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The name is of English origin, 'white stone'. Whitstone is a parish on the Devon border,  traversed by the B3254 which connects Launceston to Kilkhampton. Whitstone Church is one of the gems of the North Cornwall Trail. The church is situated off the Bude - Launceston road, a little way out of the village past the school. It lies against the hillside, sheltered by trees in an outstandingly pretty location. One of its former rectors, Richard Buvyle, died in 1358, rumours had it that he was a saint, and a number of remarkable cures took place at his grave. The cult spread rapidly throughout North Cornwall and Devon, turning the church into a centre of pilgrimage, Bishop Grandisson ordered an inquiry in 1361 and ten remarkable cures were verified by a jury of three vicars, three curates and six laymen specially summoned at Week St. Mary for the purpose. Once 'official' the cult seems to have died out for no more is heard of it. The church is dedicated to St. Anne although St. Nicholas appears in original records as early as 1309. The village of Whitstone is surrounded by small hamlets such as Boot, Foxton, East and West Balsdon.


1841 1991
466 430

Statistics: 3921 acres of land, 11 of water


Whitstone is south of Bude.

1. The whole of Cornwall
2. Here is a  map to get you to Whitstone

Family 1: Richard and Grace Spry

Richard marries Grace Spry in the village in 1729. There are two possibilities:

  1. Richard 1706 from Poundstock
  2. Richard 1707 from Alwington 

Richard and Grace may be the parents of:

  • son Samuel 1734 born in North Petherwin, parents Richard and Grace
  • daughter Mary 1745 born in Whitstone, parents Richard and Grace

Family 2 deleted

Family 3: Nicholas and Catherine Whitford

This is a complex story:

Nicholas 1782 is born in Warbstow is the son of William and Elizabeth Hobbs and the grandson of William and Agnes Hobb.    He was a yeoman at Luckham, Whitstone and we first find him at Bodmin quarter sessions with January 1831 acting as surety for William Sleeman, shoemaker of Whitstone in bastardy proceedings.

We have no record of any marriage for Nicholas but in 1841, he has an son, William. The mother is Catherine Whitford who is 37 years younger than Nicholas. Catherine was born in 1819 in Poundstock, the daughter of Joseph Mill Whitford and Jane Bray, born 1773, and the sister of Jane Bray Whitford. They marry in the village but not until 1847 when Nicholas must be 65. This must have been somewhat scandalous at the time!

They later have another son and daughter. Nicholas dies in 1851 and is buried in Whitstone. 

  • son William 1841 born in Whitstone and presumably illegitimate (although Nicholas may have been married before in 1841?).  He marries Elizabeth and they farm in Week St Mary - Family 5 .
  • daughter Elizabeth 1847 born in Whitstone. In 1861 and 871 she is living with her mother and stepfather, an unmarried school mistress. But she is a draper's assistant in 1881+1891 in Holsworthy. The 1901 census finds her living with step brother, Daniel, at Derritton, Pyworthy, Tavistock and acting as his housekeeper. In 1911, Elizabeth is living with the family of George 1850 at Townlake in Sydenham Damerel. George had married Elizabeth's step-sister, Mary Jane who died in 1902. It seems probable that Elizabeth moved to Sydenham Damerel to help George with his young children. Elizabeth dies in 1925 in Bude and is buried at Week St Mary
  • son John 1849 born in Whitstone but dies in 1857 and is buried in Whitstone

By the 1850s, Nicholas's nephews, Abel and Nicholas Worth, have moved to Whitstone. They are the sons of Nicholas's sister, Mary 1774. Abel has married Catherine's sister, Jane Bray Whitford - they have a son, WIlliam Uglow Worth born in 1843 [he marries a widow, Sarah Cobbledick, in 1891 and dies in 1901, both in Stratton RD]. In the 1851 census Catherine is described as owning a farm of 100 acres employing 2 men. A few years after Nicholas's death, she marries Josias Martin in 1856. Josias was the lodger/farmhand at the time of Nicolas's death. Before they marry, they produce:

  • daughter Mary Jane Martin 1853 born in Whitstone, christened as Uglow with Catherine Uglow as the only recorded parent. 1853 is the IGI date but she dies as there's no sign of her in the 1861 or 1871 census - instead there's another Mary Jane of1859. This second Mary Jane marries George 1850 of North Petherwin - her great grandson, Mervyn G 1947, runs the Cornish Farmhouse Bacon Co at Whitstone. He, his wife, son and mother, Meta, all live in Whitstone.
  • son Daniel Martyn 1854 born in Whitstone, christened as Uglow with Catherine Uglow as the only recorded parent.  By 1861 he is described just as  Daniel Martin and said to be Josiah's son. The 1901 census finds him living at Derritton, Pyworthy, Tavistock with step sister Elizabeth acting as his housekeeper.

In 1861, the couple are living at Luckham Farm, Whitstone. Josiah is farming 100 acres. It is a close knit family - on the same sheet of the 1861 census in Whitstone, we find Abel and Nicholas living side by side in Luckham, next to (and presumably working as labourers on) Luckham Farm. And Abel's aunt, Agnes 1776, is also living a couple of doors away!

By the 1861 census, Catherine and Josias(h) have further legitimate children - Ellen 1857, Mary Jane 1859, Jessie 1860 and, later, John 1862.

At the time of the 1871 census, Catherine is living with her second husband and Elizabeth - an unmarried school mistress who dies in 1925 and is buried at Week St Mary.

They are still alive at the time of the 1881 census - Catherine (confusingly referred to as Caroline) and Josiah are still farming 100 acres at Luckham, Whitstone. Daniel, Ellen, Jessie and John are all still in the household. But Elizabeth has left to work in Holsworthy.

Family 4: John Jolliffe and Martha Hill: Whiteleigh Farm

John Jolliffe 1888 born in Tintagel is the son of John Jolliffe 1855 and Elizabeth Bailey and the grandson of Samuel Jolliffe and Hannah Maria Baker. In 1901, he was still with his parents in TIntagel. However he spent some time in Chile, working as a banker- he returns from Valparaiso, Chile in October 1913 on the SS Orcoma. In the 1st World War he was a sergeant in the Worcestershire Regiment and was commissioned 16th Oct 1917 as 2nd lieutenant. He seems to join the Duke of Cornwalls Light Infantry as the London Gazette reports that Temp. 2nd Lt. J. J. Uglow relinquishes his commission on completion of service, 15 Dec. 1920, and retains the rank of 2nd Lt.

Later he took over his uncle's farm at Whiteleigh Farm, Whitstone and it is still farmed by his descendants.

In 1918 he marries Martha H Hill in Plymouth. Martha was born in 1890 and died in 1962. John dies in 1975 in Stratton RD

  • daughter Phyllis Mary born 1920. She dies, presumably unmarried, in 1997 in Plymouth
  • son John Jolliffe born 1922 in Week St Mary. In 1945 he marries Margaret Gubbin in Holsworthy. He carries on farming at Whiteleigh where he died in June 2010
    • daughter Pamela M born 1946. In 1974 she marries Derek Daniel in Launceston RD
    • son John J(olliffe?) G born 1949. In 1975 he marries Carole Furze in Camelford. He still carries on the tradition of farming at Whiteleigh - the farm is run as JJ Uglow & Sons
      • son Roger John 1975
      • daughter Anne Marie 1978
      • son Nigel Colin 1979
      • son Christopher Mark 1981
      • son Gary Aaron 1984
    • daughter Sally A 1956. In 1975 she marries Eric W Rowland


  • John 1771 dies in 1832 - he and his 3rd wife, Thomasin, are buried in Whitstone. His sister, Agnes 1776, also lived and is buried in Whitstone.
  • Cousins of John and Agnes: Grace 1783, daughter of Abel and Elizabeth Turner from Week St Mary, marries Thomas [or John] Gill in the village in 1809. Their first son, William, is born in the village in 1810. Her sister, Thomasin 1779 Baker, is also buried here.
  • Elizabeth marries Henry Box in the village in 1813. This is Elizabeth 1793, the daughter of William and Priscilla Curtis from Week St Mary - a neighbouring village. Her sister, Margaret, marries Abraham Baker in Whitstone in 1811
  • George 1803 marries a Whitstone girl, Mary Orchard. They found
    the Birmingham branch
  • William 1816 is born in the village - he founds the Plymouth baking family
  • Mervyn G 1947 runs the Cornish Farmhouse Bacon Co at Whitstone. He, his wife, son and mother all live there.
  • John Andrew 1952 marries Ann Dowdle in Whitstone in 1980

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