John, of this date is the son of John and Frances Lamerton. But Joan looks very young to be married, although she might be John's daughter by an earlier marriage? The only IGI Degory Lamerton, son of William is born in 1567, is much older. Is this an arranged marriage? - there seem to be substantial property dealings around it.

      This is not the end of the story - there is clearly a law suit in 1636 over this property, Nathaniel Gyst and John Uglowe, querents, and Thomas Uglowe, deforciant; concerning lands called Woodknoll alias Woodknoll Parkes, Whorelake alias Horelake, all in Marhamchurch. This probably arises from the death of John 1564 - does the property go to sister Elizabeth (married to John Uglow 1559) or to brother Thomas? This may have been an actual disagreement or, as Charlou Dolan has pointed out, a collusive suit undertaken to have the legal title to the land recorded in the court records.

      The reference to Nathaniel Geest is probably to the son in law of John 1559. It appears that Thomas won as next year we find, Lease for lives by Thomas Uglowe the younger of Marhamchurch, yeoman, to William Lamerton of the same, yeoman, and Grace, his wife; concerning Woodknole, Woodknole Parkes and Whorelake alias Horlake in Marhamchurch

      (Woodknowle was in the hands of the Coumb family in the 17th century and later farmed by the Edmonds and later the Yeos in the 19th century - Martyn Yeo (I can provide an email) is actively seeking information about this farm)

  • son Nicholas 1566 is born in Marhamchurch
  • daughter Elizabeth 1568 is born in Marhamchurch. She marries cousin John 1559 - Family 1bi
  • son Thomas 1570 is born in Marhamchurch. He marries Mary Piper - Family 2bi

Family 1bi: John and Elizabeth Uglow

John 1559 is the son of Thomas 1537 and Joan.

He marries his cousin, Elizabeth 1568, daughter of John and Frances Lamerton, in 1584 in the village. Elizabeth is only 16 but note that daughter Ales is probably born before her parents marry.

In 1607, his mother, Joan, dies and leaves him £5 'which was given by his father Thomas'. Their children were:

  • daughter Alice 1584 is born in Marhamchurch, possibly a couple of months before her parents marry. She marries William Dennis in 1608 in Marhamchurch and they have five children. Alice and the children are mentioned in her father's will.
  • son Thomas 1585 is born in Marhamchurch. He marries Phillipe Jule - Family 1ci
  • daughter Jane 1587 is born in Marhamchurch.She is not mentioned in her father's will and may well have died young.
  • son William 1590 is born in Marhamchurch. His father's will mentions the children and his wife, Johann who must be Johann Lamerton - Family 4a
  • daughter Elizabeth 1592 is born in Marhamchurch. She marries Nathaniel Geeste in 1617. They have six children. She is mentioned in her father's will as well as her mother's.
  • son John 1594. He is mentioned in her father's will, along with wife Mary but there is little further information

We have some further evidence about this family from the wills of John and Elizabeth. John's will clearly shows that he was a successful farmer (he leaves at least 4 cows and 16 sheep). In his will in 1621 (transcribed by Charlou Dolan), John bequeaths:

  1. 3 silver spoons, a cow and half his household goods to John Uglow, the son of 'Thomas the elder'. This must be John's grandson, son of Thomas and Philippe Jule. I have no record of a John and he's not mentioned in his grandmother's will - perhaps this is James.
  2. but the 3 silver spoons, a cow and half his household goods are for the use of his eldest son Thomas during his lifetime! Thomas is also his executor.
  3. Thomas's other five children are left a sheep apiece
  4. son William gets £20 and a heifer while his wife Johann and their five children are left a sheep apiece
  5. his daughter Alice Dennis is left a cow and her five children are left a sheep apiece
  6. son John gets £10 but only if he comes personally to claim it from the executor (brother Thomas). This suggests that John has gone walkabout and left his wife Mary (who is left a sheep).
  7. there are bequests to several grandchildren and household servants
  8. there is a small bequest to his daughter Elizabeth Geeste but no sheep for her children, although her husband Nathaniel is a witness to the will

What is missing in John's will is any mention of his wife, Elizabeth.However she is not left in the workhouse as we can see from her will in 1639 (transcribed by Charlou Dolan). The executor is Gabriel Geeste, her grandson. It mentions

  1. cows to brothers Degory and Thomas Lamerton, yearlings to John, Richard and Elizabeth Lamerton, my 'great bed', 'my great crock' and 'my middle pan' to Nathaniel Lamerton and 3 shillings to William Lamerton. These must all be cousins from her mother's family - NB Degory married Joan Uglow in Marhamchurch in 1609
  2. her daughter Elizabeth (Geeste) gets her best bed and coverlet, Elizabeth's daughters (Elizabeth and Alice) get the 'red cow'
  3. other Geestes (Mary, John, Nathaniel and Bernard) are her Geeste grandchildren?
  4. James 1612 is presumably her grandson and is left her little round table
  5. her kinsman, Thomas Uglow, is left one 'old cloak and my worst coverlet' and his two children get one shilling apiece. This may be brother Thomas 1570 who married Mary Piper - Family 2bi or alternatively her eldest grandchild, Thomas.

Again it is interesting who is not mentioned by Elizabeth. Of all her children, only the Geestes play a signficant role. There are no bequests, even of a shilling, to Alice, Thomas or William's children (with the sole exception of James). These two wills suggest a very split family with John and Elizabeth not ackowledging each other and with Alice, Thomas and William on their father's side while Elizabeth lines up alongside her mother's other Lamerton relations.

Family 1ci: Thomas and Phillipe Jule

Thomas 1585 is the son of John and Elizabeth Uglow and the grandson of Thomas 1537. He marries Phillipe Jule in Marhamchurch in June, 1609 - Thomas is born in September.

  • son Thomas 1609 born in Marhamchurch -  marries Katherine Furze - Family 1di
  • son James 1612 born in Marhamchurch. He is mentioned (but not his parents) in his grandmother Elizabeth's will. We have the will of James Uglow who dies in 1644. There are no other records of James around this date. Also the inventory is taken by Richard (his brother?) and George (perhaps his first cousin George 1612). The total value is £4 5s
  • son Richard 1615 born in Marhamchurch but dies in infancy
  • son Benjamine 1616 born in Marhamchurch- in 1658 he marries Margaret Yemond - Family 1dia
  • son William - marries Em - Family 1cia
  • son George - suggested by brother William's will

Thomas may have been a cleric, the schoolmaster at Marhamchurch parish school from 1622. he is described as 'literatus', without a degree but sufficiently literate to be ordained. He was later appointed as a curate at Welcombe parish, Hartland in 1641 - Welcombe is 3 miles south of Hartland, on the border of Devon with Cornwall. Probably from Marhamchurch, this Thomas dies in Marhamchurch in 1646 and is described at his death as 'clericus' . Alternatively he may be the son of Thomas and Lowdie Couch

Family 1cia: William and Em

William's will tells us that he is one of four brothers - the others are Thomas who has 5 children, Benjamin who has 2 children and George who has 3 children. This suggests that William is the son of Thomas and Phillipe Jule and the grandson of John and Elizabeth Uglow.

William is married to Em - he dies in 1662 and there is a record of Em Uglow who dies in Marhamchurch in 1687.

  • daughter - she marries Thomas Congdon who is named as a son-in-law in William's will in 1662 .
    [There is an IGI record of Thomas1613 who marries 'Emmie' in 1644 - if this is correct, then this suggests that William must be too old to be the son of Thomas 1585?]

Family 1di: Thomas and Katherine Furze

Thomas 1609 born in Marhamchurch is the son of Thomas and Phillipe Jule and the grandson of John and Elizabeth Uglow. He marries Katherine Furze, born about 1611, in Marhamchurch in 1632. He receives a tenement in Great Torrington under his brother William's will in 1662 - but this will says that he has five children:

  • daughter Jane 1632 born in Marhamchurch
  • daughter Abigail 1634 born in Marhamchurch - marries William Galsworthy in Poundstock in 1663
  • son Richard 1637 born in Marhamchurch - marries Elizabeth Braund - Family 1ei
  • daughter Bridget 1647 born in Marhamchurch. She dies unmarried in 1676

Family 1ei: Richard and Elizabeth Braund

Richard 1637  is the son of Thomas and Katherine Furze and the grandson of Thomas and Phillipe Jule. He marries Elizabeth Braund, born in Bridgerule, Devon, in January 1655 in Launcells.

 (It is possible that Richard 1637 married Jane Tuke in 1665, also in Launcells and that it is Robert 1634 from Bodmin who marries Elizabeth and moves to Marhamchurch)

  • daughter Mary 1656 - marries John Dayman in Launcells in 1693. There are sons John 1691 and William 1696 and a Dayman chest tomb in Poughill graveyard. ( NB Mary 1640 is an alternative bride)
  • daughter Elizabeth 1661 - we have several Marhamchurch Elizabeths and five weddings involving Elizabeths but this can be whittled down:
    • 1678 to John Ebbott - probably Elizabeth 1638
    • 1694 to Robert Webb - Stratton [but referred to as widowed so not Elizabeth 1661] ]
    • 1705 to Pierce Manaton - probably Elizabeth 1676
    • 1706 to Thomas Stacey - marries Elizabeth 1673 in St Gennys
    • 1706 to Richard Blake in Marhamchurch - perhaps too old?
  • son Nicholas 1664 - this is Nicholas who marries Elizabeth Short and moves to St Gennys - Family 2a. However IGI gives Nicholas's birth date as 'about 1670' on the marriage certificate.
  • son John 1666 born in Marhamchurch - IGI record says father is 'Leonard' and mother is Elizabeth but this seems unlikely. Leonard is not a 17th century name and seems a misreading of Richard? - see Family 7. John may well marry Joan Andrew in Alwington in 1705
Family 1fi: Richard and Mary Jewel

Richard marries Mary Jewel in the village in July 1676. Who is this Richard? IGI gives his date of birth on the marriage record as 1651. Mary dies in Marhamchurch in 1678.

  • son Richard 1678 but dies in 1699
Family 1dia : Benjamin and Margaret Yemond

Benjamine 1616 is the son of Thomas and Phillipe Jule and the grandson of John and Elizabeth Uglow.

He marries Margaret Yemond in 1658. She was born in 1625. Benjamin dies in 1686 and Margaret in 1697:

  • son Benjamin 1658 - marries Joan Brown in 1688 and Grace Lamerton in 1706 in Marhamchurch - Family 1eia  
  • daughter Mary 1660 - marries John Dayman in the village in 1682. She dies before 1714 as her brother, Benjamin, mentions his sister, Mary Dayman deceased, in his will in 1714.
  • daughter Margaret 1664 - marries John Dart in the village in 1690. Her brother, Benjamin, mentions his sister, Margaret Dart, in his will in 1714.
  • son William 1666 - a bit old but possibly marries Elizabeth Balachet in Stratton in 1711? - Stratton Family 3 - against this is the fact that he is not mentioned in his brother's will...

Family 1eia : Benjamin and Joan Browne and Grace Lamerton

Benjamine 1658 is the son of Benjamin and Margaret Yemond and the grandson of Thomas and Phillipe Jule

He marries Joane Browne in November 1688 in the village - Joane dies in Marhamchurch in 1689, presumably following the birth of her daughter.

  • daughter Joane1689 born in Marhamchurch. She marries James Tuke in Stratton in 1706 - their son Benjamin is born there in 1707. He marries Mary 1703, the daughter of Benjamin and Ann Buckinham. There is another son, James. Both Benjamin and James are beneficiaries in their grandfather's will. Joane dies before 1714

This is deduced from Benjamin's will in 1714, transcribed by Charlou Dolan. Benjamin is a yeoman and on his death is in possession of two tenements, Lams (?Hams) and New Park in Marhamchurch. He holds these for a period of years and he leaves that remainder of the lease first to his wife Grace, then to the eldest grandson, Benjamin, and finally to the younger Grandson, James. If they both die early, then the estate reverts to his nephews and nieces, the children of his deceased sister, Margaret Dayman. He also mentions his son-in-law, James Tuke and his wife Ann. Ann must be James second wife - if Benjamin had another daughter called Ann, he would have referred to her as a daughter rather than as a son-in-law's wife?

In his will, Benjamin talks of his wife, Grace - in 1706 Benjamin marries Grace Lamerton in Marhamchurch. Grace is the daughter of Richard and Grace Lamerton and is the same age as Benjamin, born in November 1658 in Marhamchurch. In her will (thanks to Charlou Dolan for transcribing this), Grace talks of her brothers, William (rector of Bodenham) and Richard, and her sister and executor Mary Bray. Grace is the eldest of the four and there are IGI records for all four siblings, designating them as the children of Richard and Grace. Simon Uglow 1688 is a witness.

Family 1cii: Thomas and Athalia Bond

Thomas 1599 is born in Bodmin, the son of Thomas and Lowdie Couch and the grandson of Thomas 1537 and Joan of Marhamchurch. He marries Athalia Bond in 1632 in Marhamchurch:

  • son Jasper 1638 is born in Marhamchurch. He marries Priscilla Philips of  Poughill in 1673 - Family 1dii

Possibly this Thomas was a cleric - appointed as a curate at Welcombe parish, Hartland in 1641 - Welcombe is 3 miles south of Hartland, on the border of Devon with Cornwall. Probably from Marhamchurch, he dies in Marhamchurch in 1646 and is described at his death as 'clericus'. Alternatively he may be the son of John and Elizabeth Uglow

Family 1dii: Jasper and Priscilla Philips

Jasper 1638 is born in Marhamchurch, the son of Thomas 1599 and Athalia Bond and the grandson of Thomas and Lowdie Couch . He marries Priscilla Philips of  Poughill in 1673. Jasper dies in Marhamchurch in 1689.

  • daughter Ulalia 1673 born in Marhamchurch. She marries John Hamlyn in Poughill in 1702.
  • daughter Elizabeth 1676 born in Marhamchurch. She marries Pierce Manaton in 1705 in Poughill
  • daughter Mary 1681 born in Marhamchurch. She marries Andrew Martin in Launcells in 1715
  • son Thomas 1685 born in Marhamchurch.  He marries Elizabeth Bligh in Poundstock in 1704 - Family 1  
  • daughter Sapience 1689 born in Marhamchurch. She dies in 1692

Family 1biii: Richard and Blanche Walkye

We have no provenance for Richard (who might be a son of John and Elizabeth) who marries Blanche Walkye in 1578, in Marhamchurch.  There is a will for Blanche in 1612.

The following are a close group who have a Richard as their father:

  • son Nicholas is born in Marhamchurch.
  • daughter Katheren 1585 is born in Marhamchurch.
  • daughter Francis 1603 is born in Marhamchurch.

Family 1biv: Nicholas and Elizabeth Whitford

Nicholas 1566 is the son of John and Elizabeth. He marries Elizabeth Whitford in Marhamchurch in 1595 There are wills for Nicholases in Marhamchurch in 1630 and 1643.

[It is the will of Nicholas's brother, William, that makes it probable that Nicholas 1566 marries Elizabeth rather than Nicholas 1567. William leaves five pounds to Nicholas's son, Nicholas and a further legacy to Nicholas's grandson, Nicholas 1623. ]

  • son Nicholas 1599 - marries Elizabeth Smale in St Gennys in 1625 - St Gennys Family 8
  • daughter Joan 1599 - dies in infancy
  • daughter Margarett 1601
  • son Richard 1604 - may marry Elizabeth Sampson in Kilkhampton in 1622 - Kilkhampton Family 1
  • daughter Johan 1606 - dies in 1607
  • daughter Alice 1607 - dies in 1610

Family 2bi: Thomas and Mary Piper

Thomas 1570 is the son of John and Frances Lamerton. He marries Mary Piper in 1600 in the village.

His sister Elizabeth's will in 1639 talks of her kinsman, Thomas Uglow and his two children. This probably means that only George and William survive?

  • son John 1600
  • son George 1603 - marries Grace Lammerton in 1633 in the village - Family 2ci- and later marries Margaret Clarke
  • son William 1606 - marries Agnes Heddon 1637 - Family 2cii

Family 2ci: George and Grace Lammerton and Margaret Clarke

George 1603 is the son of Thomas and Mary Piper and the grandson of John and Frances Lamerton. He marries Grace Lammerton in 1633 in the village.

  • daughter Marie 1634 - she dies in infancy
Grace also dies in 1634 and in 1653 George remarries, to Margaret Clarke in Marhamchurch - see Launcells Family 1

[It is possible that George is George 1612, the son of William and Johan Lamerton and the grandson of John Uglow and Elizabeth Uglow. Also these two marriages might be separate - George 1603 marrying Grace and George 1612 marrying Margaret. Doug Hooper's entry on Rootsweb adopts the George 1603 solution ]

Family 2cii: William and Agnes Heddon

William 1606 is the son of Thomas and Mary Piper and the grandson of John and Frances Lamerton

He marries Agnes Heddon in the village in October 1637:

  • daughter Elizabeth 1638 marries John Ebbott in Marhamchurch in 1678
  • daughter Mary 1640

Family 3 deleted

Family 4a: William and Johan Lamerton

William is born in Marhamchurch in 1590, son of John Uglow and Elizabeth Uglow and grandson of Thomas 1537. He marries Johan Lamerton in 1611. William and Johan are mentioned in his father's will in 1621.

  • son George 1612 - possibly marries Grace Lamerton and later Margaret Clarke in1653 in Marhamchurch - Family 2ci and Launcells Family 1
  • son Digory 1618 - marries Margery - St Gennys Family 0.
  • son William 1621 - marries Elizabeth Wills in the village in 1644 (NB uncertain on date - another record says 1664)
  • son Jasper 1623 born in Marhamchurch. He marries Mary Sheere and moves to Holsworthy, Devon - Family 1
  • daughter Agnes 1626 - she dies young in June 1643
  • daughter Agnes 1649? - speculative as there is a record for Agnes who marries Laurence Mussell in Holsworthy. Either the death record is wrong or William has another daughter, Agnes. She lives with or visits her brother, Jasper, in Holsworthy and meets her husband?

Family 4ci: John and Martha Shepperd

John 1651 is the son of Thomas and Jane Payne. Thomas' will in 1664, mentions his young son, John.

John marries Martha Shepperd - we know this as his will mentions Simon Shepperd, his brother in law. Martha 1656 and her brother are probably born in the village, the children of Simon and Hetty Shepperd.

John's will in 1691 states that he is a husbandman and mentions his wife and children - including Mary, the child that is in the womb as well as his brothers, Thomas and Gerrence. The will is complex as it appears that, just before his death, John purchased a tenement, Higher Hilton Park, from Sir John Rolle for £170, perhaps worth £15,000 today. If Rolle were to enforce this contract, John asked his brothers and brother in law to farm the fields for the benefit of his wife and children. If Rolle did the decent thing, then the residue of the estate went to Martha.

Martha may die in 1720 - the grave of her son, Simon, includes a Martha, died 1720 but an alternative scenario is that Martha re-marries, after the death of John in 1691. This time it is to Samuel Rulland in 1692 in Marhamchurch - the couple live in the village where son Samuel is born in 1696, Martha in 1699 and Christian in 1703

  • son Thomas 1686 born in Marhamchurch. He marries Elizabeth Dayman [1726-1815] in 1765. This seems absurdly late but Thomas dies in 1778 and leaves a will in which he mentions his wife Elizabeth and his brother in law, John Dayman. There are also mentions for his [now dead] brother Simon and all Simon's sons and daughters. Great niece, Thomasin 1754, also merits a mention. He also talks of brother in law, Samuel Parsons, husband of Margaret Dayman.
    Elizabeth dies in 1815 and her will mentions her brother, John Dayman, her sister, Margaret Parsons [who gets a life interest in the estate in which she is living], John Parsons [who gets a legacy of £100], Elizabeth and Digory Marshall, Thomasin and Daniel Skinner. There are also legacies for brother Simon's widow, called Mary, and all their children
  • son Simon 1688  born in Marhamchurch. He marries Martha Mountjoy - Family 4di
  • daughter Jane 1690 born in Marhamchurch.  She marries William Symons of Poundstock in 1720 in Marhamchurch. He is a yeoman in Poundstock. He is mentioned in his cousin, Richard's, will. He dies in 1743 and his will is here, witnessed by Jane's brother, Simon.
  • daughter Mary 1692 born in Marhamchurch.  

Family 4di: Simon and Martha Mountjoy

Simon 1688 is the son of John and Martha and the grandson of Thomas and Jane Payne. He was born in Marhamchurch and marries Martha Mountjoy in Pancrasweek, Devon in 1714. Martha dies in 1728 in Marhamchurch. In 1730, Simon is a witness to the will of Grace, wife of Benjamin.

Simon 1688 dies in 1754 and is buried in Marhamchurch - there is an MI with infant son, John but also Martha 1720 - this could be his mother or, more likely, another infant death. His will states that he was a yeoman and mentions his children, Simon and Martha but not Mary or Elizabeth

  • son Simon 1716 born in Marhamchurch. One complication is the IGI birth record which has Simon dying in 1720 - this is not the case as his father mentions Simon in his will in 1754. It is possible that SImon 1716 does die and that there is a later Simon. He marries Mary Dayman - Family 4ei
  • daughter Mary 1717 born in Marhamchurch. 
  • son John 1720 born in Marhamchurch. He  dies in 1721
  • daughter Martha 1722 born in Marhamchurch. She is mentioned in her father's will in 1754. It is likely that she is the Martha who dies in Marhamchurch in 1775.
  • daughter Elizabeth 1726 -  mentioned in her niece, Elizabeth's, will in 1798

Family 4ei: Simon and Mary Dayman

Simon 1716 is born in Marhamchurch and is the son of Simon and Martha Mountjoy and the grandson of John and Martha.

He marries Mary Dayman in Poughill in 1747. Her grave says she is 'of Harlake, Mar.' or 'of Rattenbury'. Simon dies in 1764 and Mary may well die in 1790. Both are buried in Marhamchurch.

  • daughter Mary 1748 born in Marhamchurch. She marries Peter Parsons in the village in 1779 - this is confirmed by her sister, Elizabeth's, will in 1798
  • son Simon 1750 born in Marhamchurch. He marries Elizabeth Oliver - Family 4fi
  • daughter Martha 1751 born in Marhamchurch - she is not married when her sister Elizabeth writes her will but it is likely that she is the Martha who marries Edward Shearme, Rector of Morwenstow in 1797. Elizabeth's will talks of John Shearme who is Edward's brother. There is a further twist - in Marhamchurch graveyard lies Mary Uglow Shearme 1810-1852 whose father was Edward but whose mother was Thomasin. Martha dies before 1806 and Edward marries her niece Thomasin Marshall, daughter of her sister Thomasin.
  • daughter Thomasin 1754 born in Marhamchurch. She marries Edward Marshall in the village in 1775. Their children include William and Thomasin Marshall who  receive bequests from Aunt Elizabeth's will in 1798. Edward dies in 1827. Their daughter, Thomasin Marshall, marries Edward Shearm in 1806 in Stoke Damerel - there is an IGI record. They have 3 children, one of whom is Mary Uglow Shearme, born 1810 in Morwenstow and who dies in 1852 and is buried in Marhamchurch graveyard. In the 1841 census, they are at Hackthorn - this had been the farm of Simon 1750 and he left the administration of the estate to Thomasin's first cousin, Ann 1796. Ann is also recorded in the census as being there. [Thanks to Sue Collings for unravelling this story]
  • son John 1756 born in Marhamchurch. He possibly marries Frances Rundle in Poundstock in 1778 - Family 4 - but is dead by the time of his sister, Elizabeth's, will in 1798. He is likely to have died by the time of his mother's death in 1790.
  • daughter Elizabeth 1758 born in Marhamchurch. She dies in 1798 and is buried in Marhamchurch. She was unmarried and her will shows that this was a well to do family. The Reverend Charles Dayman, perhaps an uncle, is the executor. Thomas Skinner and Elizabeth and John Sheame are also named. In the will, Elizabeth talks of at least 8 estates or parcels of land in which she has a fifth part. This suggests that the children each inherited a fifth on the death of their mother, Mary in 1790 - this in turn suggests that one of the children, probably John, is dead by 1790.

Family 4fi: Simon and Elizabeth Oliver

Simon 1750 is born in Marhamchurch and is the son of Simon and Mary Dayman and the grandson of Simon and Martha Mountjoy.

He marries Elizabeth Oliver of  Hackthorne [1753-1819] in Stratton in 1795. They may well have lived in Hackthorne, a hamlet just outside Marhamchurch. Elizabeth was born a Marshall and had previously been married to a John Oliver - they married in 1778 but John died, aged 27, in 1781. (Intriguingly their daughter, Jane Oliver, married William John Knighton Bredall (a surgeon from Tavistock) in Marhamchurch 1804 and they named o ne of their children, Elizabeth Ann Uglow Bredall 1807-1866.)

Elizabeth dies in Marhamchurch in 1819, MI in Marhamchurch. Simon dies in 1836 aged 85 and is buried in the village - administration of the estate is granted to daughter Ann.

  • daughter Ann 1796 born in Marhamchurch. In 1841, she is at Hackthorn - on her father's death, Ann was the administrator of the estate and presumably, rather than run the farm herself, it is leased out. In 1841 the farm is being run by James Bayley. Ann is living there as is Aunt Thomasin Shearm and her daughter, Mary Uglow Shearm, born 1810 in Morwenstow. In 1851, Ann and cousin Mary have moved to Falcon Terrace, Budehaven - Ann is described as a 'landed proprietor' and Mary as an annuitatn. Ann dies unmarried and is buried in Marhamchurch in 1881.
  • daughter Mary 1810 born in Marhamchurch. She dies and is buried in Marhamchurch in 1852

Family 4eii: John and Grace Wells

John and Grace Wells  are married in Jacobstow in 1752. They moved around and some of their children are born in Marhamchurch but see Jacobstow Family 2 for details

Family 5a: Thomas and Jane Payne

Thomas' will tells us that he is a cordwainer in Marhamchurch. He is relatively wealthy as his will talks of a tenement recently bought from Shertor? Cory, another one in Great Torrington and the tenement 'wherein I now dwell'.

The clues to his provenance are his brothers, John and Benjamin and his brother in law, Richard Sheaind? The only obvious parents are Thomas and Phillipe Jule but their son, Thomas 1609, marries Katherine Furze.

He marries Jane Payne in the village in 1648 and his will talks of his wife, Jane. This and the fact that he names 5 sons, 4 of whom are IGI-recorded as their offspring, makes it likely that this is the correct family for the will.

He dies in 1664 and is buried in Marhamchurch:

  • son Thomas 1649 born in Marhamchurch. He is mentioned in his father's and brothers' (John and Richard) wills; he possibly marries Ann - Family 8a. Thomas dies in 1743 and is buried in Marhamchurch
  • son John 1651 born in Marhamchurch. He is mentioned in his father's will; marries Martha Shepperd - Family 4ci
  • son Gerence prob 1653 -no IGI record of birth but he is mentioned in his father's and brothers' (John and Richard) wills.

    (However, see Family 6a where IGI gives Gerence 1653 as the son of Thomas and Grace. My suspicion is that that Gerence is in fact the son of Thomas and Jane Payne - 1653 is just the right date. There is no record for a wedding between a Thomas and a Grace at this point - has someone misread the mother's name?
  • son James 1656 born in Marhamchurch. He is mentioned in his father's will - marries Elizabeth Bryant - Family 5bi
  • son Richard 1661 born in Marhamchurch. He is mentioned in his father's will - marries Susanna Cole - Family 5bii

Family 5bi: James and Elizabeth Bryant

James 1656 is the son of Thomas and Jane Payne. He marries Elizabeth Bryant in Stratton in 1689. He is mentioned in his father's will and we find in 1686 a lease of Hilton Wood from Edmund Spoure of Trebarth to John Preston of Stratton, tanner, and Jas Uglow of Marhamchurch, tanner. James dies in December 1691 - there is a 1692 will which mentions his occupation as tanner. It is likely that Elizabeth marries again - to Robert Webb in Stratton in 1694

  • son Thomas 1690 born in Marhamchurch. He marries Phillippa Cory in Marhamchurch in 1713. We have a Phillippa Cory born in Stratton in 1686 and they live Stratton - Family 4

Family 5bii: Richard and Susanna Cole and Charity Orchard

Richard 1661 is the son of Thomas and Jane Payne. He marries Susanna Cole in Marhamchurch in 1698.

  • son Richard 1699 - he dies in 1720. There is an inventory of his goods taken on 27th February 1720 amounting to £100

Susanna dies shortly after her son's birth. Richard marries again, this time to Charity Orchard in the village in 1708. This is Charity, daughter of John and Charity Orchard born in Marhamchurch in 1667. She has a sister, Beaton. Charity may well have given birth to a daughter, Cherish, in 1695.

  • daughter Martha 1711, born in Marhamchurch but dies in infancy

Richard dies in 1713, leaving a will (thanks, Charlou Dolan) . In it, he talks of his brothers, Thomas and Gerence, and his cousin, SImon. He leaves property to his wife, Charity, and also a guinea to her sister, Beaton. The residue goes to his son, Richard, who is named as executor (although brothers, Thomas and Gerence, and his cousin, SImon act as trustees during Richard's minority).

Family 6a: Thomas and Grace

IGI records tell us that Thomas marries Grace and they have one child:

  • son Gerence 1653 born in Marhamchurch who marries Sapience Hellat in Marhamchurch in 1685. Sapience dies after childbirth and Gerence moves to Stratton and marries Margaret Heale in 1691 - Family 2a

    • son Gerence 1687 who dies in infancy

However my suspicion is that Gerence is the son of Thomas and Jane Payne - Thomas's will tells us that he has a son Gerence and 1653 is just the right date. There is no record for a wedding between a Thomas and a Grace at this point - has someone misread the mother's name?

Family 7: Leonard and Elizabeth

Lenard marries Elizabeth:

  • son John 1666

IGI record says father is 'Leonard' and mother is Elizabeth but this seems unlikely. Leonard is not a 17th century name and there's no record of a marriage. Is this a misreading of Richard? - see Richard and Elizabeth Braund - Family 1ei

Family 8a: Thomas and Anne

Thomas may be:

  1. Thomas 1649 Marhamchurch - son of Thomas and Jayne Payne
  2. Thomas 1668 St Gennys - son of Thomas 1626

Perhaps the younger Thomas is more likely - he marries Anne in 1692 in Marhamchurch. Thomas dies in 1743 and Anne in 1725.

There is a clear group of siblings from 1693-1707. We get insight into the family from son John and daughter Susanna who die, leaving wills, in 1736 and 1741.

  • daughter Jane 1693 - marries George 1693 in 1727 in Marhamchurch. They raise a family in Launcells - Family 1b. We know this is the right Jane as she dies, aged 53, in 1746 and is buried in Launcells. Also the will of her sister Susanna mentions her husband George and their two son, George and John by name.
  • daughter Anne 1695 - she marries late and to the local vicar, John Shepheard, in 1732 in Marhamchurch. Her sister Susanna mentions her by her married name 
  • son Thomas 1697 - marries Elizabeth - Family 8b. His sister Susanna mentions him and his daughter, Elizabeth
  • son John 1700 - he marries Margaret Earle in 1735 in Launcells but dies young in 1736. He leaves a will (transcribed by Charlou Dolan). He describes himself as a yeoman and appears to have substantial assets:
    1. this gives Margaret 1 guinea in gold and 'the pewter which hath been brought her by her own relatives' and alluding to the fact that she '... may be with child.' If she is, then all the property goes to the child but if she isn't pregnant, his property goes to his brother and sisters. Apart from the guinea, he makes no further provision for Margaret .
    2. it gives sisters Jane, Susannah and brother Thomas equal shares in any residue along with Ann's two sons.
    3. it also gives Anne (if she is widowed) and Susannah the right to live in the dwelling house attached to Will's Tenement, probably in Bridgerule, a few miles east.
  • son Benjamin 1704 - born and christened in January 1704, he dies in February 1704. There is a little confusion over dates here but the wills of neither brother John or his sister Susanna mention him which suggests that he has died young
  • daughter Susanna 1707 - dies in 1741, unmarried but leaves a will mentioning her sisters and brother.

Family 8b: Thomas and Elizabeth

Thomas 1697 is the son of Thomas and Ann. His sister's will tells us that he marries Elizabeth and that they have a daughter:

  • daughter Elizabeth 1732 - probably dies unmarried in Marhamchurch in 1761

Family 9: Benjamin and Hannah

There's no provenance for Benjamin at all - unless this is a third wife for Benjamin 1658, in between Joan Browne and Grace Lamerton? One flimsy piece of evidence is that his daughter is named Margaret, like his mother, margaret Yemond

IGI tells us that Benjamin and Hannah have a daughter:

  • daughter Margaret 1695

Family 10: Richard and Mary Smetham

Richard 1757 is the son of John and Grace Wells.

He and Mary Smetham marry in Bodmin in 1785 - a year later twins(?) arrives:

  • daughter Susanna 1786 born in Marhamchurch - dies within days
  • daughter Jemima 1786 born in Marhamchurch

Family 11: William and Mary Jenkin

William 1770 is born in Jacobstow, the son of John and Grace Wells.  He marries Mary Jenkin in Marhamchurch in 1792.

We also have a burial in 1830 in Marhamchurch of William aged 59. This fits nicely and therefore it is possible that this is William 1770 who marries Mary.

[But sensible to be cautious here - there are a lot of births of Williams around this date and several relevant marriage records involving Williams in 1790s]

  • daughter Mary 1792 born in Marhamchurch. In Launcells in 1815 she marries William Goodman, a farm labourer born in Egloskerry in 1789. They have a large family, including Fanny Uglow Goodman, christened in 1832 in Holsworthy. But by the censuses in 1841 and 1851, they are in Bude. One of their children may be Abel Uglow Goodman who died in Yorkville, Racine county, Wisconsin on 17/2/1883. Mary herself dies in the 1850s in Stratton RD, probably Poughill.
  • son James 1795 born in Marhamchurch. He possibly marries Ann Cornish in London - Family 1
  • son Richard 1798 born in Marhamchurch. There is a record that he becomes a Methodist minister in 1824. If so, Richard may well be an active Bible Christian member - we have a report on recruitment that "By 1826 Richard Uglow returns fifty-two members in Guernsey". [This may be Richard Cory 1785.] He dies in 1828 and buried in the village.
  • son William 1800 born in Marhamchurch
  • daughter Elizabeth Chilstone 1803 - she dies in 1830, aged 27 and  is buried in Marhamchurch
  • daughter Grace 1805 born in Marhamchurch. She possibly marries Richard Chapman in 1822 -  he is a farmer of 230 acres by 1851 and over 500 acres in 1871. But if this is the same family, Grace has died by the early 1840s and Richard has married again as his wife (still called Grace) was born in 1824 in Warbstow. She may be another Uglow because in 1851 they employ Mary J. Uglow as a servant
  • daughter Alice 1808 born in Marhamchurch - possibly marries William Short in Stratton in 1835
  • twin son Thomas 1810 born in Marhamchurch - marries Grace Medland in Stratton - Family 10
  • twin son Nathaniel 1810 born in Marhamchurch. He dies in 1811.
  • daughter Frances 1813 born in Marhamchurch - she marries William Cole, a farmer, (born 1797 in Stratton) in 1834 in Stratton. In 1841 they are farming in Poughill but they emigrate to the USA and by 1862, they are in Clinton, Wayne County, Pennsylvania [source: will of nephew James 1828]

Family 12a: John and Thomazine Cowling

John 1771 from Warbstow is the son of William and Elizabeth Hobbs and the grandson of William and Agnes Hobb.

At 17, John 1771 marries Ann Buckingham. Ann is ten years older, born in Jacobstow in 1761, probably the daughter of James Buckingham and Thomasine Bath.  Ann is pregnant with Thomas and they first try to marry in Jacobstow on July 26th 1788. John is described as 'of Marhamchurch' and Ann, oddly, as a sojourner. But the marriage ceremony, conducted by Charles Dayman, the curate, is a fiasco and is struck out on account of the "blasphemous and profane conduct" of John and the solemnisation is withheld.

The couple flee to Bodmin. Thomas is born in September 1788 and John and Ann marry in Bodmin on 110th October 1788 by special licence on the same day as Thomas is christened. John's residence is given asa Bodmin and Ann's as Jacobstow.

The day before on 9th October 1788 there had been an application at Bodmin Sessions by Week St Mary parish relating to the '...bastard born in Bodmin on 11 Sept. 1788, mother Ann Buckingham, single woman, father John Uglow of Marhamchurch, cooper: John Uglow to pay Week St Mary 16d. and Ann Buckingham 8d. weekly; also J. U. to pay £6 lying-in charges..' (Unclear why Week St Mary parish has incurred expense?)

Probably they didn't stay long in Bodmin. Ann dies in August 1789 and is buried in Jacobstow. 

  • son Thomas 1788 - marries Elizabeth Barden in Week St Mary in 1813 - Clawton Family 2

After Ann's death, John marries Thomazine Cowling in St Gennys in 1792. There is a Tamsin Cowling born in 1765 in the village, the daughter of William and Tamsin Cowling. Thomasin dies in 1830 in Marhamchurch. John dies in 1832 - he is buried in Whitstone with a MI with his brother Nicholas and nephew John.

  • daughter Thomazine 1793 born in St Gennys. Although she's a little old, it is possible that she marries William Rowe in Marhamchurch in 1835. They are in Launcells (as is daughter Mary) in 1841 with their young son, John. There is a Thomasine Rowe who dies in St Gennys in 1851
    • illegitimate daughter Mary 1825 born in Marhamchurch (Launcells on the 1881 census). In 1841 she is working at 1 West Leigh Launcells with farmer Thomas Trewin as her employer. In 1853 she marries Arscott Carwithen, a carpenter born in 1828 in Pyworthy in Devon. The wedding is in Holsworthy. They have a daughter, Eliza, in 1859. The family is living at Bounds Cross, Pyworthy in 1881.  
  • daughter Mary 1796 born in Marhamchurch.
  • son John 1798 born in Marhamchurch.  There is an IGI record which suggests that he emigrates to Perth, Australia where a John, born 1799, marries Sophie Baker in Perth in 1845. Inquiries in Australia discover that their Marriage Certificate was no. 137, dated 19 March 1845, at Wesleyan Chapel, Perth. John Uglow was a bachelor, a yeoman, or farmer, in Perth in the 1840's, and Albany storekeeper, 40 years old (?) when married, born 1805. Both he and his wife were leaders in the Wesleyan Church. They had two children George born 1845, William John born 1849, died 1850. Sophia Baker was a widow (nee Points) and was 36 years old when married to John Uglow. The witnesses were William and Henrietta Barker, and John Smithies. Sophia had 3 daughters from her previous marriage to Baker. She visited the Eastern colonies (of Australia) per "Chusan" 25/11/1852. John dies in Australia in 1880. Their son, George, marries Marion Hellen Earnshaw in West Australia in 1887.

Family 13: Richard Cory and Thomasin Grigg

Richard Cory 1785 is born in Week St Mary, the son of  John and Margaret Cory and the grandson of George and Elizabeth Mark. He marries Thomasin Grigg in Jacobstow in 1812. She was born in Jacobstow in 1788. Richard was initially a farmer, probably close to Marhamchurch, where the majority of their children were born. But there seems to be quite a lot of movement: 1830 Pigot's Directory he is a baker at 44 Cornwall St, Devonport [here is an article about the business]

But by 1846, they are established in Cambridge Street where the family bakery business is to flourish over the next 100 years - in 1846 Richard is witness to the marriage of William Box, the son of his first cousin, Elizabeth Box. His daughter in law, Sarah, is the other witness.

In the1851 census he is in the Plymouth St Andrews district; 1852 Slaters Directory has him as a shopkeeper at 37 Cambridge St Plymouth. [However, around 1850, Richard may have also been farming at Marystow, between Launceston and Tavistock   (source: 1850 trade directory).]

He dies in Plymouth in 1859. Thomasin survives him and is a widow in Plymouth at the time of the 1861 census - being helped by her son, William. She dies in Plymouth in 1864. 

Richard may well be an active Bible Christian member - we have a report on recruitment that "By 1826 Richard Uglow returns fifty-two members in Guernsey" [This may be Richard 1798.] But note that Richard Cory's granddaughter, Ophelia, marries a Bible Christian minister and moves to Jersey.

  • son Richard 1814 born in Week St Mary. He marries Sarah Holman in Launceston in 1837. Sarah was born in 1813 on Dartmoor. He works in the bakery business but is also a farmer at Marystowe. Things do not go well for him - in 1838, he is insolvent: 'Richard Uglow the younger, heretofore of Morice-street, afterwards of Catherine-street, Devonport, Devonshire, in partnership with Richard Uglow, of Cambridge-street, Plymouth, as Bread and Biscuit Bakers, under the firm of Richard Uglow and Son, then of New York, America, afterwards of Cambridge-street, Plymouth aforesaid, Journeyman Baker, and late of Modley-street, Plymouth, Baker.' Richard dies young in Falmouth in 1848. In 1881, Sarah is a grocer in Cambridge St, Plymouth, close to her brother in law, William
    • daughter Edna 1839 born in Launceston. At the time of the 1861 census she is in Plymouth where she marries in 1862, probably James Walter.
    • daughter Elizabeth 1841 born in Launceston. In 1851 she is with her Holman grandparents in Bodmin. By 1861 she is working as a seamstress in Plymouth St Andrews. In 1881, she is a domestic servant to 86 year old Mary Widger in Cambridge St., Plymouth, close to her uncle, William - very probably her sister Selina's mother in law. She is dressmaking again in the 1891 and 1901 censuses. She dies in 1930.
    • daughter Selina 1848 born in Falmouth. She is in Plymouth in 1861 and marries Mr Widger in 1874. They are shopkeepers in Cambridge St., Plymouth - close to her uncle, William. She is widowed by 1881 and living with her mother and her son, Albert Widger, born 1875. She dies in Plymouth in 1902.
  • son William 1816 born in Whitstone. In 1847 he marries Ophelia in Plymouth - Devonport Family 2.
  • daughter Betsy Quick 1819 born in Marhamchurch. In 1841, she's a servant at the King's Arms in High St, Stratton where the family head is William Daws, a joiner. She marries in 1848 in Stoke Damerel - possibly to John Brown as in 1881 we find them at 24 Mutton Cove, Stoke Damerel. John is a Greenwich pensioner.


  • Thomas marries Mary Pearse in Marhamchurch in 1636 - possibly the son of Thomas and Mary Piper?
  • Arthur marries Ann Trick in 1656 in Marhamchurch
  • Priscilla marries John Priest in Marhamchurch in 1709
  • Lucy Edith, wife of Samuel, dies in 1947 and is buried in Marhamchurch

Later Days

It is interesting to see that the Uglow familes appear to abandon Marhamchurch in the 1820s - by the time of the 1871 census, there do not appear to be any families living there - nor indeed anyone alive in Cornwall who was born in the village.

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