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The name is pronounced 'Poffle', but its origin is uncertain. This rural village is about one mile inland north of Bude. Recorded in Domesday Book, 1086, as Pochehelle. The water-mill, which still stands, was believed to have been the manorial mill for Trevalgas Manor, lying at the foot of Trevalgus Hill in thick woodland. The church of St. Olaf is one of the treasure houses of Cornwall, from its Norman font and wonderful collection of bench-ends (78 in all) telling the story of the Passion in remarkable detail, to the pair of immense 15th Century paintings of St. Christopher facing each other across the nave. The old lychgates are kept in the tower and the huge Royal Coat of Arms is dated 1655, a reminder that the Headquarters of Sir Bevil Grenville, during the Civil War, was at nearby Stowe Barton. Population in 1841 - 472


1929 acres of land (1841)


Poughill is just by Bude

1. The whole of Cornwall
2. Here is a  map to get you to Poughill

Family 0 : Richard and Margaret

This is the earliest reference to Uglows in Poughill. Richard is a yeoman who dies in the village in 1605. His will shows that he was a farmer in the village and that he was married to Margaret. Richard's age is difficult to estimate - he appears to be well-established from his will but there are two births in Poughill at this period. If these are Richard's children, he himself may be relatively young - under 40, say?

  • son Richard 1601 born in Poughill - may marry Elizabeth Sampson in Kilkhampton in 1622 - Family 1 - Kilkhampton
  • son Ely 1603 born in Poughill

Family 1a: Benjamin and Anne Wilmet

Benjamin 1700 is born in Stratton, the son of Benjamin and Mary Perry. He marries Anne Wilmet in Stratton in 1721. Benjamin dies in August 1750 in Poughill. Anne dies, a widow, in 1760.

  • daughter Anne 1722 born in Poughill - she marries James Sommers, a maltster, in 1750 in Stratton - Benjamin's will refers to his grand-daughter, Anne Sommers, and to his great grandson, Ann and James' son, John.
  • son Benjamin 1725 born in Poughill - no further information
  • daughter Jane 1728  born in Poughill - in 1752 she marries Charles Orchard in Pancrasweek, Devon which is not that far away. Additional evidence for this is that there is a Charles Orchard born in Poughill in 1730 and Charles Orchard junior is born in 1759 also in Poughill, parents Charles and Jane. Her grandfather, Benjamin, provides her dowry:

    Release in fee marriage settlement: (1) Benjamin Uglow of Poughill, gent. (2) Charles Orchard the younger of Poughill, gent. (3) Jane Uglow of Poughill, spinster, granddaughter of (1) (4) John Dayman of Poughill, gent., and John Uglow of Stratton, gent. Messuage and tenement called Higher Northcott late in the possession of (1) Consideration: an intended marriage between (2) and (3) and the natural affection of (1) for (3). Conveyed by (1) to (4) in trust for (1) until the marriage, then for (2) for life, then for (3) during her widowhood, in bar of dower, with remainder to the issue of (2) and (3) in tail, and reversion in default of issue to the heirs of (1). With provision for an annuity of £10 for life payable to (1)

    The John Uglow referrred to is Jane's uncle or perhaps the husband of her aunt, Ann. On his death, grandfather
    Benjamin's will, drafted in 1755, refers to his great grand-daughter, Anne Orchard, daughter of Charles.
  • daughter Elizabeth 1734  born in Poughill - dies in infancy
  • daughter Margaret 1734 born in Poughill - dies in infancy

Family 2a: Abel and Honor Kinsman

Abel 1778 is born in Lesnewth, the son of William and Elizabeth Hobbs and the grandson of William and Agnes Hobb.   He marries Honor Kinsman in Poughill in 1810. She was born there in 1784. Abel is a farmworker. In the census of 1841, Abel and Honor are living at Hollabury, Poughill - there's still a Hollabury Road. Their daughter Elizabeth is with them and they share the premises with the Bickle family.

Abel dies in 1851 and  Honor in 1855.

  • son William 1810 born in Poughill. In 1841, he is working as a farm labourer at Churchtown, Otterham - the farm is run by the Kinsman family, presumably his mother's relatives? In 1841, he marries Elizabeth Prout in Camelford RD - a guess but in the 1841 census, there is an Elizabeth Prout in St Teath, close to Camelford who was born in 1816. There is no sign of them on the 1851 census but it is likely that they go to the USA where they are farming in Waymart, Wayne, Pennsylvania in 1880
    • son Richard 1844 born in Camelford RD
    • daughter Jane 1856 born in Pennsylvania
    • son Edward 1868 born in Pennsylvania
  • son Nicholas 1812 born in Poughill - he marries Mary Ann  - Family 4
  • son Abel 1817 born in Stratton. In 1841, Abel is in Marhamchurch with Thomas Clift, a mason. Abel becomes a stonemason, like his brother Nicholas. He marries Ann Scown in 1852 and that year they emigrate to Australia - Family 2. The Scown family website is helpful.
  • daughter Elizabeth 1821 is living with her parents in Poughill in 1841.

Family 2bi: William and Margaret Hawken

William 1807 is the only son of William 1772 and Jenny (Janey?) Charles in Week St Mary and the grandson of Abel and Elizabeth Turner. John 1921 has established that this William is a bookhawker who ends up in Heavitree, Exeter.

William's father dies young, just a few months after the birth of his son. He is described as a yeoman. A year later his mother Jenny/Jane marries again in Week St Mary to Thomas Williams.  It seems likely that William is brought up by his parents, Abel and Elizabeth. This is supported by the fact that they lived in Goscot - on William's death, in an Exeter paper, he is described as of Guscott Barton, Week St Mary. The odd thing is that William should still be described (and describe himself) as of Guscott after 70 years.

He certainly moved around the south west. He marries Margaret Hawken in 1832 in Padstow. Is this a connection from the fact that his mother, Jenny Charles, came from the Vale of Mawgan just south of Padstow? Perhaps William is visiting his relations when he meets Margaret. There's also a link with Wiliam's first cousin, Edmund Marks, who marries and settles in Padstow.

Within a year of the wedding  the family settles in Poughill - William leases some land there and the family seem to settle for at least ten years.:

1) Henry Badcock, gentleman, of Marhamchurch 2) William Uglow, yeoman, of Poughill Lease by 1) to 2) of Higher Mear with pasturage of eleven acres and three rodds, of coppice and furze in Mear downs, except the cottage in occupation of Thomas Barrett and excepting to lessor all wrecks, flotsam, jetsam and lagan found on premises or on sea coast adoining. Good husbandry clauses. Term: ten years. Rent: £80.

All the children are born in Poughill. In 1841 William is living with Margaret at Higher Mear, Poughill and is described as a farmer and maltster. It all seems very prosperous with four servants. The eldest four children are all with them as is Nancy Hawken, 24 years old and probably Margaret's sister.

Things change - the family are not to be found (by me) on the 1851 census. The Baker family have taken over the farm at Higher Maer - and their son is a maltster.

In 1861, the census finds the family in Somerset at 102 Lower Street, Merriott, just north of Crewkerne. William is still a maltster. There are four children with them - John, Rosamond, Edmund and Elizabeth.

By the late 1860s the family moves to Exeter and William changes jobs. William is now a bookhawker of Cromwell Villa, Polsloe Park, Heavitree, Exeter. In Trewmans' Exeter Flying Post on 8th May 1867, the meeting of the East Devon Book Hawking Association at College Hall, South Street, Exeter reported that their hawker, William Uglow, had achieved very good sales of bibles and prayer books!  

In 1871, William is living in Heavitree - he dies in Exeter in 1879. His widow, Margaret, is still there in 1881 and 1891, housekeeping for her nephew, Joseph Burt. She dies in Barton Regis, Westbury, Bristol in 1893 - is she with her daughter, Mary?

His daughters all marry very late in life, three of them to Woodwards, presumably brothers. His son, William Hawken, becomes a coastguard and founds the Haverfordwest dynasty!

  • daughter Mary Jane Hawken 1833 born in Poughill. She is not with the family in 1861 in Merriott but is working, with sister Maria, as a nurse for the family of John Phelps, a landowner in Winterborne Monkton in Dorset. In 1871 she is living with her parents in Heavitree and working as a governess. She is in Exeter and unmarried at the time of the 1881 census - she is visiting Thomas Hamlyn (70) a retired Professor of Music and his wife Margaret born 1824 in Wales.  But she married late in 1894 to T. Bailey in Barton Regis. Mary Jane dies in 1918 in Barton.
  • daughter Emily 1835 born in Poughill. In 1861, Emily is a governess to the Hotten children (nine of them from 2 years old to 25) at Penpel, Cornelly, Truro - John Hotten is farming 250 acres. In 1871 she is living with her parents in Heavitree and working as a governess but later that year she marries Thomas James Woodward in Heavitree, a farmer from Higher St.Columb - close to her mother's home. Thomas Woodward was born in St Columb in 1839 to Thomas and Amelia - by 1851 his father has died and his mother is running the farm of 40 acres. Thomas is her brother-in-law - her sister's Rosamond's husband's brother. The 1881 census refers to her as 'Ellen' Woodward. They are farming 53 acres at Tregonce, St Issey with two daughters and a son, Leonard Uglow Woodward 1878-1894. Emily dies in the late 1880s as Thomas remarries - to Emily's sister Maria.
  • daughter Maria James 1838 born in Poughill. In 1851 she is in St Minver, again close to her mother's home. She is not with the family in 1861 in Merriott but is working, with sister Mary, as a domestic servant for the family of John Phelps, a landowner in Winterborne Monkton in Dorset. In 1871, she is working as a domestic servant in Slough for Catherine Shakespeare, the daughter of the commissioner of Benares. In 1881 she is to be found working as a domestic servant for the vicar in Silsoe, on the A6 between Luton and Bedford. She marries in 1890 in Bristol, to Thomas Woodward, her dead sister's husband. In 1891, they are found at the farm at at Tregonce, St Issey. In 1901, they are still there - 62 year old Maria Woodward, born in Poughill, is a farmer's wife at St Issey.
  • daughter Frances Ann 1840 born in Poughill but dies young in 1852 in East Stonehouse, Plymouth.
  • daughter Selina 1842 born in Poughill. She is not with the family in 1861 in Merriott but is working as a servant for the Lidcombe family in Crewkerne. In 1871, she's working as a servant for a curate in Bristol. In 1882 she marries Richard Ackerman, a market gardener from Westbury-on-Trim in Bristol. The marriage was in Heavitree and Elizabeth Ann Uglow and Mary Ann Warren were the witnesses.
  • son William Hawken 1844 born in Poughill. He is not with the family in 1861 in Merriott but is a boy 1st class on SS Nimble. In 1871 he marries Mary Anne Spurrell who between them form the Welsh connection - Family 1
  • son John Hawken 1846 - born in Week St Mary, he is with the family in 1861 in Merriott. John emigrates to Australia, possibly in June 1878 on the SS Cuzco to Victoria (against this is that the passenger list says John Uglow aged 25). He dies 12th February 1927 in Magill, South Australia.
  • daughter Rosamond Hawken 1849. Born in Week St Mary, she is with the family in 1861 in Merriott. In 1871, she's working as a nurse, close to her parents in Heavitree. In 1877, she marries Samuel Woodward, a farmer, born in 1847 of St.Issey, son of Thomas and Amelia Woodward. Elizabeth Ann Uglow and Mary Ann Uglow were the witnesses. In 1881 they are farming at St Issey, alongside her sister, Emily.
  • son Edmund 1851. Born in Plymouth, he is with the family in 1861 in Merriott. He dies in 1869 in Exeter.
  • daughter Elizabeth Ann 1855. Born in Plymouth, she is with the family in 1861 in Merriott. In 1871, she's with her parents in Heavitree, Exeter. By 1881, she's at Culm Mill where she is working as a housekeeper for John 1844. In 1891 she's at Heavitree and it's in Heavitree Church that on 28th May 1891 she marries George Ackerman of CLifton, Bristol - this must be a relative of her brother-in-law as George is also a market gardener and the couple are to be found in Gloucestershire in the 1901 census. The newspaper report calls her 'Annie', seventh daughter of William of Guscot, Week St Mary.

Family 3 deleted - see Family 2bi

Family 4: Nicholas and Mary Ann Barkwell

Nicholas 1813 is born in Poughill. He is the son of Abel and Honor Kinsman and the grandson of William and Elizabeth Hobbs. He marries Mary Ann Barkwell (born 1820 in Launcells). Nicholas is a stone mason in Poughill - they are living in the village at the 1841 census and in 1881, they live at Mount Pleasant and their granddaughter, Annie C. West, is living with them. In 1891, they are still at Mount Pleasant, Annie is a dressmaker and still living with them and there are several young Wests - presumably great grandchildren.

Nicholas dies in 1897. Mary Ann is living with George in 1901 and dies in 1905. Both are buried in Poughill where there's an MI.

  • daughter Mary Ann 1842 born in Poughill. She marries Albert West from Ickham in Kent in 1861, a groom. She has died by 1871 but Albert and their children, Ann 1862, John 1863 and Sarah 1866 are living with Nicholas and Mary Ann
  • daughter Sarah Jane 1844 born in Poughill. A domestic servant with Poughill solicitor in 1871 - in 1882 she marries William Henry Brown.
  • son John 1847  born in Poughill. He is living with his parents in the village in 1851. He appears in the 1861 Cornwall Census but appears to have left by 1871. He marries Elizabeth Whitburn born in England in 1843. John and Elizabeth go to California via New Zealand as their oldest daughter, Bessie M. Uglow was born in December 1873 in Auckland, New Zealand. By 1875 the family is in the United States - first to Virginia City, Nevada and then to San Francisco and was there in the 1906 earthquake. He was a shoemaker. (Source: Joanne Sholes)
  • son William Thomas 1850  born in Poughill.  A carpenter, he emigrates to Canada by 1871 but continues to move west and by 1880 is a farmer in Mount Tabor, Multnomah, Oregon. He marries Helen, an Irish woman born 1857 and there is a daughter, Addie, born in Oregon in 1879
  • son George 1863 born in Poughill. A bit of an afterthought but he is living with Nicholas at the time of the census in 1871. He marries Ann Alice Gist in Kilkhampton in 1885. She was the youngest daughter of John (a sand carrier - 1861 census) and Susan Gist of Kilkhampton - in 1881 Ann was a dressmaker. But Ann dies in 1889 and in 1891 and 1901 George is described as a widower. In the 1881 census he is a farm servant with Edward Meathrill and in 1891 he is a waggoner working for the Bude Hotel, Stratton. By 1901 he is a farmer in his own right, living with his mother. He dies in 1932 and is buried in Poughill
    • son John Henry 1885 born in Stratton RD - he is at Mount Pleasant with his grandparents at the census in 1891 but as John H West aged 5. He dies later that year in 1891
  • Ulalia 1673 marries John Hamlyn 1702
  • Elizabeth (likely to be Ulalia's sister, Elizabeth 1676) marries Pierce Manaton in 1705 in Poughill
  • Simon 1716 from Marhamchurch marries Mary Dayman in Poughill - see Family 4ei in Marhamchurch
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