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Exeter Broadgate

Exeter is one of the major cities in Devon. This is a little misleading as the Uglers live in Broadclyst from the 17th century, a settlement to the north east of the city.

It's here that the spelling goes awry as Uglows, Oglers, Uglers and Uglars really get mixed up ...

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Here is a larger scale map of Devon and a  map to get you to Exeter

And here's a late 18th/early 19th century map of the area

Uglers, Uglars, Oglers and Ouglers

There were many Uglers in and around Exeter, especially in the 18th and 19th centuries. The question (which I have never answered to my satisfaction) is whether they were migrants from Cornwall or a separate family altogether.

One interesting aspect is that the surname disappears towards the end of the 19th century - the male Uglers either did not marry or have families of daughters. One group also emigrated to the US.

There were indications of some early Uglers in Exeter:

  • Elizabeth Ugler, (speculatively) the daughter of Anastasius and Elizabeth from Lewannick, married John Way in St Lawrence's, Exeter on 6th May 1630
  • Robert Ugler married Mary Templer in St Petrock's, Exeter on 7th April 1689
  • Jane Ugler 1689 was born in St Martin's parish, Exeter. She marries Thomas Enner in Exeter in 1712.
  • William Ugler died in Woodbury, just south of Exeter in 1692
  • Margaret Ogler 1708, father Josp (Joseph) Ogler, was born in Exeter

The first solid evidence comes with Nicholas Ugler in the late 17th century

Family 0: Nicholas Uglar and Joan

There are no Uglers listed in the 1641/42 Protestation Return in Broadclyst. This suggests that Nicholas has moved into the parish from elsewhere - perhaps from Woodbury where a William Ugler died in 1692.

Nor is there any record of a Broadclyst marriage, suggesting that he was already married. On his children's baptism records, the mother was not listed but there is a Joan Ugler who died around 1712, in Poltimore, close to Broadclyst, leaving a will.

If this is an offshoot from the Cornish Uglows, Nicholas may be:

  1. 1663 and born  in Marhamchurch, the son of Richard and Elizabeth Braund or
  2. 1668 and born in St Gennys, the son of John 1625

One of these married Elizabeth Short (1665-1741) - St Gennys Family 2a - the other may have moved to Devon.............

There are 12 baptisms or burials with Nicholas as the father. Nicholas died in Broadclyst in 1742.

  • daughter Joan 1686. She married Richard Dun in Broadclyst in 1712
  • daughter Mary 1687 - died in infancy
  • daughter Mary 1688 - died in infancy
  • son William 1689 - died in infancy
  • daughter anonymous 1691 - died in infancy
  • daughter Sarah 1693. She married John Bidgood in Broadclyst in 1714
  • son James 1698 - died in 1705
  • son William 1699. He married Hannah Chamberlain in Exminster in 1728?- Family 1
  • daughter Mary 1701. She married Robert Mitchell in 1755
  • daughter Elizabeth 1703
  • daughter Rebecca 1705 - died in 1797, a pauper
  • daughter Grace 1708 - died in infancy

Family 1: William and Hannah Chamberlain

William is born in 1699 in Broadclyst, near Exeter. He is the son of Nicholas. He marries Hannah Chamberlain in Exminster in 1728.

  • son William 1728 born in Exminster. He marries Agnes - Exeter Family 4
  • daughter Hannah 1729 born in Exminster. She marries Philip Thorne in Broadclyst in 1775.
    • Agnes Ugler 1760 born in Broadclyst - the illegitimate daughter of Hannah and John Moore

Family 2: John Ugler and Sarah Furbes

There's no baptismal record for John and it is unlikely on grounds of age that he is a son of Nicholas. In 1704, he married Sarah Furbes in Broadclyst.

  • son John 1705 born in Broadclyst. In 1729 he marries Elizabeth Robins - Family 3
  • daughter Grace 1707 born in Broadclyst
  • daughter Agnes 1716 born in Broadclyst
  • son Robert 1718 born in Broadclyst
  • daughter Sarah 1721  born in Broadclyst

Family 3: John Ugler and Elizabeth Robins

John 1705 is the son of John Ugler and Sarah Furbes and, possibly, the grandson of Nicholas. In 1729 he marries Elizabeth Robins in Poltimore, a little village outside Broadclyst.

  • son Samuel 1730 born in Poltimore but dies in infancy
  • son Anon 1731 born in Broadclyst.
  • son Samuel 1732 born in Broadclyst. In 1757 he marries Mary Parsons in Broadclyst
  • son Richard 1733 born in Broadclyst but dies in 1734
  • daughter Elizabeth 1735 born in Broadclyst. She marries John Daw, a tailor, in Exeter in 1756. John Daw junior is christened on 17 February 1757 at Saint Kerrian, Exeter
  • son Anon 1736 born in Broadclyst.

Family 4: William Ugler and Agnes Dunsford and Elizabeth Gardner

This is probably William 1728 who is born in Exminster, the son of William and Hannah Chamberlain and the grandson of Nicholas. He marrries Agnes Dunsford in Bradninch in 1757. For the first few years, they live in Bradninch - while three of his children are buried in Silverton, close to Bradninch, they are not born there. Furthermore we have a record of the Kenton Overseers of the Poor dated 1790 about son, William Ugler, '...Now in Kenton, he was born in Bradninch, apprenticed by his parent to William Harrison of New Castle upon Tyne, who sent him on one of his vessels for 2 years, he then went on His Majesty's ship Diana and several others until his apprenticeship expired.'

  • daughter Mary born in Bradninch, dies in Silverton in 1763
  • son John born in Bradninch, dies in Silverton in 1765
  • daughter Elizabeth born in Bradninch, dies in Silverton in 1765
  • son William, born in Bradninch - marries Elizabeth Hawkins - see Family 4a
  • son Samuel 1768 born in Exeter. He marries Susanna Rowe in St Leonards, Exeter in 1791 - Family 5
  • son John 1771 born in Exeter
  • daughter Betsy 1774 born in Exeter

Some supposition - we have a record for William Ugler marrying Elizabeth Gardner at Holy Trinity, Exeter in 1793. This may well be a second marriage for WIlliam

Family 4a: William Ugler and Betty Hawkins and Alice Lismore

William is [probably] the son of William 1728 and Agnes Dunsford and the grandson of William and Hannah Chamberlain. This is inferred from the 1790 record of the Kenton Overseers of the Poor about William Ugler, '...Now in Kenton, he was born in Bradninch, apprenticed by his parent to William Harrison of New Castle upon Tyne, who sent him on one of his vessels for 2 years, he then went on His Majesty's ship Diana and several others until his apprenticeship expired.' [NB a more well known HMS Diana was launched in 1794]

If he is born in Bradninch, William and Agnes are very likely to be his parents. He is likely to be their first son and born before 1760. After his period at sea, he marries Elizabeth Hawkins in June 1786 at Holy Trinity, Exeter. They move to Kenton, on the west bank of the river Exe:

  • daughter Betsy 1787 born in Kenton. In 1809 she marries John Bear in Kenton.
  • daughter Sally 1789 born in Kenton. In 1811 she marries William Rackley in Kenton. Their son may be Stephen White Rackley who was a Devon man. He was christened at Kenton, Devon, 29th July 1816, parents William Rackley & Sarah. Captain Rackley had a record of fifty-two years service in the Sunderland Lambton Colliery ships. He was at Hamburg with his vessel on the occasion of the great fire in 1842. Together with his officers and crew he assisted in subduing the flames and rescuing the people from the burning houses. He afterwards accommodated a large number of women and children, who were homeless, on board his vessel. For his prompt assistance and kindness he was presented with the freedom of the City of Hamburg, together with a commemoration medal, cast from the Cathedral bells, which were damaged by the fire. Capt. Rackley died at Sunderland in 1903
  • son William 1792 born in Starcross. He marries Mary Taylor - see Family 8

Some supposition here but Elizabeth dies about 1793 and in September 1794, William marries Alice Lismore in Kenton.

  • daughter Mary 1795 born in Kenton. In 1819 in Kenton, she marries John Murphy - they have a daughter Amelia Alice born 1822
  • daughter Agnes 1797 born in Kenton

More supposition: Devon FHS have a record for WIlliam Uglee, dying in Starcross aged 80 - this is very likely to be our WIlliam!

 Family 5: Samuel Ugler and Susanna Rowe 

Samuel 1768 is born in Exeter, the son of William and Agnes and the grandson of William and Hannah Chamberlain. He marries Susanna Rowe in St Leonards, Exeter in 1791. Samuel dies young and Susanna marries again - to William Babbage. [The evidence for this is the 1841 census where we find Susanna and William living next door to her son, Robert Rowe. It would be an odd coincidence if it were not Robert's mother] Although in their 70s, William is working as a cordwainer and Susanna as a laundress. Susanna dies in 1844 in Exeter.

  • son Samuel R 1792 born in St Leonards, Exeter. He marries Ann Gale in 1815 - Family 6.
  • son Robert  Rowe 1794 born in St Leonards, Exeter.  He marries Mary Ann Bird in 1829 in Exeter. In 1841, they are running a pub in Weirfield Place, next door to his mother, Susanna and her second husband. The pub is referred to in the trial of William Pitts for murder in 1842 - Exeter Flying Post (24/03/1842). But by the 1851 census, Robert is in the Exminster lunatic asylum - he is still there in 1861 and dies in 1865. Mary Ann is born in 1799 in Exeter- after Robert's illness, she works as a laundress employing 2 women. By 1861, she is a cook in Ottery St Mary and in 1871 is staying with Sarah Webber in Exeter St Thomas - she dies in 1879.
  • daughter Susanna 1797 born in St Leonards, Exeter. She marries William Blanchford in 1818 in St Leonards, Exeter. 
  • daughter Charlotte 1799 born in St Leonards, Exeter. In 1818 she marries George Milton at St Paul's, Exeter - their little daughter, Charlotte, is staying, aged 5, with Uncle Robert in 1841

Family 6: Samuel R. Ugler and Ann Gale

Samuel 1792 is the son of Samuel and Susanna Rowe and the grandson of William and Agnes. He was born in St Leonard, Exeter and marries Ann Gale in St Leonards, Exeter in 1813. She was born in 1788 in Heavitree.

They seem to have deserted his local mill, to work in Pilton, near Barnstaple by 1820. He returned to Holy Trinity, Exeter by 1822, only to leave again for Wear Mill, Topsham, by 1828. In 1851 he was back at Trew's Weir Mill in St Leonards at 43 Weirfield Place. His wife was also working in the paper mill, as were his unmarried daughters aged 28 and 22 and his married daughter aged 30. By 1861, they are at Albert Place. Ermington, Ivybridge, Plympton. Ann dies in Plympton in 1869 and in 1871, Samuel is living with his daughter, Susan (Sarah) Bird at Union Terrace, St Sidwells in Exeter - he dies later that year. [source: A History of the Book in Devon]

  • son Robert Taylor 1815 born in Exeter. He marries Sarah Payne in Exeter in 1839 - Family 7
  • son George 1816 born in Topsham. He marries Ellen Welsford in Exeter St John in 1836. They emigrate to the USA, arriving in New York on the SS Splendide on 30th November 1848.
    • son Samuel George Rowe 1836 born in St Clements Danes
    • son Robert 1838 born in Marylebone
  • daughter Sarah Charlotte 1820 born in Pilton, Barnstaple - marries Frederick Edward Cox in 1849 but in 1851 is still living at Weirfield Place and helping her father as a paper maker. In 1861 she is living in Exeter with her daughters and describes herself as head of the household.
  • daughter Susan 1821 born in Pilton, Barnstaple. She marries John Bird in 1847 - John is an engine driver with the Great Western Railway. In the census in 1861 and 1871, they are living in Exeter - Samuel is with them in 1871. In 1881, they have moved a little south to Newton Abbot.
  • daughter Ann 1823 born in Exeter. In the 1851 census, she is in Exeter St.Leonards and working with her father as a papermaker. She moves to Plymton with her parents and dies there in 1855.
  • son Samuel 1826 born in Topsham - he was also a paper maker but travelled. In 1854, he marries Mary Ann Aldrich in Northampton - she was born there in 1833. Their first daughter is born there but the next two are born in Wilmington, Kent and the last is born in Surrey. In 1861, the family is at 7 Farningham Road, Jessamine Place, Hawley, Dartford, Kent. By 1881, the family are in Ysceifiog, Flint, Wales. In 1901, Samuel and Mary are living in Bersham, Denbighshire. Samuel dies in 1913 and Mary Ann in 1914, both in Wrexham
    • daughter Ann 1855 born in Northampton. She is with her parents in Kent in 1861 and in Flint in 1881. In 1901 she marries Joseph Morgan in Wrexham and can be found on the 1901 census
    • daughter Eliza Jane 1858 born in Wilmington, Kent. She is with her parents in Kent in 1861 but dies in Wrexham in 1868
    • daughter Alice 1861 born in Wilmington, Kent. She marries Michael Youens in Wycombe in 1879 and they are living in Wycombe in 1881. Michael is a basket maker. They have an 8months daughter, Morna.
    • daughter Ellen 1864 born in Carshalton, Surrey. She is with her parents in Flint in 1881 but marries soon after - to Frederick Mayger in Holywell.
  • daughter Mary Anne 1828 born in Topsham. In the 1851 census, she is in Exeter St.Leonards and working with her father as a papermaker. She marries John Holmes in 1854. He was born in Stafford in 1832. In 1881 he is an iron moulder and the family (four sons, two daughters) are living at Jubilee Street, Exeter St Leonard.
  • daughter Elizabeth Jane 1831 born in Topsham. In the 1851 census, she is a house servant with John Powning in Exeter but in 1856 marries a baker from Bow in Devon, Richard Rowden. They have a son, George Ugler Rowden, but Elizabeth dies in childbirth(?) in 1856. Richard and son George are both to be found in Bow in Devon in the 1861 census.

Family 7: Robert Taylor Ugler and Sarah Payne

Robert  1815 is born in Exeter and is the son of Samuel and Ann Gale and the grandson of Samuel and Susanna Rowe. He marries Sarah Payne (although the name on her daughter, Jane's, IGI record is Sarah Carpenter). They marry in St Thomas, Exeter in 1839 - Sarah was born in Clyst Hydon in 1812. In the 1851 census, they are in Topsham - in 1861, they appear to be in the grocers shop, Higher Village, Topsham. In 1871 and 1881 they are living in East Budleigh - in 1881 this is with daughter, Jane, and Robert's niece, Emma Holmes. Robert is a carpenter, although in 1873, he is working at Bicton Farm for 3s 6d a day as a jobber. By 1891 he has moved up to Paddington, close to his daughter Agnes Symons and her family (which includes daughter, Jane). He describes himself as a retired builder.

Sarah dies in 1883. Robert dies in London in 1895.

  • daughter Jane Ellen 1840 born in Topsham. By 1881 she is unmarried and a dressmaker in East Budleigh. But Jane then moves to London and lives with her married sister, Agnes Symons, first in Paddington in 1891 and later in Hornsey in 1901. In 1901 she is 60 years old, unmarried and a shop assistant, probably working with her brother-in-law, Hermon Symons, who runs a fancy goods business. Jane dies in North London, unmarried in 1923.
  • daughter Grace Payne 1843 born in Topsham. She is living in Topsham in 1851 but dies in 1853
  • daughter Agnes Bowerman 1846 born in Exeter. She is living in Topsham in 1851. In 1861 she is living in the grocers shop in Topsham. In 1877, she marries Hermon Symons, born in Exeter in 1844. They move to London and by 1881 are living in Paddington. Hermon is an umbrella maker and they have a daughter Edith. The 1880s are good to them - by 1891, they are living in Westbourne Grove, Hermon is a fancy goods merchant, there are assistants, servants and Agnes' sister, Jane, is living with them. They have two daughters, Edith and Amy and a son Ernest. By 1901, the same is true, except that they are now living in Hornsey and Jane is still living with them.
  • son George Robert 1848 born in Topsham. He is living in Topsham in 1851 but dies in 1853

Family 8: William Ugler and Mary Taylor

William 1792 was born in Starcross, a village to the south of Exeter on the west bank where there was a ferry for some 1200 years. He is the son of William Ugler and Betty Hawkins and the grandson of William Ugler and Agnes Dunsford

In 1815 he marries Mary Taylor, born in 1793 in Littleham, just outside Exmouth. In 1851, they are running the Ship Inn in Kenton. William dies in St Thomas, Exeter in 1857. In 1881 Mary is still living at 1 Daveyscourt, Kenton, although she dies that year.

  • daughter Elizabeth 1816 born in Kenton - she dies young
  • son George 1817 born in Kenton
  • daughter Elizabeth 1819 born in Kenton. In 1841 she's working as a servant in Kenton - for William Ash. Eliza marries in 1847 but it's difficult to identify whom she marries - there is another Eliza Ugler born 1819 in Starcross who marries William Mills, bootmaker and later Kenton postmaster but they appear separately on the 1841 census.
  • daughter Mary Anne 1821 born in Kenton. She dies in 1879 in Exeter.
  • daughter Charlotte 1823 born in Kenton. She marries in 1845 in Newton Abbot RD, probably to John Blake, a labourer. In 1861, they are living in Kenton, next door to sister Jane - who has married John's brother?.
  • daughter Sarah or Sally 1825 born in Starcross. In 1841, Sally is working as a servant in Kenton but in 1847 she marries Joseph Sexton, from Woburn in Buckinghamshire. He is a labourer and plate layer on the railways - the family is in Westbury on Severn in 1851, in Worle (?) in Somerset in 1861, by which time they already have 6 children - the children's places of birth shows that the family travelled around quite a lot! But the 1871 census shows that they have settled in Somerset. Joseph dies in 1878 but Sarah is still in Worle in 1881 with her unmarried son, George. She disappears from the census in 1891.
  • daughter Jane 1827 born in Kenton - dies young
  • son William J.1829 born in Starcross. In 1841, he's living in Kenton with his parents. In the 1851 census, he is still in Kenton and a mariner. He marries later that year - Emma Curry, born in 1829 in Dawlish. He seems to do quite well - in 1861, Emma is in Kenton and describes herself as a captain's wife. In 1871, Emma is in Bristol and William is at sea. They start to wander - in the 1881 census, they are oyster hawkers at Milton in Kent. Emma dies in 1889 in Kent. In 1891, William is still in Kent and is overseeing oyster beds. By 1901, he is still in the oyster business but in Oldham in Lancashire. He dies in 1915 in Cardiff in Wales.
  • daughter Jane 1831 born in Starcross. In the 1851 census, she is in Kenton. She marries Robert William Blake, a ship's captain, in 1855 and in 1861 is living next door to sister, Charlotte, who has married Robert's brother, John?
  • daughter Louisa 1833 born in Starcross. She dies in 1841
  • daughter Ellen 1835 born in Starcross. She dies in 1841

Family 9: George Ugler and Thomasin

George may be:

1. a son of George and Mary Couch from Stratton and the grandson of George and Elizabeth Mark.  (John 1921)

2. a son of WIlliam Ugler and Agnes - Family 4 above

He married Tamsin or Janney Wrayford in Exeter in 1803. George was a sailor who was killed on the Northumberland on 6th February 1806 in a naval battle with the French:

At the end of 1805 Sir John DUCKWORTH was detached by Lord COLLINGWOOD in search of a French squadron known to be at sea. He lost them near the Cape Verde Islands and crossed to the West Indies where he was joined by Rear Ad. COCHRANE in NORTHUMBERLAND and Capt. PYM in ATLAS. As the British squadron moved south through the Mona Channel on 5 February 1806 MAGICIENNE confirmed that the French ships were off San Domingo and the following day they were sighted off Cape Nisao. The eight French vessels were attacked by the British squadron in two divisions: SUPERB, NORTHUMBERLAND, SPENCER and AGAMEMNON on the weather side and CANOPUS, DONEGAL and ATLAS on the lee. The L'ALEXANDER, LE JUPITER and LE BRAVE were taken and L'IMPERIAL and LA DIOMEDE driven ashore and wrecked. NORTHUMBERLAND lost David RIDGEWAY, midshipman, 18 seamen (DRISCOE, HOLLIS, UGLER, HUMPHRIES, TOSH, ASHMAN, MUIR, ROWE, GARDNER, M'KENZIE, SMITH, COUTEE, SHORTMAN, KENNEDY, MORRISON, ROBISON, WEST and NASEBY) one marine and the Admiral's cook, killed. Nine officers were wounded: Lieut. George SEYMOUR, who was made commander into the KINGFISHER; C. W. SELWYN, William MILLARD, Henry STOKES, -- COMER, and P. PEACOCK, midshipmen; Jeremiah LAWRENCE, Supernumerary midshipman; Daniel SHERIDAN, Boatswain's Mate and Lois Lape, the French pilot. Forty-eight seamen and 18 marines were wounded. (Source: Michael Phillips: Ships of the Old Navy )

On 26th April 1807 at St Mary's, Exeter, Tamsin remarried - William Lutley and was a butcher in Exeter for many years.

  • daughter Mary 1804 born in St Leonards, Exeter. She was their only child. She married William Henry Marshall in 1824 in Exeter. He was a cabinet maker. In 1824+1830, they were living in St George's Lane, in 1832, in Friernhay Street, in 1834 on Exe Island. They had four children. Mary died in Exeter in 1837.

    • William Henry Marshall 1824 died just three days old

    • William Henry Marshall 1826 seems to disappear – although he may have moved to Torquay and married.

    • George Ugler Marshall was born in 1830 but died in August 1832 aged 21 months.

    • the youngest child Anna Maria Marshell married William Rackley (who also may be related to the Ugler/Uglow family on his mothers side – possibly a cousin of Mary Ugler ). They had 3 daughters and moved to Durham as he must have been a fisherman as was the majority of the Rackleys.

    (info from Julie Pickering)

  • Mary Uglow married Joseph Conningham of Witheridge in Exeter on 2nd April 1696.
  • Benjamin Uglow 1665  married Ann Buckinham from Crediton in 1698 at St Martin, Exeter
  • Elijah 1741 is born in Broadclyst, the son of William
  • John Ougler marries Susanna Richardson in St Sidwells in 1749 (possibly second marriage for John 1705?)
  • John Uglar, possibly a son of John and Elizabeth Robbins,  marries Anne Wood in St Mary Arches in 1755. He is a tailor in Pinhoe.
  • Mary marries John Hussey in 1796 at St David, Exeter
  • Joseph  marries Elizabeth Ascough in 1803 at St Pauls Exeter
  • Fanny  marries William Hacker in 1818 at St Davids Exeter  - a likely suspect is Fanny 1796 from Poundstock
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